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"City of Angels" – Huge megalopolis in the southwestern part of the California coast, stretching from north to south by 71 km and 47 km from west to east. Occupying area of ​​about 1200 kV. KM, it is the 9th among the cities of the United States, but it would seem to be extremely unsuccessful – the city blocks are literally clamped between the mountains, the desert and the ocean, on the narrow strip of the seaside plain, and also subject to regular earthquakes.

Los Angeles (Los Angeles) was founded in 1781 by the Spaniard Felipe de Nezve and until 1848, he was part of Mexico, being a poor settlement of white immigrants, Chinese chernobykh and rich Mexican ranks, with a population of less than fifty thousand people. But after the completion of the construction of a transcontinental railway in the late 1880s, the city began a rapid growth, turning to the present center of culture, science, technology, international trade, becoming a house of world famous film, television and musical studios, one of the richest cities Countries and recognized sports center.

Unlike other major cities of the planet, Los Angeles, or as the Americans themselves call him – El-Hey (LA), is a completely decentralized settlement without a clear geographical or historic center. This is a colorful mixing of shopping centers, business neighborhoods, palm trees, villas, resort and industrial areas, in absentia familiar to almost every resident of the planet in dozens and hundreds of movies and television shows. Moreover, the fact that around the world is used to calling Los Angeles, in fact, not a city, and the district consisting of 88 cities and areas, of which directly "City of Angels" It is only one. And the Americans themselves count the Dountown district between Los Angeles River, Route-101 and Santa Monica Frieway-10 (the largest set of government buildings of America after Washington), where the most important government institutions of the district and state are compactly located (although the state capital Is not Los Angeles at all, but Sacramento).

Los Angeles Attractions

For a long time, the height of the houses built here was severely limited due to the danger of earthquakes, however, with the advent of new city planning technologies, the complex of skyscrapers of the city center has grown in the center, sharply distinguished against the background of a general low city building. Here you can see such famous structures as Historic Park El Pueblo de Los Angeles (historic city center, 18 hectares area); massive Institute of Junion Station (1939 G.) with surrounding historical quarters Olver Street and Chinatown; Civil Center complex With the building of the municipality (height of 120 m – almost 70 years, it was the highest building in the city), Parker Center and edited by Los Angeles Times; Music Center with Opera Pavilion Dorothy Chendler and Theater Amansen (large center of the Broadway); Nearby Museum of Contemporary Art (Moca) and Walt Disney Concert Hall (Scenic platform of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra); School of Executive Arts Kolber; famous Hotel Westin Bonaventure west of moca, as well as theater and artistic studio Rarcat (included in the music center).

A little east and below the hill begins the famous Little Tokyo, Founded by Japanese emigrants at the end of the XIX century. Now this is a colorful shopping area with numerous sushi bars, Bento restaurants, traditional Japanese gardens, National Museum of the Japanese Diaspora in the old buddhist temple and Museum of contemporary art University Town (designed by the Japanese architect Arata Isodzaki) – one of the best on the planet.

South-General, the Spanish shopping area of ​​Los Angeles begins – a charming mixture of cheap restaurants, finished stores and "Latin morals". Across the road from the five-story attraction Bradbury Bilding (1893 g.), between Broadway and Hill Street, rises Grand Sentral market – Oldest (1917 g.) And the largest open market of the city. Nearby is another ethnic city district – Little Saigon, The largest Vietnamese business district in the USA.

South of Banker Hill, the main landmark is Tower Librie-Tower, More known as Yu-Es Bank-Tower (height of 310 m – seventh in height of the US building and the highest building between Chicago and Auckland, built in 1989.). South starts somewhat neglected, but quickly turning into a semogram area South Park With his convention-Centier and Staipls Center, as well as the Quarters of Old Bank Distrits, where old buildings are actively rearranged under trendy studios and apartments. And as if the appearance of the historical core of the central part of the city "Mile Miracles" Boulevard Wilshire With its restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment complexes, as well as a creative area Gellery-Rou, In which this time has 17 galleries and exhibition complexes.

Los Angeles is one of the largest concert and exhibition centers of the United States – here are the most well-known collections as the Museum of Arts (LACMA), the Museum of the Newest Art (Mona), the Cultural Center of Skirboll, Ford Amphitheater, the Museum of Art of American Indians, Latin History Museum, Art and Culture, Staipls Center (here award is held here "Grammy"), Local Lore Museum of the Los Angeles District, as well as many private galleries and collections.


