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Zapati attacks on the hotel’s pocket. Though in Hypgada and the miniatures are savage, allowing it to fed it all, the place itself can not be very well. Happing, by neighboring with a dusty stop or somehow a nicheful sweened essay. Polhpgadi – Stoyka, but this is not a reason for you to take myself a rest;)

Personally, I would not look at something less than the stars. Even trying the Egyptian stars could have been able to die, tyt, IMHO, it is necessary to choose very much, meticulously launched on important trifles: and how it takes the condition (there were chasing, when in no hotels at that night, in order to save electricity), is there any safe and on what climbs, and how to go and so on. Of course, the biggest apparent thing is to find a person who can honestly donate about the advantages and mines of the hotel 🙂 PPPAKICA shows that all the little things are not laughing, and everything is not a bity, and at the.

How many near the hotel should be from the sea?

PPAKATIC show that in the Zhap Lych, if not very far;) and in the Principal, it has a few hotels lines available in Egypt, but with the late number of exceptions. That is, four-five-hundred-to-five y is the ones myself, on your team, on the interface. Dvyh-TPECT-SVYT. In general, the hotel has a private beach. If not, then pick it up, is it not necessary to pay for visiting the nearby beach of the Dpym. Many of the two hundred-star and some translocked hotels do not have such contracts with more "Star" neighbors, and the typist VDPYG YDelts, which should give half-two dollars per day for visiting the beach. Trifle and unpretentious. Of course, in Egypt, such trifles are fully costdled and Pady, and I personally did not observe that the hotel of the father of Ohnarana invented on the time. Lyched them to get around, what then go. In collaboration, the whole t-shop hotel has its own beaches, and in infpAstPyTy, they are perenifying Evpope’s hotels (Dyestim, Evpope is far from "Top Star" In the Names are sent TV and air-conditioned). So choose.

Is it important to be a swimming pool or it is quite possible to go to the next hotel

MNE-uh. Personally, my pool was not completely naked;) I had enough. PPAVDA, there are evidence that in some places on the winning Y Hypgada it is not quite clean. Tit Yu nothing could be done 🙂 And, here’s another! Nearby hotels Shooton and Sinbad Hi Do not every YTPO has been fully worked out with a massive import of typers for all sorts of coallates, underwater watching and pumpets. All this is connected by the instrument of dozens of plaque pads and smells, which cause associations with a Garden Ring in "rush hour". HE DYMU that oil performances on the water in such places is a big friend.

The company offers a map for free passage and use **** hotel.

So, Y them have a contractility. If it is important for you, then you have a swimming pool, but, IMHO, in my copy is still intepexable;) Especially with the mask and las.

What else to pay attention?

HA Nykovsky Airlines. If you try to shove into their plane, beat to the last;) it hurts a lot in the last entry. If you want to beat the video camera, then I don’t care it on the pensioner begot.

Pretty much all sorts of diving cents. If there is a sepitality, all the nobility, if not, then, IMHO, LHRY TO WIND WHAT NIBY FPANCYZSKY (YZH Pained Y Egyptians Padolbay. Masky and flippers are lucky with them or Kypi in Duty Free (they are not only in aeriality, but in the Hypgada herself there)

😉 Not bydy, but so much does it seem to be what you find and dpygie classes;)

Very small shopping (very little things + souvenirs)?

Useful tips_1

Very little things and sysnypane (launched unvigantic quality) can be quiet in stores, and you can Honfire. The meticulous refreshment allowed in a funny outlines: Non-smile at almost a ten-way Paznitzy in price, and those and dpygie are made in one place (in both values ​​of this FPA;). Poety’s underdoor commemorative SyVenipes I would like a short. There and to have a nobility, since everything is bypeed by the rapid: you run to some kind of practical ones, and for you, it’s not a lot of a boy, which every ten Shenchind Yppows price;) in the shop, everything is wrong. There, they move all the troubles and the stalls of their applicature, they poured onto it and pure many pinks, cute sepdzy fans of Eastern TRUGS. What is one of the most favorite species – this is nothing the cheeks in an attempt to create a solid store, in which it is somehow a shame to close the discounts of the prochanters at seventy. Heotypes of PYSSKY and PAZY begin to type: "Fixed Price! Fixed Price!" With such a story still more, but for the connoisseur it is even more udin. I met in the passing trip with such an amateur, which Poyapka on the Symmy about 150 fuses was tipped by the hour, PPICH, the last ten and fifteen minit were sweat "Discussy" Wokyg last ten fys "Discaine" 🙂

APA’s discos, IMHO, our person ride in the innerity. Poetyy Lych to go to somehow Nibighing (this is a hotel), Kyda for disco is gathering a large number of tytes. I myself was not there, but heard 🙂

Weightly, fucking is shocked by the most patronage of local residents about hygiene. They are singing everywhere without pazboy. From here, some important praised: the place to choose the place where you are going to eat. PRAIFE, whether there are the clients of the Evpopeys, and the Lychem Passpospes, those who have been published or on the side of the Lake Guide (as much as possible – I will explain it later). Discustomed drinking water from under Kana: It’s really dangerous for us. HE Let me put the ice in drinks: it can be made of waterfront water. In my hotel (four stars), we used ice without fear.

Local torches are very annoying, which will not understand our sughs. If you want anything to urge anything, then they are abstional from them, and they ourselves from you away from you, realizing that the word does not shine anything. They will be offended by the polite gesture, explaining that you will not have to get rid of their PPIs.) In the very beginning.

In most establishments for the hotel, the hotel has been closed and expirate. How Hypgada is still a common place, a poetomy Arabian there is enough cosmopolitan. We, as in the old items, were squeezed from under the table;). By the way, from local alcohol, in addition to beer, I had a whiskey and POM (Y we were in the hotel in Bape). Then say that these are well-hot drinks, but I did not heal. Alcohol is lucky to carry with me, as in Egypt he is over and, in addition to the State party, it is worthy of Duty Free (on the usual "Duty free" prices)

As in many Eastern Stands, in Egypt, the system of conveying plot of typists on the visits to visiting places where something can be kydy (usually, these are sideways, "Papphumery Fabrika" – benches, multiplying apomatic oils, and "Fabpiques of patiences" – The same shops, only with the National Egyptian Bymaga;) So, if during the exclusion you will jeep in one of these places, then you will not find higher prices in the Padys of several hundred kilometers, and you will not find a guide, "Banked" This is a visit, heals his commissions.

During the trip, you are inexpensively for you, but then the Bakshishchi tries. Such YZH Y Egyptian thinking, do not hurt anything. The rich typist must share;) it’s a person’s personal, but, IMHO, pampering their Evpopoeian pieces of tip, IMHO, not worth. Moreover, the ppisiy, sweeping, y of Eastern man causes no admiration. Feel free to move pricey and get, in Egyptian whether it is fi. And then there are such tricks, especially when it is imagined by paying. It’s not even a hoax, no. It seems to us a deception, for them it is the usual Ylovka. Yet. I also could write a lot about it, so I’m lyche,)

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