Urban transport in Zurich

Zurich although the largest city of Switzerland is nevertheless pretty comfortable for hiking. If you are in Zurich Drive for several hours or stayed in the city center for a day, you will be quite able to do without transport. Center of the Old Town, Grossmünster Church and Fraumentster, Zurich Lake, as well as the most famous city street – Bahnhofstrasse: All this is within a radius of 1-2 kilometers from Central Station.

Urban transport in Zurich, of course, is well developed and convenient to use. It is represented by trams, buses, funicular, trains and boats. Check the schedule and pave the most convenient route by reference WWW.Online.Fahrplan.zvv.CH / BIN / QUERY.EXE / EN.

Winners of the tourist map Zürichcard can use all types of transport. Card for 24 hours costs 24 CHF, for 72 hours – 48 CHF, for children – 16 CHF and 32 CHF, respectively. You can purchase a map on the website www.zuelich.COM / EN / VISITOR / ZUERICH-CARD.HTML, as well as in tourist offices, in large hotels and at stations. ZürichCard is valid for trips inside zones 110, 111, 112, 121, 140, 150 and 154. In the period from 1 am to 9 am, in addition to the Zürichcard (or any other travel), you need to buy Nachtzuschlag night ticket.

Transport zones in Zurich

The transport system of Large Zurich is managed by ZVV and divided into zones – from 110 to 184. The cost of the trip depends on which zone the route passes. Zone 110 occupies the limits of the city of Zurich, zone 120 (here also includes zones 121, 122) – spreads to Wintertura. In particular, Zurich Airport is located in Zone 121. Numeric value increases as Zurich removes.

There are tickets for "short" trips inside one zone. When buying a ticket in the machine, it will show the maximum possible length of such a trip indicating all stops.

If you have a valid ticket for trips inside Zurich (zone 110), and there is a desire to go beyond its limits, you will need to purchase a ticket for the rest of the way. To deal with which stop in which zone is located, will help the list of stations in alphabetical order on the Zurich transport website: http: // www.zvv.CH / DE / LINIEN-UUND-ZONEN / HALTESELLEN-ORTE.HTML.

Tickets and travel in Zurich

One trip ticket

Ticket for one trip on city transport Zurich in the central part of the city costs 2.6 CHF. In trains in grade 1, the trip will cost 4.3 CHF. There are discounts for children from 6 to 16 years. One trip costs 2.2 CHF in grade 2 and 3,6 CHF – in grade 1.

On the territory of the Large Zurich and right up to Winterthur one trip to the adult will cost 4.2 CHF in 2 grade and 7 CHF – in grade 1. Children such a trip will cost 2.9 CHF and 4.8 CHF, respectively.

One-day travel

Day Pass ticket is valid within the selected zone within 24 hours from the date of composting. Inside the central part of Zurich, a ticket for trips in grade 2 costs 5.2 CHF, in grade 1 – 8,6 CHF. For children from 6 to 16 years old – 4.4 CHF and 7.2 CHF, respectively. Within the large zurich and to Wintertura Tickets for trips in grade 2 costs 8.4 CHF, in grade 1 – 14 CHF. For children – 5,8 CHF and 9.6 CHF, respectively.

Reusable travel

If you use Tsyurich transport not regularly, and from time to time, then there are travel forward for several days or several trips that saves about 10% compared with payment of each trip or every day of use by transport.

MultiPle Day Pass can be used for 6 days in an unlimited period of time. At the beginning of each day of use, the ticket must be processed. From this point on, the ticket is valid for 24 hours.

MultiPle-Journey Ticket is valid on any 6 trips within the selected zone. At the moment of validation, the Short Distance ticket and the Local Network zones are valid for 30 minutes, a ticket for zones 1-2 and 3 – for 1 hour, and for zones from 4 to 7 – for 2 hours.


Direct Z-Pass is valid for trips not only on zurich and surroundings, but also includes the cities of Schwitz and Zug.