Most of the most popular tourist areas are located west of the city center. He heads this list one of the most famous urban areas of the planet – Hollywood And West Hollywood. Former once suburbs of Los Angeles, currently these areas have turned into a place of focusing famous film studios, the most fashionable shops and nightclubs. The famous Boulevard Sunset Strip with His "Alley Star", clubs and bars, as well as Museum Hollywood Bowl (exhibitions on various aspects of performing arts), Museum of Entertainment, Cinema Graumann-Cauna (traditional place of many filmmaster), Museum of Contemporary Art, Hotel "Roosevelt" (The first premiums were held here "Oscar") with its famous bar, theater Kodak (award ceremony is held here "Oscar" Nowadays), the famous Collector Book Store, Hollywood Vax Museum or Frederix Museum, and dozens and hundreds of places that you can see in any of the movies, abundant in the area.

Bel-Air, Brentwood and Beverly Hills

Still west stretch fashionable areas Bel-Air (Bellair), Brentwood and Beverly Hills – The location of the villas of many Hollywood stars and the famous "Golden Triangle" around Rodeo Drive – The most famous shopping and entertainment area of ​​the state, and possibly countries. Also here you can find Museum of Television and Radio, Cemetery Holvud-Forene (Many stars of American cinema and show business are buried here, Museum of tolerance south of Beverly Hills, Museum of beauty MaxFactor, as well as famous Center GETTI In the mountains of Santa Monica – a huge complex of artistic and historical collections considered one of the best in the world.

Malibu, Pacific Palisade and Santa Monica

Northern County Coast occupy chic coastal areas Malibu, Pacific Palisade and Santa Monica. These are kilometers and kilometers of golden sand, the best place for a seafood (many areas are private property, and access to them is closed, but there are many very pleasant public beaches). Santa Monica Heart – Live Pedestrian Alley Tird Promenade, replete cinemas, bars, cafes and street musicians. Pier Santa Monica (1909-1916.) has long been rebuilt into extensive Amusement Pacific Park Park (Paspark), where you can find both old rides like a carousel with gold-plated horses of handmade or Ferris Ferrice Wheel, built in the early 1920s and ultra-modern areas of recreation with developed infrastructure. In the neighborhood there are several excellent museums of contemporary art, recently renovated Bat-house, as well as numerous marine restaurants, pubs, shops and fish market.


Orange Country District extends along the coast on the south-east of Los Angeles. His main decoration is the famous amusement park Disneyland v Anaheim. This extremely popular theme park contains a huge number of entertainment complexes – Superimensional Togroulend, Adventures Park Adventherlend, "Wild West World" Frontyrend, Disney Characters Park – Fantesyland, Pavilion Technology and Space Timeline Orbitor, Honey Parks, Ai-Srank-Ze Embiès, Innovensnz, Star Tour and Moon-Parks Splash Mountains and Matterhorn. On 22 hectares in the neighborhood, the new Park of Disney-California-Adventure, opened in February 2000 and representing the whole state in miniature.

6 km north-west of Disneyland is a pastoral theme park Notts-Berry Farm, Modeling a small city of the beginning-mid-XIX century.

Universal City

Universal City – Big District B San Fernando Velley, North from the center of Los Angeles, belonging to the MEDIA Corporation of the same name and an employee at the same time and a large complex of studios and pavilions, where the work is constantly boiling at once over several films or telecasts, and one of the largest thematic parks of the city. The studio complex Universal was built in 1912, and the first round was held here in 1964. Since then, you can travel on a special tram at the places of the most famous movie and television show (backlog tour), visit special workshops special effects, musical revouvi or animal-actor zoo. Also popular Tours on Studio complexes NBC and Warner Brothers.


Near Venice Beaches and canals deserve attention Oswet-Front Walk with obvious "Children’s" the orientation of the musical ideas constantly held here in Pasadine – Many old villas and art museum Simon Norton, in San Marino – Library, Museum and Botanical Gardens Huntington, Observatory, Planetarium, Zoo and Gryffit Park (United States Living Room), and in Hancock Park (on Wilshire Boulevard – the very center of the city) – the famous asphalt pits of La Brea-Tar-Pitts with the richest assembly of fossils (exhibits found here are exhibited in the nearby Museum of Natural Page).

Santa Catalina and Avalon

Detected by the navigator Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542, island Santa Catalina, Or just Catalina, lies in the waters of the Pacific South-west of Los Angeles. Island is widely known for its unique ecosystems with 400 species of plants (8 of them endemic), 100 bird varieties and numerous kinds of mammals (in particular, this is one of the few places in the country where American bison in the natural environment) and is one big reserve. In the capital and the only city of the island – Avalonian – You can see the former casino (1929.) With his famous dance hall, in which many stars of music, a huge theater, the Museum of Island, the Art Gallery, Tower Temis, the old mansion of Rigley (today the hotel) and the same name Memorial Botanical Gardens.

