US Cities: Portland (Oregon)

On the north-western border of the State of Oregon, in the confluence of Rivers Willamet and Colombia, is the largest city and one of the fastest growing cities of the United States – Portland (Portland).

"City rose" – One of the most picturesque settlements of the country, whose person determines extensive forests and the ancient volcanoes of the surrounding mountains, a bright historical center of the city with its characteristic architecture and the abundance of the sun. Willemett River divides the city into two parts – East Side and West Side.

Attractions Portland

West Side covers the historic core of Portland, his Old city (Old Town), formed in the middle of the XIX century as a major trading and transport node. The main landmark here is a spacious marble Station Italhane-Union Station (1890 g.), around which the area of ​​gallery, first-class restaurants and shops spread, as well as adjacent to it Chinatown.

Here, almost in the city center, the complex rises Portland Bilding – First sample postmodern architecture in America. Now in this simple view of the building engaged in the whole quarter, there are office offices, and right before the gate a portland symbol – a 12-meter wrought copper statue of the goddess of Portland trade (the second largest in the United States, the goddess itself is considered the patroness of the city).

In the hills of West Side are located and the best Pares of Portland – 3-kilometer McKola Tom Coastal Park (broke on the place of the old motorway) with Esplanda, Memorial Square (devoted to the memory of Americans of Japanese origin, interneed by the government during World War II); The smallest park – Mill Endes Park; as well as the famous rose park Rose Test Garden – The oldest rosary of the west coast, in which, except for more than 400 varieties of these colors, can be found several acres of perfectly well-groomed lunas, fountains and flowes.

East Side – picturesque mixing of residential buildings of the end of the XIX century and more modern commercial institutions. District Center – District Lloyd-Distertik, lying several north of the city center, where are located Oregon Convens-Centier, stadium Rose Garden Arena, Lloyd Shopping Center and many high-altitude buildings of the Sentral-East Side-Business District Business Quarter, where among others can be found New Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Several south of the areas Hawthorne and Cellwood – Friendly old quarters, literally filled with shops in Victorian style, and eastly spread Pearl Distertik – Area of ​​art galleries and shops.

Also good recreational zone Esplanade-Istbank On the bank of the Willamet River, passing through the most picturesque places (and bridges) of the city, beautiful city Park Laurehherst with a small lake and children’s playgrounds, almost completely covered with forest Mount Tamburin Park (Mount Tabor, the only city park in the country, covering the territory of the extinct volcano), Lake Park Crystal Springs with his Rhododendron Garden (approximately 2000 samples of Rhododendron and Azalei) near the idyllic RID-College, as well as a kind of oasis of Pacific Flora Chapel Grotto, Or the mother of our seals (part of the serving monastery).

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US Cities Portland (Oregon)

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US Cities Portland (Oregon)

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