Useful advice to tourists planning to relax in South Korea

To begin with, starting with the fact that the best season for visiting South Korea is considered the end of July and August. The first half of the summer is called "Rainy season". However, if rainy weather does not confuse, then you can do the presence of raincoat and umbrella. And for a more comfortable stay in another country, you should know several important aspects.

List of necessary documents and air tickets

As a rule, any trip begins to search for tickets and collecting documents. South Korea is no exception. Here you can not worry about the visa, as the Russian Federation is in the list of countries that are available A visa-free entrance. Everything that will be required is the passport, a return ticket, home reservation for the period of stay, as well as an extract about the availability of funds on a bank account in English.

As for airfares, it is worth knowing that tickets should be purchased only on official sites so that there are no difficulties at the airport. Direct flights to the republic are also missing.


Going on vacation, you will have to forget about the jackets and dresses with a deep neckline. This rule is more relevant for girls and women, since In Korea, it is not customary to wear things with a deep neckline. But as for Mini Skirts and Short Shorts, That is here Considered norm. If the trip implies a lot of hours, shoes, especially on high heels will have to leave at home. The infrastructure of the capital is such that the streets are under the tilt. Therefore, heels will not go far. And still very necessary information. In the country It is difficult to buy medicines and medicines without a recipe, written by a doctor. So before leaving it is worth stocking agent with the most necessary just in case.


Speaking about housing, there is a huge number of options for every taste and color. You can remove hotel room, If the trip is calculated for a short time. For budget tourists there are numerous Motels and hostels. There is also an opportunity rent an apartment or room. This option is convenient for long trips, as the price tag of the hotel is significantly higher in such cases. There are many booking sites, on which it is enough to own the minimum level of conversational English to agree with the owner of the house. Thus, you can live in the present Korean house, directly getting acquainted with the local mentality and culture.

Useful advice to tourists planning to relax in South Korea


Transfer Traveler already faces at the airport. The most profitable option will be premature taxi ordering. This can be done immediately by arrival, without leaving the terminal. There is also online applications for ordering a taxi. It is also worth noting that the airports themselves (there are 2 them), are at a considerable distance from Seoul, so the check will be rather big. And one more exception is the payment method. Korean taxi drivers can throw money, In the case of paying a trip card. That’s why Better paying cash.


As already mentioned with taxi drivers better Forget about cashless payment, Since the risk is great to leave the amount in two or even three times more. But in the case of small markets, cash fee is positive color. The fact is that In the markets, you can agree on a very favorable price for the goods. While paying the map of 10% of the price of the goods. Otherwise, in South Korea, you can safely pay a bank card. And do not forget about negative attitude of the Koreans for Thaev.

According to the result, adhering to this memo, rest in the Republic of Korea will bring one pleasure to tourists, warning them from unpleasant situations.

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