USA, New York: Nizhny Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge

Very cool delivery system of all sorts of goods and mail. Bring, leave in the entrance. Who needs, takes.

Very cool delivery system of all sorts of goods and mail. Bring, leave in the entrance. Who needs, takes.

Morning in our area. Today I woke up very early again and went on the road. Still, it is difficult to adjust the local time zone at the first time.

Traditional photos of Joan with a telephone that we do in every significant place for us: in different cities, suburbs and other villages. Now there will be a phone and from New York.

Today promise good weather. What, let’s see. So far quite cloudy.

Many inscriptions in the subway are carefully laid out in the form of a mosaic. Metro itself does not become much better from this, but at least so.

As for street navigation – everything is simple and understandable when you get used to. Very simple and understandable pointers. Here: everything goes only to the left, it is impossible to right. Pedestrian – stand! Stand I said!

So, got to Lower Manhattan. In this area, literally the epicenter of the business life of New York.

On the other side of Hudson, Jersey. We almost removed there housing – it’s good that you watched, what will be from there get to Manhattan.

A and w on the background of the Tower of MTC (World Trade Center, he is World Trade Center).

On the streets there are very few people, mostly athletes runners and stamps. And some of them run together with children’s wheelchairs. Amazing but they are extremely easy. Of course, they run, but still somehow cool – on the street +5 and strong wind.

That’s what is unequivocally cool here – all the conditions for cyclists. Special tracks are almost everywhere. Where there is no – there is a markup on the usual road, where the cars do not visit usually.

Difficult to imagine the scale of what surrounds. Everything is very large, even hypertrophied places. Glass, metal, stone.

This is the Winter Garden of the World Financial Center, which is a small alley of palm trees. I went to warm up.

Got to "Grand Zero" (Ground Zero), a memorial made in memory of the twin towers who were here once. Now there are two such pits in a depth of five-storey house. Get here easy, but at the entrance all things check, you have to go through metal detectors and t.D. The price of the ticket "Let, who can", t.E. put something in the piggy bank, pass. Probably, you can not pay anything, but the recommended amount declared before the entrance is 5-10 dollars.

On the territory there is a museum dedicated to 9/11, but it is closed. We just took pictures on his background.

Pokalontas is trying to consider what is inside. Alas, inside while one destruction. Soon promise to open.

Embankment of Hudzona. We are frozen in winter jackets, packed in pants, tights and other jeans, and people running in some shorts and T-shirts. Do not cease to surprise this.

Announcement of the upcoming trip. Photo "Find a statue of freedom" 🙂

Skyscrapers of different shapes and textures, somehow surprisingly fit into the overall landscape.

In the parks here are full of protein, with plumpy such, arrogant. There were no nuts for them, but the proteins persistently wanted to make sure.

If you do not know what to dress for walks in New York, take the blanket. In fact, here absolutely any outfit will look fine, no one pays attention to this.

On the embankment very comfortable high chairs, all sorts of seats and other benches. At the same time, such a table is a few hundred hundred meters long.

Red Riding Hood Races.

Heaven although it clarifies, but still cold and windy. Perhaps January is not the best month for visiting a large apple. Who is not aware of this nickname New York.

Brooklyn Bridge leading in. Brooklyn. In the other direction, we are just planning to walk.

Who did not hear about Wall Street? So we heard many times, but never seen. Up to this day. Apparently, the sun falls quite rarely.

For some reason in the area all pointers on a black background and white letters.

They say that on this street, and going on the world’s financial history. A bunch of world-famous companies hiding for very modest signs, dwells just here.

So the root of all economic evaluations on most of our planet – the New York Stock Exchange. Today the main villains are resting, Sunday. On this disgrace with a dumb reproach looks like a man in a raincoat. George Washington.

New York Stock Exchange

Wall Street is short and from the other end ends with the Church of the Trinity. In the people of TRINITY CHURCH.

The church is quite a valid, but the constant flow of tourists makes it similar to the passing yard. We also went away, sat on surprisingly comfortable bears and loved by the surrounding beauty. Catholic churches still quite have to themselves. Probably because of the feeling of space, airiness. Cosy.

Songniks, prayer rooms and some other books on which the print is "not to carry out the church". Even some special African American choralov collection.

The famous bronze bull, with which each tourist is simply obliged to take a picture, holding him for the horn. You can immediately for two. Supreme pilotation – for eggs. It is behind this and worth a rather long queue.

Opposite the bull gathered a group of religious and concerned figures, who in turn loudly broadcast. With the help of gestures and words about the Lord, they tried to convey something to the crowd, but the meaning somehow slipped away from us. Andrei decided to clarify what the figures were delighted and held a small lecture on Jesus, handing a schematic description of his life – both past and future. Recorded name and promised to pray for us personalize. Nice people. By the way, for some reason all Koreans.

House certified by Energy Star. In bronze. Generally, all signs on buildings of amazing beauty and conciseness. Simple and tasteful, no personality, with rare exceptions.

