Useful Rental Tips for Apartments on AirBNB

The services for renting private apartments are increasing and more and more popularity and they have already made decent competition to hotel booking sites.

In this article we will talk about one of the most popular sites &# 8211; Airbnb, we have already mentioned him more than once in this blog, but today will present to your attention practical advice on the choice and rental of an ideal apartment or home for your travel time.

Owners, and apartments on the airbnb countless, eyes just run out, because choose the perfect option?

Everything is very simple, here are a few moments to pay attention to, when choosing housing on AirBNB or any other similar site.

How long has the host registered on airbnb? If you are going for the first time, it is better to choose a host who knows how everything works and he already has experience in receiving guests.

Frequency of answers. Ideally, it should be 100%. This means that all messages sent through AirBNB, the owner answers. Your request will definitely not be ignored.

Answer time &# 8211; This period of time during which the host most often responds to the messages of the tenants. The best way &# 8211; In one hour.

Confirmed profile. This means that the host provided an Airbnb a scanned copy of his identity card (for example, a passport or driver’s license) and it coincides with the data specified on the site.

In addition, there is online verification on the site, t.E. Data (name, photography) coincide with its profile on social networks Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Verification is always double, t.E. The owner must coincide its online and off-line profiles.

In addition to this, verifies email and owner phone.

Quality and number of photos. You should have the opportunity to look at the apartment from different sides. On one or two photos, it is not worth a decision. Perhaps upon arrival you will be waiting for an unpleasant surprise.

Lee verified photos? There will be a sign in such photos ; Verified photo ;. It means that the representative, or rather, a professional photographer who collaborates with Airbnb was in this apartment or house and took the photos you see on the site. This is a 100% guarantee that everything in the apartment will be exactly as in the photos.

Useful Rental Tips for Apartments on AirBNB

But keep in mind that in professional photographs things may seem a bit, and sometimes much better than they actually.

Unfortunately, this service is not available in all countries, so it is not necessary to dwell on the search for housing with verified photos, perhaps in this city or country such a service is not provided.

Does the owner update the calendar? The date of the last update will be indicated at the bottom of the calendar. Not all the owners are engaged in its regular update, so sending a request to this landlord, you will never be sure, will confirm it or not.

Reviews other airbnb users about the apartment. If this is your first rental experience of the apartment, then it is better to prefer the apartment where there are already reviews of previous tenants, this is an additional guarantee that there will be no problems or any surprises.

Does the owner lashes any more housing? For many airbnb, this is a business platform and, of course, here you can rent an apartment not only directly from the owner, but also at the agent.

In fact, it is more taste. Apartments agents can also be different. Maybe he concluded a contract with the owner who has no time to engage in renting, and maybe he himself shoots or bought several apartments, they minimally furnished them and drops.

As a rule, apartments of ordinary owners are more interesting and atmospheric than apartments made exclusively under. But the exceptions are, a good agent knows that people use similar sites not just to find a place for overnight stay, but also to feel a little local resident.

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