Ushmal: Unusual Maya Pyramids in Mexico

Pyramids Maya Mexican Peninsula Yucatan – Pride and testimony of the power of ancient civilization. They are a source of inspiration for many scientists and a powerful magnet for millions of tourists. How else? Still this – Business Card of All Mexico.

Think, on Yucatan there are only the sensational Chichen Itza and Teotihuacan? Not only! On the territory of the country, many more pyramids are scattered, which may not be so famous, but it is no less interesting and attractive. Andriusix already visited many complexes, soon I will become experts in Mexican pyramids))

At first glance it may seem that they are all, if not the same, then very similar. However, upon closer examination, you understand that each complex has its own characteristics and unique features.

Friends, you are not yet tired of Maya and their grand buildings? Then I invite you to get acquainted with the ruins of the ancient city Ushmal (UXMAL), which is not far from Merida.

Nine o’clock in the morning. Ruthless Mexican Sun already makes itself felt by holing with fire. We are on the threshold of the archaeological complex of Ushmal. Now these are dead stones, exhibits for tourists, but 1000 years ago, there was a developed city in this place, the inhabitants of whom, loved, enjoyed life or put up with her sorrows, made mysterious rituals, fought, died.

Sights of Ushmale

Ushmal meets an exhibited oval pyramid – Pyramid wizard. Instant effect – Wow! We have never met anywhere else. It becomes the first feature that distinguishes this complex from the others that we have seen earlier.

Hey, really we are alone? Something no one around. Wonders! Aaa, no, there is a hunker group of tourists, obediently next on the heels behind the guide. One more but smaller. In general, on privacy and a date with the Ushmal Tet-A-Tete, it is not necessary to count.

Besides more duplicated than we, colleagues, we celebrate Iguan already familiar to us. I thought there was a lot of them in Etsna, but here even more! Warm on warm stones, almost not paying attention to us.

The second feature of the Ushmal is the abundance of trifles: everywhere we see columns, complex patterns ornaments, figures of birds and animals, decorative elements. Especially affecting the design of platforms surrounding Square of nuns. Imagine how beautiful the city was during his heyday?

Even traditional Ball Playground, which met us in Monte Alban, and in Palenk, here is framed in a special. We see the rings, which before it was also nowhere. What is it? Another feature of Ushmal.

No less affects and makes it stop at every step of the geometry of the pyramids. These huge majestic buildings do not look in foreign elements, they are as if they are in some kind of communication with their environment.

The Ushmal complex is large enough, we are walking for two hours, and not all went around. It only seems that almost everyone saw, as the next pyramid or a doverty grows before his eyes, or the path leads deep into the forest to boast of the old house hiding there.

These most paths constantly fond of themselves, and at least most often do not lead to anything ambitious or at least a little curious, the process of finding places in which not every tourist looks.

A little away from the main group of buildings was attached Big pyramid. Climbing on it does not cause employees of a complex of concerns for the life of tourists (while the pyramid of the wizard conquer the striculous is prohibited). I wonder why?

From the top of the pyramid opens Panoramic view of Ushmal and hugging his juicy jungle. Curiously, what was the discoverers to wade through these impassions thickets? For example, Cambodian Angkor, who also grind the jungle, was opened quite by chance, and to win him in the forest went away a lot of time.

Take a lot of time Palace ruler, After all, his facade is so richly decorated with mosaic. Something similar we saw except in Mitle, but everything was much more modest.

In parallel, watching Andrews for the life of local residents. Many birds and iguana found themselves a shelter in the walls of Ushmal. Therefore, I think it is wrong to call this city abandoned.

Here, it seems, everyone looked. No, look, another pointer offering proceed to Temple of phallos. curious? Yes!

We go, we go, come to the fence, in which we see the Maaalny low stones, remotely resemble the most phallos. Compare at least the Valley of Love in Cappadocia.

Ushmal Unusual Maya Pyramids in Mexico

Surely it’s all for what we walked? No, there is another pointer, it seems that the church of the phallus somewhere is further, in the depths of the forest. Confidently moving in a given direction. However, after a couple of minutes, the path is becoming less confident, overgrown more and more thick, and mosquitoes are increasingly annoying. Ahead is not visible to the slightest. We decide to turn back.

If you get to the temple of love ever, tell me what’s there.

That’s all! This was the unusual city of Maya, with their mysteries and features.

Does Ushmale deserves attention? Deserves! Very worthy complex. Especially like if it is the first, well, or the second pyramids that you see. Personally, we were interested, much seemed unusual: complex patterns, adorning facades, oval pyramid, secret buildings in the forest and much more.

So if you go to Yucatana, pay the day of Merida and Ushmal Pyramids.

Slightly forgot! If desired, you can stay next to the complex, there are several hotels near. I do not know how much pleasure is, but judging by the appearance, it is expensive.

Enjoy your walks on ruins Ushmal, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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Ushmal Unusual Maya Pyramids in Mexico

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