Urban transport in USA: Personal experience

In addition in two previously published notes, you must add the following. From November 01, 2019. The cost of Airtrain Monorail Road from JFK Airport to Jamaica Metro Station is $ 7.75. One trip on the subway is still worth $ 2.75.

Thus, the current minimum price of a trip from the JFK airport to Manhattan on the subway is $ 10.50, provided that you already have a Metrocard card. If such a card must be purchased in the machine, the price of the trip will be $ 11.50.

From JFK Airport to Manhattan on the subway

In addition to the note "How to get from JFK airport to Manhattan for just $ 7.25 per subway" (January 2009) I would like to add the following.

The cost of one trip to AirTrain from the airport to the Jamaica Metro Station is 5 dollars.

One metro trip today costs $ 2.75. In addition, when buying a new MetroCard card in the machine, 1 dollar is charged as "Plastic fees". In the future, when replenishing the balance of the card, such a fee is not charged.

Thus, the current minimum price of a trip from JFK Airport to Manhattan on the subway is $ 7.75, provided that you already have a Metrocard card. If such a card has to be purchased in the machine, the price of the trip will be $ 8.75 dollars.

For reference: A similar taxi trip will cost a minimum of 52 dollars plus taxes and tips.

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Direct in New York

How to get from JFK airport to Manhattan for only $ 7.25 on the metro

Urban transport in the US Personal Experience

1. In the luggage zone, find the Airtrain pointer and follow the designated direction to the monorail platoon of the same name, which runs near each terminal (perhaps you will need to rise on the elevator). Within the airport, the entrance to the station Monorail Road Airtrain and getting out of them are free. The fee is charged only at end stations when entering the city and at the entrance from the city.

2. At the station Monorail road Sit on the train going to the city to the end station Jamaica. The direction of movement of the train is indicated on the scoreboard.

3. Upon arrival at the Jamaica station, go to the lobby in the end of the platform, where METROCARD cards and turnstiles are available. Purchase Metrocard Pay-Per-Ride card in the machine (Metrocard Regular) with a nominal value of at least $ 7.25 (the cost of the card is selected by the passenger itself ranging from $ 4.50 to $ 80). To buy a MetroCard card, touch your hand to the touch screen of the machine, then select the required options on the screen and perform the actions that the machine will offer you. Machines accept US banknotes and coins of any nominal, as well as credit and debit cards. When paying in cash, the delivery is issued by coins in the amount of not more than $ 6. If there are difficulties with the acquisition of the card, refer to the station duty station, which you can learn on dark red uniform.

5. In the lobby of the Sutphin Boulevard / Archer Avenue metro station, swipe Metrocard card through the slot of the reader’s reader (Metro Turnstiles and the Airtrain Monorail Road Turnstiles differ in the design and principle of action). Metrocard card should be kept with right hand, color face, magnetic stripe down. Card spend forward one rapid movement. If the card is conducted through the reader correctly, the GO inscription will light up on the turnstile screen, while the balance of the card will decrease by $ 2.25. Push the horizontal lever of the turnstile from ourselves and on the signs to go to the platform from which trains E to WORLD TRADE CENTER (WTC) in Manhattan.

6. Sit for the train e, which follows in Manhattan. The specified train first crosses the Queens area as an express (Express), stopping only at the main stations, and after entering Manhattan, it goes like a local train (Local), stopping at each station. From midnight to 6.30 in the morning This train follows the Queens area with all stops.

7. First Train Stop in Manhattan – LEXINGTON AVENUE / 53RD Street station. Starting from the specified station, you can make a transplant to other metro lines passing by Manhattan. The transplant is free, without exiting the surface. The line you need and the transplant station can be found in schemes that are posted in station lobby and in metro wagons. Also within two hours from the date of entry in the subway, you can transfer free to any city bus MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority), inserting the same MetroCard card to the slot of the reader standing next to the driver (not to be confused with a slot for taking coins!). Card will first go inside, then return back.

Urban transport in the US Personal Experience

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