Urban transport in Vienna

Vienna city transport consists of buses, trams, metro (U-Bahn) and suburban trains (S-Bahn). Metro stations are located quite far from each other, but the trams and buses stop literally everywhere.

Planning the route for quick and logical movement in the city can be found on the website WWW.wienerlinien.AT. On the same site you can download the schemes of urban transport.

Tickets and fare in Vienna

One-time ticket for any type of transport costs 2.2 euros when buying in the box office and automata. Travel for four trips costs 8.8 euros. Direct for 24 hours, valid from the moment of the first passage, will cost 7.6 euros, a ticket for 48 hours – 13.3 euros, 72 hours – 16.5 euros (24-, 48-, 72-Stunden Wien Karten).

Einzelfhothen Halbpreis tickets (Einzelfahrten Halbpreis) duration of no more than two stops, as well as valid for the passage of schoolchildren from 6 to 15 years in the presence of a confirming age of a document with a photo will cost 1 euro (driver 1.1).

Tourist travel Vienna Card, which includes travel to city transport, as well as discounts in some museums and restaurants, will cost 24 hours in 18.9 euros, and at 72 hours – at 21.9 euros.

Calendar Week ticket (Wochenkarte), acting from 0:00 Monday to 9:00 next Monday, is just 16.2 euros. Direct for the month (Monatskarte) will cost 48.2 euros; It acts with from 0:00 day of the month.

A ticket for 8 days, not necessarily consistent, costs 38.4 euros (8-Tage Klimakarte). This type of ticket is also beneficial for tourists traveling together, threesome or four of them: they can use it at the same time, extinguished by one day for each. All tickets must be projected before the first trip.

All tickets can be purchased online on the website of the city transport of Vienna: WWW.wienerlinien.AT.

For children up to six years, fare is free.

Tourist transport in Vienna

Tourist tram

Vienna Ring Road (Vienna Ring), laid by boulevards in the middle of the XIX century, is one of the sights of the city. It has such buildings such as state opera, parliament, town hall, urban theater, stock exchange and a number of attractive mansions and palaces. Historical tram for tourists. Audio activities work in eight languages. Starting Tour Stop – Schwedenplatz. Trams Vienna Ring go every half an hour from 10:00 to 17:30. Adult ticket costs 8 euros, for a child from 6 to 15 years old – 4 euros. Purchased ticket is valid for one trip.

Tourist buses

Vienna rush numerous tourist buses operating on the principle of Hop On / Hop Off. Most Popular: Vienna Sightseeing Tours (www.ViennaSightSeeing.AT) and Red Bus City Tours (WWW.RedBusCityTours.AT).

Tourist coats

In the Danube there are tourist boats, on which it is pleasant to ride in the dwelling day. Beautiful historical ships operates DDSG Blue Danube (WWW.DDSG-BLUE-DANUBE.AT). You can make a walk on a modern catamaran with Twin City Liner (WWW.twincityliner.COM).

Bicycle rental in Vienna

Urban transport in Vienna

A very interesting way to get acquainted with the Austrian capital – Bicycle rental system CITYBIKE (Over 60 points). Bicycle rental for two hours costs 1 euro, for three hours – 2 euros, four hours – 4 euros. In order to use this system, you need to register with the help of special terminals and pay the initial contribution to 1 euro. To do this, you need to attach to a special reader your mobile phone or a bank card for writing off the collateral from the account. If you return the bike to the parking lot within an hour, then the deposit returns completely. Another free hour can be obtained by taking the following bike 15 minutes after returning the previous. Vienna guests can purchase CityBike tourist map, which allows you to pay only 2 euros per day of use of the bicycle.

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