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Despite the reputation of the country with the most non-original cuisine on the planet, the United States is one of the real culinary capitals of the world. Many and many generations of emigrants from all over the planet have brought their traditional cooking elements here, forming many "foci" Distribution of national cuisine for this or that region, and the total high level of income of the population has allowed formed to form numerous restaurants representing the best Cooks of the Planet. The most original recipes of any country of the world, the most exquisite methods of cooking and the most complex sauces – all this can be found here in no smaller quantities and not worse than the homeland of the product. To do this, it will only be necessary to find a high-class restaurant or any popular café of national cuisine. In the everyday life, café-bars and express snack bars are dominated here, lunch in boxes and coca-cola from the machine, barbecue of all kinds and dozens, if not hundreds, varieties of sandwiches, cheeseburgers, hamburgers and others "inventions" Local Fastfud.

National food

However, everywhere you can find examples of simple and hearty food, cooking traditions that are inherited from the numerous recipes of the peoples of the Old World in the first place – Europe. These include both already become truly popular Italian pasta and pizza, Chinese noodles and a variety of sauces, European bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs, and cosmopolitan views of various barbecues or salads made from vegetables, various dairy products and juices. Americans themselves to their national dishes often include fried chicken (most often it is cooked simply in the oven, although the canonical one is considered baked on coals or Grilled), roast beef with blood, pork ribs, stuffed turkey, meatloaf, fried or baked potatoes , baked beans, pancakes with maple syrup and apple pie.

For breakfast usually serves traditional cereal with milk, crisps, cereals, fried bacon and without, biscuits and jam sometimes oatmeal or rice porridge (porridge generally not very popular), vegetable and fruit salads, as well as mandatory fruit juice or coffee. Lunch (lunch) and dinner is usually very light and include a variety of salads, fast food, coffee or sandwiches. But dinner is sufficiently dense and varied. First courses are usually quite few in number – an easy (but thick!) Soup or bouillon, also in various vegetable and fruit salads major cutting. On the second are different steaks, roast beef and burgers, all kinds of meat and poultry, sausages and seafood (strangely enough fish in all kinds of unpopular). And most of all the main dishes is quite fresh, so that explanation for a large number of sauces, herbs and spices, supplied separately. Often, together with the main dish served indispensable glass of iced water, cola or juice (in many establishments even their cost is included in the price of the main dish). In any menu usually presented and a wide selection of vegetarian dishes.

All sorts of vegetables are necessarily used on the side disk, primarily stewed legumes, corn, asparagus, cauliflower and potatoes in all kinds. Rice, cereal and pasta as a side dish are practically not used – they most often assigned the role of independent dishes. Extremely little bread and flour products are consumed (exceptions are, naturally, buns, sandwiches and various hamburgers, but they are practically no place for dinner). But in abundance there are various desserts – fruits with whipped cream, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, candied fruits and nuts, donats (pyshki) and puddings of all kinds and thousands of recipes.


US kitchen

After the dessert there comes a series of cocktail, coffee, tea, fruit juices or fresh fruits, while the range of consumed beverages in reality is just a colossal. And if about juices or cola speak in general, it is not necessary, then coffee and tea in their American understanding are usually surprised by all tourists. Tea is usually served cold and without sugar, but with lemon and ice or in English style – "liquid" And with milk. The American coffee is a completely separate product, little similar to us or traditional residents "Coffee" countries. Manufactured (term "Cook" It suits little here) in special machines, it looks like liquid "Boom coffee" from Soviet canteens, arched with a huge amount of cream, milk and sugar, or in the variant "black coffee" – on warm coca-cola.

At the same time, all of the above applies only to the common elements for the whole country. It should be borne in mind that the culinary traditions of various regions of the United States may carry a strong imprint of ethnic groups that make up most of it. The northeastern regions of the country, for example, explicitly to the folk cuisine of Britain and other countries in Western Europe, in the southern states can be found a large number of Creole, African and Mediterranean elements, Mexican cuisine dominates, and in the port cities of Western The coasts are obvious elements of the cooking of France and the peoples of the Pacific Basin. Moreover, these traditions are fantastically mixed with each other, and the neighborhood on the same table of Greek wine and the Chinese noodle or pizza and fried sausages are little surprised. Truly commonly popular throughout the United States are, perhaps, only Italian, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Indian and Latin American cuisine.

In the US, a huge number of alcoholic beverages are made, starting with high-quality California wines, first-class Bourbon and whiskey (Americans write it to the Irish manner – whiskey) central areas and ending with a fairly specific local beer (Budweiser, Miller, Philadelphia’s Yuengling, Lone Star, Anchor Steam, Purple Haze, Fat Tire, Turbo Dog and Coors) or Roma, which boil almost everywhere. Almost all institutions have alcoholic beverages imported from all areas of the Earth.

US kitchen

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