US Cities: Denver (Colorado)

Capital and the largest city of Colorado – Denver (Denver) was founded on November 22, 1858 as a settlement of gold kits.

Megapolis (area of ​​401.2 kV. km) who are the Americans themselves call "Miley city" The Mile-High City) really lies at an altitude of approximately 1609 meters above sea level, between the eastern slopes of the advanced ridge and high plains. The major regional center of culture and trade and simply a rather colorful city, Denver is easily recognizable by its clear geometric grid of streets and towering over them skyscrapers of the Business Center (CBD) and peaks of close rocky mountains, a wall standing around the horizon.

Attractions Denver

The center of Denver is the area Capitol Hill, Folded by the main arteries of the city – Broadway, Downinig Street, Colfax Avenue and Sikst Avenue. Main Decoration Here – Complex Capitolia (End of XIX in.) from the Colorado White Granite, topped with a gold dome 55 meters high. To the west of the park zone of the Capitol rises Civil Center and Denver Art Museum – The second largest center of the arts of the arts after the Lincoln Center in New York. Adjacent to Capitol Hill is the lower central part of the city, or as it is called Denver – LODO (Between the Liminer Square and Union Station), contains many historic Denver buildings and its most popular restaurants, nightclubs and galleries. Itself Laminer Square, Located in the northwestern part of the city center, there is a typical example of the American reconstruction of historical blocks, when old buildings are restored or rebuilt under cafes and shops, decorating garlands of lights and neon signs. This enclave of elegant shops, restaurants and beer bars is the most noisy place of the city, in which life is almost all the time. Seated Sicstin Street-Male trees, passing along the center of the city, serves as the main shopping area and also replete with pedestrian streets, cafes, fountains and musical clubs.

Denver is famous for its museums, among which are allocated Denver Art Museum In the building of the original architecture, Complex of the Performing Arts with one of the world’s largest collections of works of decorative and applied fisheries of indigenous Americans and seven theaters, including Concert Hall Botcher, Denver Museum of Nature and Science (One of the largest museums of natural science in the country) in the City Park (5 km east of the city center), cinema Imax, Planetarium Gate And neighboring Zoo Denver, Historical Museum of Colorado (tells about the history of pioneers of the Rocky Mountains), Western Museum and African American Heritage Center In the old house of Dr. Justina Ford (the first black doctor of Denver), Mint (The second largest gold reserve in the United States after Fort Knox on Alaska), Opera House, Hall of Apollo (1859 g.), and Denver Botanical Gardens – Extensive territory of several parks, reservoirs, Japanese and alpine gardens, as well as a complex Conservatory, which also hosts a collection of rare orchids and bromels.

Denver, in general, very green city – more than 200 parks are concentrated here, from small gardens scattered throughout the city, to huge wooded arrays City Park (1.4 kV. km) or Denver Mountain Park (57 kV. km). At the same time, every year the city seats all new and new green zones, the most famous of which is Red Rock Park (243 hectares), which is famous not only to its landscapes, but also a famous stone amphitheater – an amazing rock formation about 70 million years old, truly forming a natural amphitheater with excellent acoustics, where musical ideas are held regularly.

Around Denver

US Cities Denver (Colorado)

West of Red Rock Park (20 km to the southwest of Denver) lies town Morrison – One of the most important archaeological and paleontological sites of the country (the petrified remains of more than 70 varieties of dinosaurs were found here).

However, the majority of tourists visit Denver not for his parks and museums – more than 40 million people coming here to go skiing, ride climbing, trekking or water sports in mountainous areas north and west of the city. Almost all of the northern part of the state is one big resort area, rich in mountain hotels, boarding houses, sports bases, national parks and other elements of outdoor activities.

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