Night Travel (Nachtzuschlag)

Night ticket Nachtzuschlag worth 5 CHF is an addition, valid on trips to night from Friday on Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday. This ticket allows you to pay for a night trip within zurich tariff areas, as well as to Schwacz, Tsouga. At the same time, you can use not only local transport, but also night trains Schaffhausen-Zingen and Zurich-Lucerne.

Night ticket valid only if the passenger has a valid ticket for trips around Zurich – ZVV.

The night ticket can be like a disposable (worth 5 CHF, you can buy in automata, ticket office or by SMS) and for 6 trips (price – 27 CHF, sold in ticket offices).

ZVV 9 O’Clock Pass

If your trip begins on a weekday after 9 am, it is profitable to use the ticket ZVV 9 O’Clock Pass. The ticket is also valid on weekends and holidays.

Ticket ZVV 9 O’Clock Pass for one day for adult for trips in grade 2 costs 25 CHF, in grade 1 – 41,4 CHF. For 6 days (you can use not in a row) Ticket ZVV 9 O’Clock Pass costs 135 CHF for trips in 2 class and 233 CHF for trips in grade 1. For children from 6 to 16 years old – 50% discount.

To Zurich Airport

By train

The road by train between the center of Zurich and the airport lasts 10 minutes. Trains go every 10-15 minutes.

Line Glattalbahn number 10

Line Glattalbahn, route number 10 connects Zurich Airport with Zurich City Train Station through Stations Oerlikon, Milchbuck and Irchel. The train walks with a frequency of 7.5 to 15 minutes depending on the time of day. Stop is near the bus terminal.

By taxi

The trip will take 15-20 minutes depending on the point of departure and road workload. Approximate cost – 50 CHF.


Urban transport in Zurich

City Hotel Shuttle runs between the airport and the city center every 30 minutes from 6.30 to 2.00, and the rest of the time – once a hour. Departs from Terminals 1 and 2. For the price of service is not very different from a taxi, but it can be ordered to a group of passengers. Prices and order information at www.Checkin-allways.Com.

Also, most hotels near the airport provide a free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel and back.

Parking in Zurich

Zurich – Not the most convenient place to move on your own or rented car. However, if you arrived on it to the city, you can leave it on one of their parking lots.

Parking places in Zurich are indicated by white and blue. In addition, there are separate buildings intended for car parking. Rules are strict, and for their violation there is a fine – from 40 CHF and more.

Those who intend to pack the car in Zurich, it is recommended to take advantage of one parking, equipped in special buildings. In particular, they can be detected at the following addresses:

  • AM Central – Seilergraben – 8001 Zurich
  • Bellevue-Garage – Stadelhoferstrasse 42 – 8001 Zurich
  • Gessnerallee – Gessnerallee 14 – 8001 Zurich
  • Globus – Löwenstrasse 50 – 8001 Zurich
  • Jelmoli – SteinmueHleplatz 1 – 8001 Zurich
  • Sihlquai – Sihlquai 41 – 8001 Zurich
  • Talgarten – Nueschelerstrasse 31 – 8001 Zurich
  • Urania – UraniaStrasse 3 – 8001 Zurich
  • Bleicherweg – Beethovenstrasse 35 – 8002 Zurich
  • Zurichhhorn – DufourStrasse 142 – 8008 Zurich
  • Utoquai – Faerberstrasse 6 – 8008 Zurich
  • Feldegg – Feldeggstrasse 49 – 8008 Zurich

Parking places on the streets of the city marked with white, allowed to leave the car for a short time – from 30 minutes to 4 hours (each place has its own rules and restrictions).

Parking, designated in blue, are intended for owners of special permits – locals, employees of nearby offices and T.NS.

In most "White" and "Blue" Zones if there is a free space, the car can be left for free at night – from 21.00 to 9.00.

Next to the railway and bus stations are equipped "intercepting" Parking, relatively inexpensive those drivers, who then continue to travel by public transport. The price for such passengers per parking day will be 4-6 CHF, at a time price in 12 CHF.

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