US Cities: Salt Lake City (Utah)

The capital and largest city of Utah – Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City, the state inhabitants often speak simply Salt Lake or ES-SI) located in the northeastern part of Salt Lake Vley Valley, almost on the shore of a large salt lake – the largest reservoir of the region.

Surrounded by the Mountains of Wax (up to 3502 meters near the city), Traverse Mountain (1830 m) and Okuirs (3237 m), the city was founded in 1847 by a group of Mormon migrants led by Brian Yung, who fled to the mountains from persecution in the Eastern States of the country. As led by local legends, choosing to the fruitless shores of this unusual lake, Jung uttered his famous phrase "This is the right place", And for some age, Mormons turned desert areas into one of the largest and blooming cities in the region, which deserved nickname "Crossroads of west". And today, Mormons are approximately 40% of the population and the city, and the region, and Salt Lake City is Headquarters of the Church of the Modern Saints Jesus Christ (L.D.S. or Mormon Church).

Salt Lake City Sights

The city center is occupying a whole quarter Salt Lake Temple Temple (1853-1893.), or Salt Lake City-Uta Temple, – The largest and most famous temple of the confession of Mormons in the world. Occupying more than 40 thousand. kv. Meters The temple complex of unique architecture is considered a holy place, and access to it is not allowed to everyone, but the park surrounding it and many other buildings are open to the public and are the most popular local attraction. The area of ​​the temple (4 hectares) is surrounded by white walls with a height of 4.5 meters and includes Mormon Church Headquarters, famous for his unique acoustics Tabernacl-Khor (1863-1867.), Assembly hall (Allowed to tourists), a whole gallery of sculptural compositions on religious topics (which is at least the statue of the Angel of Moroni, the central spire of the temple, height 63 m), several monuments and two visitor center. About the Temple Sque Square is located Museum of Church History and Art, who has an impressive collection of artwork and historical documents telling about the population of the Mormon region. Next door towers Library of family history – The largest genealogy library in the world (access and work with materials for representatives of other denominations are allowed here, and the species platform is located on the roof. Built in 2000, the granite complex of the conference center with its arches and waterfalls flowing down the fronton with a four-chamber garden on the roof, as if wrecked an amazing mini city around the temple.

In several quarters, the north of Temple Squa rises the complex Capitolia, well recognizable in its copper dome, spacious interiors with numerous frescoes and its surrounding gardens. Eastern Capitol, at the City Creek-Canyon, spread "Memory grove" Memori Groove, Where the sculptural memorial is built in honor of the veterans of Utah. Nearby location Memorial Museum of Pioneers – One of the four museums managed by Daughters Of Utah. Four floors and 38 halls of the museum are filled with carefully selected historical objects, old photos, toys, clothing and objects of life of the era of settlement Utah. North of the museum and west of the Capitol lies a colorful area Marmeelid Districts – The region of steep streets, running as if despite the geometrically clear grid of the city, and residential buildings built for mostly at the end of the XIX century.

Also deserve attention Art Museum and Museum of Natural Science On the territory of the University of Utah (3 km east of the city center), military Fort Douglas Museum, Museum of Heritage, concert hall Ebrenel Hall In the western part of the city center (there is a main stage stage of the Symphony Orchestra of the State of Utah), the city and county administration building (City and County Building, 1894.), Catholic Madelein Cathedral (1909 G.), Zoo Hugl across the road from the public library, Liberty Park With his small lake and island in the middle, gardens and woody nursery Red-Butte in nearby foothills, Shughe Park House (the second largest park in the city and the place of the set of solemn events), as well as Planetarium Clark With a cinema Imax, Located in the picturesque area of ​​Gateway District.

US Cities Salt Lake City (Utah)

The main trading area of ​​the city is the area Trolli-Squa with many art galleries, shops, restaurants and cafes located in old buildings depot, as well as new Gatuway Distertik, Around which is planned to create a huge shopping and entertainment complex City Creek Center.

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City of Salt Lake and "White" Olympiad

Residents of Salt Lake City are very proud of their city. This was especially noticeable after the White Olympiad, which glorified the capital of Utah to the whole world. Several years ago, when ordinary people have not yet thought about the 2002 Olympics, when many did not know about the existence of the city of Soleny Lake, the Americans have already extended posters and posters about the future Winter Olympics throughout the city, the souvenir shops selling Olympic symbolism were opened Mountain trails, springboards, prepared stadiums and sports grounds, and flights of the Airlines Delta showed their passengers about the upcoming event. Now this is not the modest Salt Lake City, which was before, but the transformed capital "White" 2002 Olympics. Read more →

US Cities Salt Lake City (Utah)

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