Urban transport in Venice

In such an unusual city, like Venice, urban transport should also be non-standard. Most Popular Method for City – Ship "Vaporretto", Grand Channel Course and Lagoon. They alternately make stops on one shore, then on the other, thus carrying out the function of bridges. On narrow canals run boats "Motoskafo".

Thus, most of the city is covered by public transport. However, there are such sites where you can only get on foot. Map of Venice, where it is clearly designated to which areas you can reach or swim, and where you have to go on foot, published by reference.


In the center of Venice run "Vaporretto" with numbers 1 and 2, which also connect the city with Lido Island. For more prolonged routes along the lagoon, water buses come with rooms 3, 41, 51 and 6. To Murano Islands, Burano and a number of others, as well as to Marco Polo Airport run "Vaporretto" with numbers 12, 13, 14 and 19.

The standard car transport ticket costs 7 euros, acts within 60 minutes from the date of validation, but only in one direction. Use a ticket for trips to back during the specified period is not allowed. The ticket also does not work on "Long" Routes: 16, 19 and 21.

There is also a one-time ticket "There and back again" from Venice to Lido Island Beach worth 10 euros. They can only be used on route №14.

Tickets are usually purchased in advance on the shore. However, they can also be bought when landing at the sailors-conductors.

Trips to the rowing between the ferry islands will cost passengers in 4 euros. Ticket "There and back again" costs 8 euros.

Ground transport

Standard ticket for land transport (buses, trams) costs 1.3 euros per trip. 10 travel ticket (CarNet) costs 11 euros.

Direct tickets

In addition to tickets for one-time trips, there are travel with temporary restriction. 12-hour ticket worth 18 euros, daily – 20 euros, one and a half days – 25 euros, for two days – 30 euros, for 3 days – 35 euros, for a week – 50 euros. Travel valid for all types of water and land transport, but do not include travel to airports. Tickets can be used on the website www.Veneziaunica.IT / EN, as well as at Hellovenezia Cashiers and automata at the station and towns.

Night transport

From midnight to 5 am walks for night buses "Land" parts in the area of ​​Mestre and on the island of Lido, as well as night "Vaporretto" From the station on PLIAZZale Roma to Lido Island.

Trip to Marco Polo airport or from it

If Marco Polo Airport is a starting or end point of the route, a one-way one-time ticket when traveling on buses 4, 5 (Aerobus), 15, 45 costs 6 euros and operates for 75 minutes.

12 Euro stands a one-way one ticket, which includes a trip by bus 5 (Aerobus) and any water transport within Venice. Ticket is valid for 90 minutes.

Urban transport in Venice

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Urban transport in Venice

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