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I got to relax this summer (at the end of August, early September) in Turkey. In Antalia region, Alanya district. So, a brief story of Russian tourists on vacation in Turkey:

1. When choosing a place, it should be borne in mind that west of Antalya (the city by type of such) beaches are stony, and in the Alanya region (t.E. east of Antalya) sandy (but ride longer).

2. In the Alanya area, hotels are mostly large, unlike hotels located west of Antalya, there are usually 2-3 storey houses on the seashore.

3. Hotels in the cities are better not to take, it is possible that the beach will have to go by bus.

4. Along the coast there is a very lively auto. If you want to sleep or lie in the day in the shade – you should take care in advance so that the rooms of the room do not go on this road (the hotel is usually next to her just yes).

5. There is no cultural holiday in Turkey. Hiking to you sights, nothing. Earth Only a destroyed amphitheater (very large, so much that in some of its corners it smells (and not only) to the toilet :), destroyed by an aerobatic, to which you can admire from the bus, t.To. There are no roads to him. Leather and jewelry centers (where, in my opinion, some Russians and work :). Especially love to push fingers “Russians” “Guides” In the jewelry center, where at every limb on the golden decoration. Yes “Waterfall” And the park is near him (the park is small as a waterfall and nothing in it is interesting). There is still an aquapark (they have aqualend. He is in Antalya. It seems that they all of Turkey for all this “Aqualend” And watching. He is not more than a football field. It is a slide of pieces of 8, a swimming pool with waves once every 15 minutes and an unmeasured bunch of people. Have some even lack changing rooms.

To roll off the honeycomb will have to stand the queue for 20 minutes. This is in the sun! Yes also in the bake. The pools where are driven by rolling from the slides, have a depth of 1.10 m. So long-legged citizens it is recommended to respect special caution, otherwise the injuries of the feet can not be avoided.

The sun is very active. Without cream for (from) tanning better on it and not to go out (the cream is better to take from 12 blocking and more).

The described area of ​​recreation is only one sea and this is a mediterranean. Who did not swim there first and not believe me. Water is very transparent, but there is no water in the sandy zone. But this sea is so salty that if the water falls into your eyes, you will lose their hands for a long time πŸ™‚ So, without good masks / glasses, you can swim only on the surface and do not touch πŸ™‚ relative to the floating. In local stores them in bulk, anyone and different. However, it is enough to lie on the mattress of an hour or one and you can say “Goodbye” your skin πŸ™‚

eight. Entertainment on the beach

Entertainment such as skating Parachute, Banana and T.D. Only available where there are many hotels (about this in travel agency should warn).

In addition to excursions to attractions, there are several more excursions in Turkey: in Pammukal, to church, go down on a mountain river boat, ride on the jeeps in the mountains, ride on a big boat on the river from the waterfall and to the sea. And all.

ten. Evening rest

You will be in all sorts of species to impose a belly dance. Other dancing in Turkey do not know how to dance. There may be more foci to show πŸ™‚

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On the radio plays one Turkish music. And if you do some hit, so cool it every half an hour. This year was a song with kisses. On TV watch even more. Football, news and cheap US movies. So the number with TV or without – one-way.

If anyone wants to take a car for rent, be sure to take with insurance. By the way, all cars that are issued for hire must not be older than 2 years (order min. tourism). Before the first departure on the road, it should be carefully to look at the leader driving local “Djigitov”, Especially on how they are accepted to overtake. Under this thing, even such roads do: 2 stripes of all and the ropes are still on the same πŸ™‚

The usual set of services in hotels, this is a buffet (breakfast and dinner). Hu, breakfast is usually not enjoyed. But on dinner, you can eat as much as it gets. Salads are neurodily, but the hot dish is one (soup, second). However, it is necessary to pay for drinks separately (small glasses, but stand as a whole bottle). From drinks (not alkagol) there is Coca-Cola, grape and peach juices. And all. In the afternoon you can simply jeighten by 6-7 $ in the restaurant. The main garnish to dishes they have rice. Potatoes – Delicates πŸ™‚ But you can eat a real kebab of lamb (and not something else). Now it is clear why the Germans are so thick πŸ™‚ You can easily penetrate and eat in a nearby, more asterisk hotel. No one checks documents πŸ™‚

fourteen. Once again I remind you with stupid tourists: drinking the HA Salt (or on the bus when it is hot) is strictly prohibited. It will be only worse. In the morning I got drunk, in the daytime in the restaurant in Thawing the cup and the evening. The beach does not need to drink.

Should be careful when buying gold products. It is very likely that it is more copper than gold πŸ™‚

16. Everywhere dirt, garbage. Pure only in the territories of hotels.

In general, to go to Turkey only if you lie on the beach, but there is nothing interesting to freebie.

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