USA, Bryce Canyon: Fairy Tale Country or Kingdom

Somehow in the morning, at dawn. Our acquaintance began with Bryce Canyon (Bryce National Park). The weather was noterable, but we decided not to retreat and went to one of the longest haiks, a length of almost 13 kilometers.

Somehow in the morning, at dawn. Our acquaintance began with Bryce Canyon (Bryce National Park). The weather was noterable, but we decided not to retreat and went to one of the longest haiks, a length of almost 13 kilometers.

Although, no, first we wanted to go for a walk on another path leading to "Royal Gardens", But they realized that without the sun there was nothing to do and changed the direction.

How do you like this picture? Like a frame from Western))

The selected path is called "Dreamland".

After the weather began to improve, everything around and indeed began to become magical and fabulous.

Brike business card – Sand poles that can be viewed in the photo. They are called "Hoodoo" (Huda). Options for the translation of this word are different, but everything is somehow connected with witchcraft and shamanism. That’s so))

On the way, pleased with Andrews a bridge. And for the bridge accepted the second part of it, which the right and resembles the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Later they found out that the bridge is considered the first hole))

That’s really, a place similar to the fairy palace. Very honeymaged because you have to turn your head for 180 degrees))

Meeting Andrewsix and Unknown Pyptic. In the photo without people, everything seems to be openwork and miniature, in fact, the scale of our.

By the way, Bryce is high enough, because it was very cool here, although, looking at the photo, it seems that everything around burns.

Surprisingly, both the same wind and rain create completely different forms.

Oddly enough, on the path we met very few people, because Bryce is one of the most popular parks among visitors. I think it is not the most popular due to its length. That’s good, I love privacy with Andrews.

Every new and new wonderful forms appear every step. Flower combination strikes no less: purple, yellow, orange, brick, ivory. Very pleasant for eyes pictures!

Cheerful step to dinner got out of the valley. Started rain. Really he will destroy our plans?

Rain streams are visible to the naked eye. We will have to occupy the visitor center and wait for the improvement of weather conditions. Let’s go treat souvenirs.

There were also a couple of hours, as the weather got up, even the sun looked out. Look at one of the sightseeings. This, for example, is called "Inspiration". Yes, there is from what to catch inspiration))

Hudus Gallery!

US National Parks – Real Paradise for Andriusix! You do not even imagine the currently of our photos))

Tomorrow, by the way, we walk in Brys again!

Our adhere on the map

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Lyuba 05.09.2014

How many parks have them and how they are not like each other. But most affects how everything is done for people. We also have a bunch of places in the country of interesting. but there is even expensive.

By the way, what is there a trauma?

USA, Bryce Canyon Fabulous Country or Kingdom Fay

Sheboldasik 06.09.2014

Fully agree with you, everything is very cool!

Train safe in the sense that there is so much head to turn around that you can dislocate inadvertently)))

Buttons never. and tell some kind of miracle.

Unreal, some kind of lunagoria! I remember the old song, "Wine Sky, Showing Greens, Wallowed Green. " Something I liked this brick even more than a big canyon.

Thank you guys, I have never seen this park on the net.

Sheboldasik 22.12.2014

Buttons will be, Andrews works on it))

Bryce – fantastic place, one of my favorites. Very bright! Tatiana, in the States there are a lot of parks that are no worse, but sometimes much cooler than the Grand Canyon. I will prove you!

I never believed that Grand Canyon is the main attraction of those edges, it’s just a well-promoted object. I have a dream in general – to get to the Niagara Falls.))) I am attracted to the element and its power!

Sheboldasik 24.12.2014

I’m probably judged by myself. Before preparing for the trip, I, of course, knew that there were a lot of parks in the States, but the visual idea had only about the Grand Canyon. Really wanted to see him because he thought he was the coolest. At the exit it turned out that we liked you almost least all the others)) it is, of course, in comparison, in itself it is very beautiful and impressive.

Niagara Waterfall is clearly worth seeing. That’s just the most beautiful on the Canadian side.

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