Cities of USA: Richmond (Virginia)

Small town Richmond (Richmond) – the former capital of the Confederation, the perfect place for hiking excursions and the best starting point for exploring Virginia.

Attractions Richmonda

Richmond has a major artistic community and a huge number of museums, and his university art school is considered one of the issues in the US. To the best cultural centers of the city include Historical center Valentine, Historical Society, Virgin Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond-Symphony complex, founded in 1957 Richmond ballet and operating since 1974 Opera, Theater Burda In Caritaun – Classic Cinema of the 1920s era, Museum of Science on Broad Street and adjacent to him Children’s museum, Confederation Museum near Capitolia and White House Confederation, National Park of the Battle of Civil War, as well as historical cast iron Tiedhegar-Iron-Worsk Near the Embankment.

Modest episcopal Church of St. John (1741 g. – The oldest church in the city) became famous here by the speech of the American politician Patrick Henry, who ended with the phrase "Give me freedom or give me death!", who became refreshing all the struggle for the independence of the United States. Also deserve attention Museum of Edgar Allan (It seems that there is not a single significant city on the Atlantic coast, wherever there was no museum of this writer), John Marshall House Museum, Cemetery Hollywood – The burial place of two US presidents and many other historical figures of the country, Monuments of Ambroza Hill (Army General Confederates), Christopher Columbus, Bill "Boglan" Robinson (one of the founders and an outstanding executor of the Chechetics), a monument to the soldiers and sailors of the Confederation Army, Alley Bells of the First World War (56 bells in memory of soldiers who fell on the battlefields in Europe) and memorial Citizens of the state who gave their lives in the fields of the twentieth century.

The small size of Richmond contains a huge amount of green zones on its land (40 parks with a total area of ​​more than 610 hectares), the most popular of which are considered Monroe Park Near the university town, James River Park Systems and Forest Hill Park, Garden Azali Park Joseph Brian, Berry Park with the only specialized mini park for four-legged pets, Botanical Garden Lewis Jeans, natural historical Chimborace Park, Bell-Il on the island of the same name and Brown Island (Popular sites for various open-air concerts), as well as nearby Maymont Park (40 hectares) with a small museum, gardens, the center of nature, the congregation of the carriage and the children’s farm.

US Cities Richmond (Virginia)

Around Richmonda

Eastern urban traits begins the zone of the so-called Historic triangle. Here, between three old towns, the overwhelming majority of objects of the first wave of migration on the territory of the New World are concentrated. Town Jamestown, Located on the bank of the Chesapeake Gulf, was founded in 1607 and is considered the first successful British colony in North America. Now the territory of the old fort James, the shipyard of the XVII century and the overwhelming part of the surviving facilities of the city are part of the historic Park by Jamestown, which reproduces the life of the first English settlers (however, there are little from the city itself, and most of the exhibits are only copies). The old capital of British possessions is somewhat south Williamsburg – The largest restored US historic city and the location of the second in the age and best small public university of the country – College William-and Mary. Still south lies the historic city Yorktown – Field of the Battle of Final Battle of War for Independence. And just an hour of driving west of Richmond, at the foot of Bloj-Ranj Mountain, there is a historic center of Thomas Jefferson-Charlottersville, which is famous for its restored historical structures.

Also in the vicinity of Richmond, you can visit the Arlington Memorial Cemetery, the Marine Memorial Izodzima (dedicated to all marines, who gave their lives in the fields of World War II) and a popular seaside town Virginia Beach.

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