US Cities: Seattle (Washington State)

The biggest city of Washington – Seattle (Seattle) was founded on November 14, 1851 and was then called New York, Alki or Duvamis (in honor of the Indian name of the terrain, tribe and river). Only after 10 years to avoid confusion with numerous names of the city, he was called Solt, in honor of one of the leaders, which gradually turned into a modern Seattle.

The city is located very picturesque – from the West, an impressive array of Mount Olympes and Lake Washington, in the East – Lake Sammamis, the Hills of Newcastle and the spots of Cascade Mountains, and north and south stretches the whole series of bays (Eliot, Salmon, Port region, Union, and others.) associated with the Pacific Ocean of Georgia.

Sights Seatla

Lake Lake Yunion and Canal of Lake Washington divide Seattle for two halves. The city center and the Capitol Hill lie south of the canal and, compared to the rest of the city, are formed by almost direct grid of quarters. The historical area of ​​Painonir Sque with 17 nearby quarters is the core of Seattle and replete with shops, art galleries and restaurants. But a unique underground tourist area, educated after the destructive fire of 1889, is considered a visiting area of ​​the district, when it was decided to raise the level of streets in the central part of the city on one floor. As a result, the first floors of old brick buildings were under the ground and turned into a kind of historical museum of that era. Here, near Dock Meinards, there is a complex of the National Historic Park Klondike Gold-Rush – a small museum telling about Seattle’s contribution to the development of Alaska gold (the city was the largest port, from where thousands of treasure seekers went on the shores of gold-bearing rivers).

At the top of the steep hill to the east of the city center there is a complex of Capitol and the surrounding bohemian areas of Broadway, Pike-Pine Corrior, twelfth and ninth Avenue, crowded with nightclubs, coffee shops (they say that seattle residents drink coffee more than all residents of neighboring states taken together), concert venues, shops and discos.

Skyscrapers of the Business Center are closer to the seattel part of Seattle, among whom Columbia-Centier (295 m), Space Nidle (185 m), Smith-Tower (Seattle’s oldest skyscraper, was the highest building on the west coast from 1914 to 1962.), Washington-Mouthual Tower (second in height of Seattle building – 235 m) and others. Seattle Senther’s shopping and exhibition complex – a real symbol of the business district, was built for the World Fair of 1962 and is considered the cultural heart of the city – in its composition, in addition to the Space Nidlev complex with a viewing platform, a restaurant and bars, the opera house, symphony and ballet , as well as theatrical platform. Nearby is a complex of the University of Saint-Ignatius, a central library, and a somewhat south, in the Sodo area, the Starbak center rises – the largest area of ​​the city building (about 700 thousand. kv. m). The biggest and one of the most famous Seattle Museums – Aviation Museum (Museum of Flight) is located just 2 km south of Seattle Center, in the Red Beam complex – Starah (1909 g.) Boeing Corporation Corporation. There are 54 aircraft of different eras – from experienced samples of Right brothers and twenty cars produced by Boeing itself to an exact copy of the capsule "Mercury" John Glenna (1962.) and a real SR-71 BlackBird reconnaissance aircraft – the world’s world record holder and height among serial cars.

One of the business cards of the city is located on the Embankment of the Aquarium with the thematic exhibitions "Underwater dome", "Marine mammals", "Dolphins and whales", Three-dimensional Omnidome cinema and other research and entertainment complexes. Complements his Seattle Zoo on the 59th North Street with its extensive complex of helpers and pavilions, in which in almost natural conditions contains about 300 representatives of local fauna.

U-District (U District) and other North Quarters Seattle are cut off from the rest of the city by the shipping channel Washington Lake. A trip here usually begins with visits to Chittenden’s gateways, through which countless svenches and trouts, which can be observed several times a year, which can be observed directly from the windows of nearby buildings. The historic part of the Northern Quarters stretches along the Ballard Avenue filled with numerous galleries, bars and restaurants. With the heritage of Scandinavian fishermen, who founded this area at the end of the nineteenth century, can be found in the Scandinavian Museum, and the second point of attraction is located on the north shore of Lake Union, where the Gasvorks Park spread (the former gas plant is rebuilt into a landscaped park with grassy hills and children’s playgrounds ). The same Beltown District is turned into a major shopping area with bohemian cafes, wine jet rivers, music shops and boutiques. It is from here that many popular US musical groups like Nirvana or Soundgarden began their way, and the center of contemporary art is also located.

US Cities Seattle (Washington State)

North of the Capitol Hill, around the Voluntier Park, the quarters of mansions built on income from "Golden fever". Here you can find a conservatory (1912 g.), which is now more belonging to greenhouses with flowers, whose homeland – jungle, desert or tropical islands; Old Water Museum, Museum of Asian Art (the richest collection of ceramics, products from jade and sculpture from Japan, China, Korea and Southeast Asia countries), Washington Park with its nursery and a lot of charming pedestrian walkways, as well as charming Japanese landscape park famous for his rosary and picturesque ponds. Seattle’s north city trait, on the shore of Lake Union, lies the colorful town of Frymont with his pub Trolleymen (one of the most famous in the state) and a small sculptural park under the bridge Aurora Bridge.

The main trading complexes of the city are concentrated around Westllake Center, Nordstell, Bon-Marshe, Pacific Palace, Painonir-Sque, Wateterfront and Pike Place Market (the oldest continuously operating market in the USA). The best place to purchase the gifts of the sea is considered to be all the same Pike Place Market and Located South Pierce-54 with His Aivars-Eicres-Off-Clams – here even has its own, carefully restored old tram line, which passes from the Clam-Sentral Staish Station ("Central Mollusk Station") across the coastline.

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Torn-dressed and extensive Pügete Sound Bay – One of the best places to outdoor activities in the state. Most of the same name of the same name occupies the Olympic National Park, guarding mountain forests and the coast of a lonely volcanic massif Olympes (2424 m). In total, half an hour on the ferry through the bay of Eliot Bay – and you can wander through pleasant islands Bainbridge and Vashon, known as a good place for cycling and a relaxing holiday by the sea. A B Bremertone (24 km west of Seattle) – the main city of the Kitsap peninsula and the main sea database of Pijet Saunda – Located the Naval Museum with his Esminent Museum "Turner Joy". The island park is somewhat south Blake With the Cultural Indian Center and the colorful village of Tilikum.

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