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Many travel agencies in Hurghada offer trips to Luxor. One-day – for $ 70-90, two-day – for $ 90-110 per person. The standard one-day program includes Russian-speaking (happen, barely speaking) guides, transportation to Luxor and back, lunch, excursions to the Karnak Temple (in the light of the day, it is not "Light and sound"), Three graves in the valley of the kings and the Khatselsut temple. Two-day program – the same, plus overnight in a hotel with full board.

Prices of agencies, if you take their lower (but not the top!) limit, not very robbing. If you do not speak English at all and you are not used to travel yourself, then it is better for you to immediately move to the paws of the guides. But those who at least a little understand that in Egypt to what they can arrange a trip to Luxor and either save, or for the same money to see much more.

Here is one of the possible programs. You need to go for at least two days. Suppose you two, although the more group, the relatively cheaper travel comes.

So, at noon in Hurghada (bus station – on the main street Al-NaSR, 300 meters south of the post office) You sit on a regular bus to Luxor (a ticket worth 9 Egyptian pounds, $ 1 = 3.37 pounds). Somewhere between 5 and 6 pm, he landings you on Luxor Street Television Street. Moving on her towards Nile, meters through 60 See the signs of the two most decent hotels here: Shady and Santa Maria. In one of them, hung around, knock the price of the double room with a full board to a reasonable level – 100 pounds. This is if you wish to live with some chic (TV, phone).

Although, on the other hand, why do you need a TV with two Arab programs and the phone, according to which it is not with whom, besides the staff of your hotel? On the same street and in the area there are hotels with numbers from 20 pounds.

Dinner at the hotel. His doors are charging the pool to go to the carnac "Light and sound". Traveling with the cat can be stopped by 40 pounds for the trip and back with the expectation (40 pounds are not with a person, but for the whole crew, where four or even five are placed). This is an option for those who are afraid to get lost in an unfamiliar city, because it has already been dark.

From the railway station (500 meters from Television ST.) There is something like our carnac "minibuses". In just 1 pound.

Representation "Light and sound" In winter, they occur three times in the evening, (start at 6, 8 and 10 hours). They go in different languages ​​(in Russian – no). The perfect option is to watch the show in English or another European language you understand. But even if you got a session on Japanese – it’s still worth going. Ticket costs 33 pounds.

The next day, in the morning, breakfast at the hotel and go to the Nile. For 1 pound, ferry. Here comes the most responsible moment of the entire expedition. Public transport on the west shore is practically no, and the distance there is not for hiking. Pier You have to hire a taxi. Remove it for 6 hours and do not agree more than 100 pounds (for the entire 7-seater car).

Actually, to study necropolis, you need more than one day. The minimum program should include the valley of the kings (three any graves – 20 pounds, Tutankhamon’s grave, very small, but the famous – 40 pounds), the burial temples Hatshepsut and Ramses II (20 pounds), Colossa Memnon (gift). Also for nothing you can listen to the guide of someone else’s group. Their day is full on any object.

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Other ways to taste are possible. To the trip to the necropolis should be prepared. That is, to have a good guide to Egypt, a hat, sunglasses and a plastic water bottle (desert, you know).

2-3 days swim in 1-pound ferry back and dinner at the hotel. You still have time to Luxor Temple (10 minutes walk from the hotel, 20 pounds). Fatigue I recommend renting nearby, at the bar or tea room Old Winter Palace Hotel. This Victorian structure once took the Agatu Christie and Heads of State. And you can stay in it, but then the trip will stop being cheap (rooms are worth $ 100). Therefore, better in 19.00 Sit on the reverse bus, and by midnight you will be in Hurghada.

For two, a program similar to that which Hurghadinian agencies take at least $ 180 ($ 902), will cost you (only be trapted!) 360 pounds ($ 107). SO "Light and sound", Ramses Temple, Tutankhamon and Luxor Temple (which is not in the standard program) – in 586 pounds ($ 176). You can save and more if you are driving a group of 4-6 people, live in the hotel easier, moving along the Luxor on foot and on "Minutes".

But the main charm of independent trips is not saving, but freedom. You are not connected in choosing a route. True, this coin has a reverse side. Need to be well focused on the ground. For the help of passers-by in Luxor, do not count especially. The likelihood that you will be shown the right road is exactly equal to the likelihood that you will be set in some souvenir shop. The latter is even more likely.

On the flight buses from Hurghada can be reached not only in Luxor, but also anywhere in Egypt: in Cairo, Aswan, on Sinai.

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