USA, New York: Skyscrapers Top of the Rock and Empire State Building

Day is dedicated to skyscrapers. Our first Rockefeller Center (TOP OF THE ROCK). Came early in the morning. Since we had CityPass, even in the queue for tickets did not have to stand. However, in the morning she was very small. In the photo – view of the central park.

Day is dedicated to skyscrapers. Our first Rockefeller Center (TOP OF THE ROCK). Came early in the morning. Since we had CityPass, even in the queue for tickets did not have to stand. However, in the morning she was very small. In the photo – view of the central park.

Viewing platforms are at the very top, we climbed the 70th floor. From here there is a great view of the city, an overview of 360 degrees. In the middle, you can see the Empire State Building skyscraper (ESB), which we will get closer, closer to the evening.

From the view of the Spirit captures! Perhaps this is one of those places where you must have to visit New York, along with the Statue of Freedom.

Wanted to take pictures together, but for some reason it is forbidden here. Completely incomprehensible why. Before entering the building, we all looked again, we are even accustomed to this procedure. Wherever Sun – everywhere inspection like at the airport.

The highest place that has been closed by our birds. Like, smiles in the whole beak))

TOP OF THE ROCK – high-speed elevator, descend. When the elevator begins to eat, the roof becomes transparent and there show something together with voice acting. At the same time, the elevator mine is visible. Speed ​​- Uuuuh! In a pair of floors per second.

The design of the building was engaged in Swarovski himself, which is noticeable by crystals in the wall.

Red hat on the background of the famous photo. Looks somehow understanding that.

Again manhattan from below, in the eternal shadow. Light in some places falling only reflected from buildings. Until the evening we go to walk again and look for what has not yet seen.

Station called "Grand Central Terminal". Walked around the opponents, waiting rooms. All not like us.

Central Library of New York, where people are sitting behind computers, and not behind books. Books, probably, in other halls read, closed from tourists. In the hall smells for a long time not with socks.

Pokeshontas and phone. Sketch "Poor relative". From here you can call for 1 dollar to anywhere in the world. Call duration – 4 minutes.

Building, topped with flags like hedgehog. It turned out very symbolic.

Relatively small hall of the main postal terminal. Wanted to buy brands for memory, but only some strange, with flowerflies. Instead of brands, a piece of ribbons tear up with some postal stickers – for memory.

Today, finally went to the restaurant dine, before that, everything is somehow on the move somewhere. Ordered two of some soup with unknown names and a couple of second dishes. Soups brought in such small mug – thought go away hungry.

But when they brought the latter, there was a dumb question: how one person can eat it? Very large portions. In the foreground – chicken with rice. So there is almost half a chicken and cooked. Joan eventually ate only a third (in part due to the fact that it seemed tasteless). All it cost about $ 10 per person.

Interesting payment system: the waiter brings the bill, you pay it in cash. There they give you already check, where you can specify the size of the tip. Write any amount – it was immediately given to the waiter. So, there is a caveat: if you are paid by card and writing tip, the waiter is given to them, and on the cards for some reason they will not be charged. Have heard about this trick, now convinced themselves. Something’s wrong here 🙂

In all official taxi on the hood tightly fastened number plates.

High Line Park – park made of trestle railroad tracks. A kind of track for an evening promenade. Grass, like all crops, well fenced and signs everywhere, "Help us keep this lawn, do not go off the track".

Sometimes on the walls there are bright spots. Not as often as it could, but there’s porassmatrivat. This is all seen from the same park walkway.

Today saw all the same multi-layered works parking. Once again surprised – why such and not to make more in Moscow?

Three- or even four-passage between the buildings. Someone, apparently tired of the papers to run across the road.

Someone at Porsche dropped in the shop "all for one dollar".

With barely snuck into the building Empire State Building. Despite the availability of tickets, had to endure a great place to elevators. Downstairs again, all things are viewed and selected a tripod, assholes. We both wanted something to shoot after sunset! And finally photographed together. Well, nothing, think of something.

This skyscraper is still above the morning and the view from it a slightly different offer.

USA, New York Skyscrapers Top of the Rock and Empire State Building

All other skyscrapers are no longer on the horizon, and right below us. We are on the 86th floor.

Central Park from here is already not visible, but it’s terribly interesting to look at the neighboring buildings from above. Almost everyone has huge fans on the roofs (obviously, air conditioning system) and no less huge water tanks. Apparently, the usual water supply system does not cope with pressure – try to feed water for 30-50 floor!

The playground here is also fenced, but the landscape does not interfere.

You can climb here one tickets twice – day and after 22:00 to look at the night city. We know exactly what at this time will already be very good to sleep, so we decided to just wait until the dark.

Of course, at night everything looks different, but no less interesting than the day.

Probably for a person who has never been there, all these photos seem exactly the same. We are interested in watching and learn from top view and recognize those places in which we have time to visit the other day.

Maybe this is how "masterpieces" appear in abstractionists? I clicked randomly, at that time it threw the phone and here it is a work of art! It remains only to come up with a good legend about the fact that it symbolizes the struggle of light and shadows, good and evil. Well, or what is a description of all your life.

Or, for example, this is a masterpiece about the blurred perception of American culture tourists, about their superficial judgments.

Who knows what kind of building it is and what is it for Radio City?

Since the weather is good and nothing drips from the sky, you can look at the Times Square again. Here everything is still glowing, blinking, blinking, and pested on all sides.

Advertise All: from films to jeans. Even one estimated company modestly lit up.

This photo from someone is likely to stand in a frame over the fireplace.

People, native! Crowds of tourists, simple zooak and all sorts of disguised characters with police officers. One man, by the way, stopped, asked to show that he drinks and tried to finish the use of alcohol. In my opinion, it was Russian. After explanations and apologies let go with the world.

The statue of freedom clearly frozen and tries to warm up, tangling on the pedestal.

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