USA, Big Sur – USA, Carmel: About marine elephants and salted cucumbers

Today there is a long trip by the Pacific Coast. Plans to drive wherever neither falling and find something interesting there. The day began with fog and ocean view.

Today there is a long trip by the Pacific Coast. Plans to drive wherever neither falling and find something interesting there. The day began with fog and ocean view.

In the morning, I wanted to visit the castle of Hurst, about which Sheboldasik somewhere spent even earlier. I got to the entrance and went to the proven way, namely, before visiting something we decided to look at sightseeing photos where we go. We went to the souvenir shop, koi are present at each attractions and headed with straight to postcards. Comparing photos with the price tags for a visit to the castle, decided that something similar we have already seen a lot of times and it is not worth it. In general, the museum furnishings of the old beautiful house.

The released time was immediately found than fill in. The first stopping stop presented us with a surprise – a whole fantastic of marine elephants (or seals, we never learned to distinguish them). Here we could not run by and spent half an hour watching the wild fauna. Fauna, in turn, did not fall in the sun, occasionally publishing insecurate sounds and sprinkled by sand.

Some individuals fought for a place under the sun, but others, larger, quickly reassured them, so that they did not interfere with enjoy the noise of the surf and the sounds of the closures of cameras. Yes, here, in addition to us, there were other tourists.

Ocean Residents, California

The road was leaving to the clouds, it turned into a picturesque, overlooked by the sun, serpentine. Place in the photo – as a whole looks like a place called Big Sur (Big Sur). Perhaps one of the most famous number 1 on the highway in California. Yes, pretty, but there is little different from others. Rather, only one difference is a photogenic bridge. See HIS?

Still in Mexico when Sheboldasik prepared the invasion and conquest plans, she found photos of some fabulous beach, whose sands were shone with an unusual lilac color, creating around an unrealistic picture. This deductive method was determined that this beach is named the name of the Pfefer. Found it in the WPSs without difficulty and headed straight to this miracle, hoping to enjoy not only the fabulous landscape, but also a dinner in advance.

What was our surprise when, by paying for parking 10 bucks and swallowing with the eyes of joyful deer, we saw the most ordinary beach with ordinary sand, casting something gray! On the shore there were packs of the same tourists with sadly hanging cameras, plaintively looked around in search of at least something fabulous purple. All this is against the background of surfers, strongly trying to settle rare low waves.

Alas, we even had to dine in the car, as the cold strong breeze did not go directly on the beach. What, not lucky – whether it is not a season, whether all the pictures from the Internet were removed somewhere else.

To dinner, the sky almost cleared up and in the fog we dived only rising a few hundred meters above the ocean level. Although the landscape did not change much, we still periodically went out to see what surrounds us there. Well, it is useful to warm up, half a day we sit in the car.

In one place, they even noticed signs that whale swims there. Of course, nothing can be seen from such a distance, but someone very large periodically filed signs of life, causing small full on the surface.

How long is the world’s ocean! Probably difficult to get tired of looking at such water spaces. Is it still something left in us from the primitive creatures that inhabited our planet billions of years ago? Why such a special attitude to reservoirs?

Li long, briefly, we got to Karmel. This town was straight along the way, so we could not but call. Suddenly it looks like Santa Barbara?

Places really look like, some surcharges in the center are very comfortable.

Funny houses drowning in greenery and surrounded by laid tiled sidewalk. Ominent atmosphere.

In a small park, the people walk with dogs, keeping a special bag and looking at the ready whether their pet left anything more superfluous on herbal. Some, already without a package, looked at their crawling children with the same eyes. A group of young guys something noisily discussed without paying any attention to others. Someone showed her new tattoos, someone asked to show all the others, abundant covering protruding from under the clothes part of the body.

Machines stand strictly on the slices of the road marked with them. Around the order, cleanliness and cute houses, which, as it seems at first glance, serve only decorations for the next family movie.

Boxes for selling newspapers here are not plastic, as in many other cities, but the most that neither there is wooden.

USA, Big Sur - USA, Carmel about marine elephants and salted cucumbers

This restaurant house clearly could serve as a scenery for some film fairy tales.

After spending a few hours in Carmel, went to Monterey. In this city, we have to spend the night today, but before you have plans to see marked as a landmark of a 17-mile road, which is located in a certain elite village off the coast right in the middle of the city.

Alas, the weather is completely spoiled, clouds came up again. The first point on this road is called "Spanish Beach". Well, the beach. Well, Spanish. Well, Chaika.

Another noted in the letter issued at the entrance is a not a remarkable coastal stony line.

Probably the same golf courses filled with pre-ordered rays of the sun, look quite different.

Apparently, here windy. And constantly in one direction.

See a wonderful rock near the shore? She even gave her own name, "Bird". I’ll go, I will try to take a picture of something, although there is no mood. Bored and frowning.

A lone cypress so also suggests that it is photographed and posted in a blog at Sheboldasika and Andrewsix. What, please.

On the clock for 8 pm, and we have no idea where we will spend the night today. We went to the nearest McDonalds for the Internet, suddenly there is inexpensive accommodation?

While we were looking for, they noticed the athletes of an unknown artist to improve the picture hanging on the wall. How do you like this technique? We would call it "cucumber".

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