US Cities: Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)

The largest city of Pennsylvania and the fifth population in the USA, Philadelphia (Philadelphia) is located on the West Bank of the Delaware River, in the southeastern state, on the very border from New Jersey.

Attractions of Philadelphia

Often called simple "Philie" or "City of fraternal love" (Direct translation of the city name from Greek), in the XVIII century he was the first capital and the most densely populated city of Sassh, as the territory of the modern United States was called, the location of the ideas of the American revolution, democracy and independence. Hence the abundance of historical monuments focused in Old town and so-called Historic district in the vicinity of Sisaytie Hill, including National Historic Park Independence – Independense Hall Location (1732-1756., On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence of the United States was signed here), Hall of Congress (Bill about rights was adopted here), Bells of freedom and Franklin-Court (House and Cabinet Benjamin Franklin, here is the museum of this political figure and inventor).

Also to early "Layers" Cities are bizarre city ​​hall (1871-1901.) and Tower of William Penna (No building in the city officially can not be above the hat on the statue of this historical character). Around the Independence Square, colorful quarters of brick buildings stretch, and the north and west of the picturesque areas of Overbuc-farms, Jezenun, Mount Airy and Chester Hill begin in the late XIX century. Here is located Alfret Ellie Alley – The oldest residential street of America, with several buildings in the colonial style (1720-1728.) and American Mint (the largest in the world).

Also deserve attention Italian market and Museum Mario Lance in the southern city. In the mid-end of the 20th century, the university district and the ultra-modern quarters of the business center to the west of the municipality building, well recognizable on skyscrapers UAN-Liberty Pleis (1987.), Tu-Liberty Pleis and just built Comkast-Centr – The highest buildings in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia museums

The main attractions of the city include the building Stock Exchange, houses Edgar Allan and Betsy Ross, Complexes of Banks of First- and Second Banks of the United States (XVIII-XIX centuries., Now it is located here National portrait gallery), famous Fairmont Park (area of ​​37 kV. km – one of the largest municipal parks in the world, except for the green plantations themselves, a large number of cultural and public buildings are concentrated here), Pennsylvania Academy (Founded in 1805.), Museum Roden (the largest meeting of the works of Auguste Rodin outside of France), Philadelphia Museum of Art (One of the largest museums of this kind in the USA), Institute and National Memorial Benjamin Franklin, Academy of Natural Science, University Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, National Center for Constitution, Museum of Philadelphic History Atorter Kent, National Museum of the History of American Jews, Historical Pennsylvania Community, Center of Performing Arts Kimmel (here are the conservatory, opera and stage platform of the Philadelphia orchestra), as well as the first in the country zoo and public hospital whose buildings are also protected by the state.

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US Cities Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)

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US Cities Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)

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