Los Angeles Beaches

Beaches in Los Angeles, warn you right away, these are not serene lounges with sun beds and a calm driver. That is, it is the beaches that the beaches of the Beach stereotypes have developed in most Russians. Water always boils in this part of the Pacific: Not in vain Southern California – one of the best features for surfing in the world. Water here does not have a paired milk temperature. In general, local beaches – for people of independent, inclined to adventure and not afraid of stormy manifestations of nature.

On the beaches located both around Los Angeles and in the city, the nudism and drinking alcoholic beverages are officially prohibited. Entrance to most beaches free.

Venice – Most Popular Los Angeles Beach. On the coast you can find souvenir shops, snack bars, showers and volleyball courts; Rescuers on duty in a bright day of day. On Venice Excellent conditions for surfing and other water sports. Local residents have popularity with pier fishing. On the Beach Venice is always noisy and crowded, periodically parties and festivals are held here. It is better to come early, to ten in the morning: the amount of free parking spaces is limited, and find free, especially on weekends, quite difficult.

City Beach Manhattan, Located in the center of Los Angeles, almost always crowded; Parking place to find problematic even on weekdays. Rescuers duty from dawn to sunset; On the coast there are showers and volleyball courts.

Beach Redondo Perfect for family holidays with children. Nearby are restaurants. The beach is more suitable for swimming than for surfing and other water activities.

Snow white beach Zuma Located north of Malibu. Here are the excellent conditions for surfing, bougie-boogie, windsurfing and swimming, if lucky – in the company with dolphins. On the coast there are beach volleyball courts, showers, snack bars, inflatable slides for kids; Rescuers work from dawn to sunset. Animal entrance is prohibited. The beach is filled out on weekends, but on weekdays you can relax in relative solitude. Water on Zuma is slightly cooler than on the southern beaches of Los Angeles; Temperature in July-August does not exceed 20 ° C. In the winter months from the Zuma beach you can watch the migration of whales.

Lonely beach El Matador With the purest water is 10 miles north of Malibu. In the summer season, the coast, especially the southern part, is popular with locals, but in the offseason – a great place for romantic walks. The beach is perfect for surfing, snorkeling and fishing. Rescuers work only on weekends. Before visiting El Matador it is worth checking the tide time during which access to small bays is difficult.

Malibu divided into two snow-white beaches, one of which is designed for swimming and relaxing on the coast. The second is only for exercising active sports, mainly surfing; It is forbidden to swim here. On the coast, there are zones for beach volleyball, there are snack bars and showers. Parking near the beach Malibu paid, and after noon, as a rule, all places are busy.

Located south of Malibu White Beach Laguna Beach – Favorite place of rest of the artistic elite and California artists. Luxury restaurants are located here; There are showers and rental equipment for water sports.

Beach Paradise Cove is north of Malibu. Entrance to the beach is paid; With dogs – prohibited. Thanks to this coastal measures are relatively poorly even on weekends. There are showers and beach volleyball sites; Here is the restaurant Bob Morris’, decorated in a traditional Californian style. Parking costs depends on how much you plan to stay on the coast; for visitors Bob Morris’ first four hours of parking free.

Resort area Santa Monica perfectly suitable for recreation with children; Numerous restaurants, an entertainment park with a ferris wheel, shrubs, tonsured in the form of animals and dinosaurs, as well as clowns and jugglers, are located on the coast. In the summer months on weekends and festive days on the coast concerts are held. Entrance to the beach with animals is prohibited. On the coast there are shower and seven sites for beach volleyball; Rescuers on duty in a bright day of day. Santa Monica is a popular holiday destination tourist and locals; To find a secluded place, it is worth a little further from the pier.

US Cities Los Angeles


Storm rains affect the number of bacteria in the ocean waters, especially on the coasts adjacent to the rivers and streams. Therefore, from bathing in the Pacific Ocean in rainy days and – depending on the number of precipitation – two to three days after the showers should be abstained. On some beaches about water pollution report prohibiting bathing signs.

Hotels in Los Angeles

Luxury resorts Los Angeles hotels are located north of the city, close to Malibu. In the central part of the city, accommodation is very expensive, but at the same time hotels are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay – pools, spa centers and beauty salons. Surcharge overlooking the Pacific Ocean is quite high. It is better to choose a stay of away from the roads: Movement in Los Angeles is very dense.

Most hotels located near Beach Venice and Redondo, as well as along the Santa Monica coast, parking is free. In the downtown, on the contrary, hotels, as a rule, provide a parking space for an additional fee. Also in this part of the city, tourists can count on vacation discounts on weekends.

How to get to Los Angeles

Getting to Los Angeles from Moscow You can fly Lufthansa airlines flights, Aeroflot and Delta Air Lines with a transfer in Frankfurt, New York or Los Angeles. Travel time – from 22 hours.


Airport in Northern Los Angeles.
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South Airport from Los Angeles.
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Airport in South Los Angeles.
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Airport in the eastern Los Angeles.
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