In the designs of the buildings here very like to use metal. And practical, and durable, and with proper use of aesthetic. Wash comfortably, again. Inside usually breaks something very beautiful, but it’s not always possible to get there. Almost everywhere the entrance to electronic cards – the enemy will not pass. And we are at the same time. However, in some places we managed to leak. Once got into some fashionable fitness center hiding behind the like facade.

Skyscrapers, reflected in skyscrapers, US flags, trash. Normal life of the city.

Sometimes there are completely unexpected homes. In general, there is a feeling that each house was built perfectly individually, without looking at the surrounding.

Air, not really? Probably, we laugh you, dear readers and caretakers, pictures with skyscrapers and other landscapes without any deep meaning.

Another protein sneaks to the bait. Next time we will not deceive them, we will specifically buy nuts.

Still, we could not go far from the Brooklyn bridge and decided to meet the sunset on it. Alas, you did not have time to the sunset, but still rinsed to see what the place looks like, which a thousand times in the films saw.

View from the bridge on Manhattan. The sun is already a village, and in buildings have not yet included light. It looks as if out of the ground sticks out completely different collapsing structures.

The people rides in Brooklyn from the office center of the city. Surprisingly, we did not notice here any traffic jams. Whether the weekend, whether the truth is the situation with them much better than in Moscow.

In the summer of New York, it will probably look like a very green city – a lot of different small svverings, along the roads are arranged trees everywhere. In winter, through the branches you can safely admire the surrounding skyscrapers. It seems we have already begun to get used to the city. If you live here at least a month, you will probably start feeling a local atmosphere. We have so much time yet, so we will absorb what we have time. Today everything is time to go home. Till tomorrow!

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USA, New York Nizhny Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge

Guys, and you are editing from the phone later or in the original exhibit? Very high quality, usually on other blogs I see a photo much worse.

Surprisingly, on Wall Street In general, the light falls, the real stone jungle!

Sheboldasik 08.ten.2014

Tatiana, do not do anything with the phone photos, load as it is. Andrew only his photos treats, with a camera.

As for quality, the camera in the phone is very successful! I myself did not expect it to give such good results))

Wall Street Yes, like Canyon Antelope, only from skyscrapers. Tatiana, you were also in New York (it seems I saw blog notes). What are the impressions of the city?

No sun, in America I have never been and no longer hope to get there.))) It was a guest post. I was only in Europe, in 12 or 13 countries, you need to recalculate))).

And the camera is very successful! Immediately remember the joke of photographers "You have such a tasty borsch, probably a saucepan special?" Here you are so, probably the phone is good, what a brand if it’s not a secret. I would bought myself for the road, the fotik is not always convenient to carry.

Sheboldasik 08.ten.2014

Tatiana, why not hope to get to America? By the way, we also did not hoped, in any case, so soon, but the circumstances decided everything for us and there were otherwise.

12-13 countries in Europe – huge luggage. I think Europe is an excellent detriment for traveling, what is there just no! I hope and we will get to her))

I have a phone htt one s. This pan is really special)) excellent model, though, already, probably, new came out. Bought it last fall. If it is not worth the task of doing super-duper high-quality pictures, which are still necessary to handle weeks, then the option is good, better than many soaps. I also had HTC before that, too, there were no complaints.

Cool, HTS or HTC? I have a second Sensation XE, I’m not used to the phone to the phone, you need to try, maybe myself knows something like that)))

After America, you will exactly like at home.

But I do not hope to get, because life dictates their rules, many other plans. In addition I live in the Crimea, and we are non-rigid)))))

Sheboldasik 08.ten.2014

Many other plans are good, but the fact that the unauthorized – offensive. As always due to politics, ordinary people suffer.

HTC, the first time incorrectly wrote. Try, these newcomer phones are able to such as they won’t guess at once)) I’m already used to. Two years we have all the photos in the diary from the phone, in notes – from the camera. Division of labor so to speak.

Yes, I already thought)), I have a lot of photos in my phone, but they have been for the collection, so that I have ever discarded them on the computer yet, maybe there are also masterpieces))). But these photos, in this article, also on your bodies. removed?

Sheboldasik 09.ten.2014

All photos that are displayed on the main page of a handful of small tricks removed on the phone, in this article too.

In fact, initially when we created a blog, he was made precisely under the telephone pictures and had to work almost in online mode – I saw-downloaded. Andrei did it for parents and friends to always know where we are, how interesting we see, because you still do not retell everything. Then, only in Mexico, I started writing some meaningful notes, but telephone photos were left too. In fact, it is very convenient and sometimes you remove the little things on the phone, which will never be on the camera. And sometimes all salt in trifles!

So, Tatiana, get your masterpieces from the chest!

I really like your feed photo, they and the size of suitable and the quality is excellent. I have not met anywhere on tourist blogs.

Right noticed – photos, often speak for themselves and the description is too.

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