USA: Kauai Island (Hawaii State)

Kauai Island – fourth in size (1430 kV. km) and the oldest island of the group. Also known as "Island-Sad", Kauai lies 170 km north-west of Oahu and local standards low – the highest peak on this island – Cavaikini – reaches 1598 meters. But this is one of the most wet places on Earth – on the eastern slopes of Mount Vaileal (1570 m) drops up to 11.7 meters (!) Rain annually. The warm and wet climate led to the formation of the fertile volcanic soils of the island of a unique natural ecotionosis, from where his second name. And erosion for more than 6 million years old formed numerous canyons, tens of kilometers of multi-colored beaches and many bizarre rocks.

Attractions Kauai

Local attractions include Mount Vaialale, River Vailua and the same name canyon (835 m depth), Lavova Fern Grotto and nearby Temple Holwood-Heiaau, Khanakapiai beach And the thing is huge waterfall In the nearby valley, Alacco-Fish-hound – Unique building erected by legendary pigments "MENAHUNE", Hanging tropical Forest Alakai (more like a swamp, by the way), Hindu Church of San Marga-Iravan on the banks of the Vailua River (the only stone temple of this kind in the Western states) and guarded Coast on Pali Coast with his rocks and Beach Kei Beach.

Among the natural beauties of the island are allocated State Park Coke With the plateau and valleys of amazing beauty, inhabited by the rarest birds, Botanical Gardens Limakhuli (in Nania), Mc Bryd (South coast), My R (near POPU), On-aina-kai (in Kilauea) and Garden Alleleton on the southern shore and picturesque Bay Hanalei Bay On the northern coast.

Beaches on Kauai Island

Golden sandy beach Poipu It is considered the best on the southern coast of Kauai. Divided into two small bays The beach is surrounded by mini-hot departments. Rooms here should be booked in advance; Beach is very popular. One of the bays due to the long canopy inw water is ideal for swimming kids; In another created excellent conditions for snorkeling in the winter months. In the summer on PoIPU, excellent conditions for surfing; catch the wave here, however, it is better for those who confidently feel on the board.

One of the most popular beaches of the island – Kiahuna – located in the south. The coast is perfect for diving, snorkeling and boogie bordering. Waves are ideal for beginners, including those who are just starting to master surfing. A narrow strip of a golden sandy beach surrounds private houses, some of which are surrendered to tourists. Parking off the coast.

Located in the southern part of the beach Mahaulepu With turquoise water – a unique place: in winter, here you can watch seals, resting on the shore, and whales. Also in the winter months, calm waters of the beach are ideal for snorkeling. You can get on the secluded Mahaulepu on a buggy dirt road starting at the Grand Hyatt Hotel (Poipu Road). Be careful: This road belongs to the GROVE FARM farm and closes daily at 18 o’clock.

USA Kauai Island (Hawaii)

Wide sandy beach Hanalei stretched more than two miles. In winter, in the spring and autumn, the beach is considered one of the best places on Kauai for surfing; In the summer months, calm waters of the Gulf are well suited for family holidays with children. Hanalei is well equipped: there are showers, toilets, restaurants, a school of water sports, a picnic table, a game and volleyball court, and on weekends, a camping zone is open, where you can put a tent. The best time to teach surfing here – from mid-October to May.

In the north of Kauai is the beach Tunnels; The best conditions for swimming and snorkeling here – in the summer months, when there is practically no waves. In winter, there are strong waves; This period is suitable for surfing. On Tunnels and in summer, and winter rescuers duty. There are no parking on the beach, you can leave the car in Haena Beach Park.

Secret Beach Located in the northern part of the island. Here are very strong underwater flows, for children and inexperienced divers, this section of the coast is not suitable. The beach is considered a nudist, but due to the remoteness to meet here lovers to sunbathe without clothes, as well as more traditional tourists, most of the year is difficult.

Beach Anini Surrounded by the largest in Hawaii coral reef stretching for 2 miles along the coast. Despite this, for snorkeling and diving, this area is not suitable due to muddy water and strong underwater trends dangerous for inexperienced swimmers. The infrastructure on the coast is not developed.

Beach Polihale (Other name – Barking Sands) is located in the west of the island. This is one of the most extended beaches in Hawaii, stretching at 12 miles. On polihale quite strong underwater flows, so the beach is not suitable for recreation with children. On the coast, the infrastructure is not developed; Everything you need to rest must be taken with you, including an umbrella from the Sun.

USA Kauai Island (Hawaii)

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