USA, YOSEMITY: Welcome to National Park!

We train moving through the Mexican-American border.

Perhaps from this day we will very briefly describe our adventures. Pictures a lot, there is little time, sometimes there will be no internet at all.

In the photo Giant Sequoias in the National Park of Yosemite, on which we will walk all day.

Today Ryan with Polina will be our guides and show the park in all its glory.

Yosemite – a very large National Park, which is famous for its mountains, forests and waterfalls.

Ryan acts as not only the conductor, but also dad.

Although, now dry season, some waterfalls are quite full.

Today’s track promises to be extremely picturesque.

Yosemite, Emerald Pool

The emerald pool in which you can not swim, but if you really want, then why not?

Slidermen in Yosemite

In the district, full of white-shaped livestock, which is very closely watching hands – is there anything edible.

Josemite Valley View.

Right at the rate of the famous rock half-cup (Half Dome). Looks in impregnable, but right at the moment some climbers are probably climbed at her.

We are also those still climbers))

We didn’t even imagine how much here everything is grand!

Well, our wonderful day came to an end. Eh, beauty!

Thank you very much Polina and Raan for familiarity with Yosemite!

Our adhere on the map

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We also collided there with deer, the truth was in the car. They went to the road and clearly waited for something from tourists)

Sheboldasik 24.07.2014

Julia, we seen two times near the house and in the park, too, no more than a pair of times, although they were constantly waiting for a brown friend with huge horns somewhere from somewhere)) Apparently, there are already noisy tourists.

Guys what beauty! I certainly wanted to visit this park! And the protein stands the charm – hand))))

Sheboldasik 24.07.2014

Tatyana, the park is really chic! Everyone who is going to ride in the state parks recommended to pop up and in yosemite.

The protein is full, on the stands it is written that this is some "Earthy proteins". Many of them are actually almost manual, and some are at all arrogant))

Grandia..not that word! What kind of power! Very beautiful places, never heard of such a park.


My modest experience keeps memories of the National Park in Croatia – Plitvice Lakes, Park Lakes and Waterfalls with Emerald Color of Water, but there were no such impregnable rocks.

Sheboldasik 05.eleven.2014

Tatiana, we, too, did not hear anything about one American park, except the Grand Canyon. It turned out there are almost 400 pieces there! Of course, not all the same are striking, but Yosemite is just one of these. When we were preparing, everyone thought to go to it or not, because the photo on the Internet was not very impressed, and in the end this park I liked you almost more than all the other seen. Rocks are really impressive there, the scale is huge! It would be nice if you could see it with your own eyes))

400. Super! It is necessary to go to half a year to see everything.))) And what water temperature was in the river, that you jumped into it so bravely? Usually because the mountain streams are not higher than +10 are.

Sheboldasik 05.eleven.2014

Tatiana, it seems to me, and for several years there is not enough to see everything)) For two months, only 15 parks visited, and then in some I would stay longer with pleasure.

What water temperature was not knowing but cold. We jumped out of it very quickly)) they simply could not do not try local fun – to move on a slip-down slope in the emerald lake.

Yuliya 05.ten.2016

Guys, hello!! We in November gathered in the States. Fortunately, I found your blog and already read almost all articles (they are just super, thank you very much. ). But how much our journey is much shorter than yours, a lot of questions arose. One of them will allow yourself to ask here:

We plan to route SF YOSEMITY – SEVERANT-VALAND OF THE SERVICE- Grand Canyon-. every park one day, so, I thought, is it better to skip the sequoy (we are going to call in Muir Woods in the north of the SF), and dedicate the second day of Yosemite, to drive through the West to the East (as I understood Yosemite can also be viewed on sequoia). So we do not need to make a hook to get from the sequoia to the Valley of Death (and this hook of hours on 4) and there is an opportunity to look at the famous devilish poles. What do you think? I am very much thanks for the answer.

Sheboldasik 07.ten.2016

Yes, it is that way to do – skip the sequoy and give the second day of Yosemite! You will not regret! This park is huge and beautiful. Large sequoia you can see in Yosemite, in the Maripos Grove area, here is the link: http: // www.Golden-Monkey.RU / US. Riposa-Grove

Helena 22.05.2017

Where you can make such a photo on the stone? What trail?

Recalling already complicated, but we keep the coordinates of many photos – Look, under them there is a reference "on the map". Click and see where it is. There is a possibility that it will not be perfectly accurately, but in general it will be clear where it.


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