USA: Nevada State

Nevada (Nevada, Area 286.3 thousand. kv. km) – the most deserted and arid, but also the fastest growing population of the US state. "Silver state" Located in the territory of the extensive mountainous country of the Big Basin, and its territory is an alternation of sublime plateau, mountain ranges with heights of up to 4000 meters (the highest point – Mountain Bowdar Pic, 4005 m) and dry intergorenta valleys (height of at least 900 m above sea level ), mostly deserted. The northern regions of the state are occupied by the desert Great Basin (large pool), over which green spurs of mountains, Eastern – steppes and disintegration, the south is in the power of the anhydrous desert Mojave.

The main point of attraction for tourists here – grew up for some 20 years in the heart of Mojave desert City Las Vegas – "Gambling capital" USA.

Less than 30 km west of the famous strip – one of the central gaming prospectuses of Las Vegas – begins Red Rock Canyon – Beautiful 900-meter Sunshine of the West River Valley Edge, Delivered Thickets "Tree Joshua" (short-circuit yukki), colorful sandstone arrays and leaning rocks of surrounding rocks.

To the north of the colorful town of Overton (80 km north-east of Las Vegas), which retained the atmosphere of old cowboy cities, the archaeological regions of the culture of Pueblo, which are included in the museum complex spread Lost City.

Just 70 km southeast of the center of Las Vegas is colossal Dam Guser (1935. – The highest dam in the western hemisphere) and the reservoir of the Foreign Ministry is the most popular area of ​​recreation. The strict geometry of the dam wall light 220 and a width of 379 meters sharply contrasts here with red cliffs of canyon walls and gray water, and the north and east of the dam spread long (180 km, area 600 thousand. hectares) reservoir – a great place for rowing, water impact, fishing and even snorkeling. Museum of the Dam and City Boulder City Contains a good collection on the history of the region and the construction of the dam itself.

In 210 km east of Las Vegas starts Western spurs of the famous Grand Canyon.

USA Nevada State

"Las Las Vegas", or "The biggest small city in the world", – Reno is positioned as an alternative to Las Vegas, but the real attractiveness of the city is its provincial charm and somewhat enough interesting monuments.

35 km south-west of Reno begins the largest resort area of ​​the state – Lake Takho. Located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level, among the most beautiful Alpine landscapes of Nevada and California, the lake is the focus of popular beach and ski resorts of the highest class and is famous for its bright nightlife, festivals and natural beauty. The State Park of the Lake covers almost the entire Eastern (Nevadi) coast of Tahoe and can offer dozens of hiking trail (about 100 km), tiny beaches, Forenev Lake Spoon, theme Park Pine Rancho, and in the northeastern shore of the lake you can find beautiful arrays of weathered sandstone In the park Vellya-Fair, a beautiful shallow bay of Send Harbor, the Bay of Dietres Cove – a popular place for diving with aqualung, a fashionable area of ​​Villiz with his villas for several million dollars each and private clubs, as well as several first-class golf courses.

No less interesting local attractions are considered Lake Pyramids north of Reno – a beautiful blue space in the Red Desert, the most popular place of sports fish and bird watching (on the Island located in the southern end of Lake Anaho, the American White Pelican Reserve) was opened; Old ranch Scottis Castle; Popular resort town Lahlin and excellent mountain resorts in Spring Mountin and Mount Charleston, as well as town Elko With his Center for People’s Life of the West (Western Folklife Center).

In the southern part of the state, the lands of a huge national nature reserve of wildlife spread Desert Mojave, including about a dozen local reserves guarding the natural natural complexes of this unique desert, as well as the northern spurs of the famous Death Valley.

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