USA: Maui Island (Hawaii State)

Lying between Hawaii and Moloka, Maui Island (1883 kV. km – the second size in the archipelago) – the only island of Polynesia, who received his name in honor of the Divine (usually such a technique is taboo, but here the case is special – the great navigate kayvailoa first called his son in honor of God, and then the island in honor of the Son). Educated by two huge extinct volcanoes – Haleakala (literally "House of Sun", 3055 m) in the East and Maui (1720 m) in the West, from height it resembles a giant eight, since volcanic cones are connected by an extensive valley (hence the second name Maui – "Island of Valley"). West Maui is quite deserted and replete with fruitless lava fields, and the lush tropical forests and quags of the eastern slopes are the most beautiful area of ​​the island.

Attractions Maui

Home Historic Sightseeing Island – Streets of the Old Town Lahaina, once was the capital of the Hawaiian Islands, and today famous for its Old Court (1859., Now here is the gallery of works of local artists), Baldwin House (the oldest city building – 1834.), Temple Hing (1912 g., Now – Museum of the Chinese community), old Paahao Prison (1852 g., Nowadays – Historical Museum) and so far the active old Thale-Paree typography.

The best places for recreation are wild Coast Kieli, Famous Calek Maui Cave At the foot of tropical Forest Khana, Fashion resort town Caanapali with a museum of whaling fishery north of Lahala; Rocky lava Cape Black Rock and excellent diving places around it; extended sandy coast near Kike (south-west coast of Maui); Bay Maalaa – excellent place for all types of surfing; Botanical Gardens and Church of the Holy Spirit (1897 g.) v Kula; rest zone Spring polypoli and the Forest Reserve of the Kula on the western slope of the haleacala; shores Maipoian Oe-Lau Beach and Camoole Beach; Lava pipes and forest fields Reserve Achi Kinaau in the bay of the same name; as well as artificial beach reef Keavacapu Beach with good conditions for snorkeling.

Also deserves the attention of the crater Haleacala – the largest dormant volcano in the world (12 km long and 4 km wide), whose surface is more like a lunar landscape. It works here the same name of the National Park, guarding the entire mountain from the crater and to the foot of the reservoirs of Okeo. In addition to amazing forms of life and massive lava formations, occurring throughout the park, here you can see the so-called "Spectrum of Broccina" – The most optical phenomenon manifested in the projection of increased and painted by all colors of the rainbow shadow of an observer on the clouds.

Many beautiful places will allow to visit Hana Hanga, Running along the northeastern coast of Maui between Kahului and Khan. Built in 1927, the road on its way makes more than 600 turns and crosses the 54 valley on the bridges, passing through such picturesque places that it is often considered an independent landmark of the island. Here you can see Khaipuen waterfalls with deep reservoir, a small village Keanaa With a folded from the lava and coral blocks of the church of the XIX century, roadside Pouaa Kaa Park with a small waterfall, as well as a great Caenalimum Bay With the ruins of the Hawaiian Temple and many amazing landscape forms.

Haleacala National Park Offers the best hiking excursions through the craters of ancient volcanoes and about 60 km of cycle and horse robes for all surroundings. State Vaianpanpa Park It is famous for its impressive lava caves, a black beach, as well as many picturesque marine arches and caves. V National Reserve Kealia Pond The ancient salty swamp is preserved, populated in highlights of the rarest birds, starting with the disappearing Hawaiian stilt and Lyshuh and ending with heron.

Most modern tourist infrastructure facilities are concentrated around Lahala, Kaanapali and Kihei, as well as near Haika, Kula or Khan (here they are slightly lower level, but they do not suffer from the influx of tourists).

Activities on Maui

Surfing is good at the windward northern and eastern shores, and Hophip Beach Beach near Paia, on a par with Maalaa Paipline and Honolua Bay, is considered the best place for this type of rest. Hokip Beach will fit the experimental windsurphs, and Extremes appreciate the shores near Paia and Kanach.

