Useful tips for tourists departing in Africa

African countries have a lot of exotic and extreme places for tourists. For many holidaymakers, this continent remains a mystery with a not very good reputation. In order for nothing to spoil the rest, you need to listen to several topical advice.

Prices for tourists in some African countries keeps at the European level. This is due to the fact that tourism brings the lion’s share of revenues to poor countries in Africa. Before the trip at the representative of travel agency, it is necessary to ask all the details and prices for services.

Special attention to the tourist should pay on their security. This does not mean that every step expects danger. Most African peoples are sufficiently sociable and friendly. But still, It is necessary to abandon the trip to very poor areas or any unfamiliar places without a guide.

There there is an opportunity to get to thieves-pockets, poachers, and in some areas and on the gang of separatists. Famous cases of robbery using rough power. It is better to obey the advice of local guides. They will definitely tell how and where you can avoid trouble.

In Africa, there lives a lot of nations (tribes), which will seek European or American tourists wild and unusual. Even if a great desire appears take a picture of them or visit their primitive housing, you can not do this without their permission or without a guide accompanying. Many of them react quite aggressively to such behavior of tourists. And also not recommended without any need to make a conversation with them.

Almost every tourist who comes to Africa will definitely allocate time for safaris. Here it is necessary to observe some caution. It is forbidden too close to approach or approach wild animals. Those who want to move off the road and see the uncharted corners of Africa, it is worth remembering that it is very easy to get lost here. Attempt to feed wild animals can end not only a fine, but also a danger to life.

In the biggest cities of Africa, tourists carways can take a car for rent. Inexperienced driver or those who do not know the terrain at all, it is advisable to choose a car with a navigator. You also need to check the presence of the necessary roads on it. Under no circumstances fall behind the wheel tired. On an unfamiliar road you need to be especially careful and attentive.

The driver must rebuild on Left side traffic, Being ready for non-standard situations, since European tourists celebrate aggressiveness in the driving of Africans. You need to be ready for a sharp stop of the car. For most tourists it is unusual. The car that is taken into the rental must be working with full gasoline tank. The same need and return.

Useful tips for tourists departing in Africa

For those who travel in Africa by car, there are several security rules. Never keep valuable things in front of everyone. Better put them in the trunk. If the tourist has already stopped at the hotel – then use special storage chambers.

No need to forget about the africa african sun. Be sure to stand take care of sunscreen and glasses. Clothes should be easy. Preferably white or bright shades.

Carefully near high grass and bushes! There Many ticks that may cause fever. It is important to regularly examine your body for their presence and in time to extract from the skin if necessary. There are in Africa and snakes. But most of them do not represent much danger. But scorpions and spiders worth fear. Many of them are poisonous.

African countries have special traditions and climate, and residents – their mentality. In order not to have problems during rest, you need to carefully examine all the features of the country and the selected tour before the trip.

Useful tips for tourists departing in Africa

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