The best place for dives is the underwater volcanic crater of the nearby Island of Peal or Water Lanaas Island, where the fish are almost manual, and the water is clear. Underwater volcanic crater of the Island of Moklin is halfway between Maui and Kaolaw. Half of the crater ring collapsed many thousand years ago, leaving the lagoon in the shape of a crescent, and the island himself towers only 49 meters above the surface of the ocean. The island is famous for many excellent places for snorkeling, transparent water and an abundance of marine inhabitants inhabiting shallow in general lagoon. However, local eco bement is under powerful tourism pressing, so local reefs are largely damaged by the anchors of numerous boats and pleasure boats. For snorkeling fit black rock in Kanapali and Capalua Bay.

Humpback whales come to the water around Maui from December to March, and their herds are easily distinguishable from the shore.

Beaches Maui

Maui Island Beaches are well suited for windsurfing lovers.

Big Beach – The biggest beach on the island. Length – 1100 feet, width – 65 feet. The beach, located on the territory of the Makena State Park Reserve, compared to the majority of Maui beaches seems secluded and wild. On the coast is not developed infrastructure, so everything you need to rest must be taken with you. Big Beach is popular with lovers of boogie, however, beginners and inexperienced swimmers should not sail away from the shore due to strong submarine currents. Rescuers work on the beach.

Behind a small hill, just north, is located Little Beach – The most famous and one of the few nudist beaches of the Hawaiian Islands. The beach is particularly popular with local residents. There are no strong waves, winds and flows; In general, this part of the coast is more suitable for a comfortable stay than Big Beach. Rescuers on Little Beach No.

USA Maui Island (Hawaii State)

Beach Kaanapali – one of the most popular resorts on Maui, located in the north-west of the island. Beach Length – 1 Mile. The coast surround the hotel complexes and resort hotels with pools, shops, sports fields, game zones and golf courses. Tourists can enjoy surfing, parasailing, as well as sailing sports. On the beach is especially crowded during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Scenic beach Wailea – One of the most popular on Maui; It’s very crowded and noisy here from morning to evening. Beach Length – 450 feet. The coast is well developed infrastructure; There are restaurants and bars, volleyball court, play area for children, with water slides and trampoline. On Wailea rent lounge chairs and umbrellas.

Located in southern Maui Island Beach Keawakapu – Perfect option for relaxing lovers. Beach Length – 1200 yards. Guest houses, stretched along the coast, offer accommodation in rooms overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Surrounded by palm trees Kapalua Located in a small bay in the northwest of Maui Island. Calm waters make a beach suitable for swimming kids. Near Kapalua there is parking. Condominiums spread around the coast, as well as townhouses, where rooms and apartments for tourists are rented.

Beach Kahekili Small sand, located south of Kapalua, is located on the territory of the Kaanapali resort. There are not so many hotels here; The coast is solitary enough.

At the resort Kihei, In the south-west of the island, there are three Kamaole Beach Park Beach, separated by rocky protrusions. The length of all the beaches does not exceed one mile. Along the beaches there is a pretty busy track, but from noise and dust saved trees and palm trees lined along the road.

Beach Napili, The shape of the crescent is considered one of the best on Maui due to azure water and soft golden sand. There is a children’s play area on the beach, there are inflatable slides, restaurants, as well as umbrella and chaise lounge rental points.

In the northwest of the island there is a small beach Dt Fleming. Beach Length – 500 feet. There is no infrastructure, but the place is quite popular among lovers of bougie-Bording for good waves. Afternoon on the coast of pretty windy, so the best time for swimming and sunbathing is early morning. Rescuers work on the beach.

Beach PoolenaLena, Located in the southwest Maui, stretched at 730 feet. The beach is divided into two plots; In the southern part, excellent conditions for bougie-boogi. Poolenalena – one of the best places on the island of snorkeling and snorkeling. Northern

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