Vacation during a terrorist threat. How to relax safely

Terrorist attacks, plane crash, attacks and armed conflicts – the last months were full of reports of tragic events in almost all regions of the world. How to organize a vacation at increasing terrorist threat? Where to spend safe vacation?

Choose a resting place with the mind

Before deciding where you spend your vacation this year, make sure that the region you want to visit is safe. Do not be swayed by offers of travel agencies, which warn customers when the situation in this country is dangerous, there is a terrorist threat, but they withdraw their offer of stay only in extreme cases.

Dangerous regions &# 8211; terrorist threat

Currently in Turkey there is an unstable situation due to the recent coup and imposed a state of emergency there. This is dangerous in France, Belgium and Germany, where there have been attacks in recent weeks,. Because of the war in Syria avoid the Middle East, such as Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan. Traditionally travel to Israel and Palestine risky. Also high threat of terrorism in North Africa-Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, and in the Asian ostrovah- in Malaysia and Indonesia. Stay up to date information from the world, and remember that the situation can change very rapidly.

Preparing before departure

Choosing a place of rest, well prepare for the trip, so you never met a nasty surprise. See the requirements for travel documents for the countries you want to visit. How long must be valid for your passport and whether you need a visa?
Let your loved ones know exactly where you are going to give them detailed information about flights, you will be using, as well as the exact route and place of arrival.

What you need to know before you go?

1.Do not rely solely on the colorful guides and travel agencies folder. Before leaving, try to learn on their own terrain, where going. Be interested in the customs of the country, especially those related to religion, that there prevails. Was not present before the people, do not act provocatively. Please respect local customs.
2.Check for any diseases and infections that are most common in your area. Take any necessary medication, make advance recommended vaccinations.
3.Check out the rules operating in this area, protect yourself from a random violation of the law. If you are traveling by car, find out how to get the fine.
4.Studying popular and crowded places, keep calm, focus and watch what is happening around. Take care of your things and do not leave luggage in a random place.
5.When you are in a dangerous area, avoid clusters of people, bazaars and squares. Just in case, postpone cash. Follow the instructions of the local authorities and avoid traveling at night. Do not start random friends, stay in the recommended places.

What is the policy regarding travel?

Vacation during a terrorist threat. How to relax safely

Regardless of the country in which you are going, the duration of the trip and its character (private or business), you must acquire a tourist policy before leaving. Insurance will cover the cost of medical care or stay in the hospital when necessary, and will provide a search and salvation if necessary. Do not postpone the purchase of insurance at the last moment, take this task very seriously.
Check the insurance amount, compare options and suggestions of various insurers. Before buying a policy, check the average cost of visiting a doctor or stay in the hospital in the country where you are going to. Do not buy the cheapest policy, as it may not cover the cost of your treatment. Take into account that the challenge of ambulance in Western Europe costs several thousand rubles, and every day spent in the hospital costs about 600 rubles and more. Even more you pay for treatment on other continents, and rescue operations and transportation to the country will bring you truly crazy amounts. Not worth saveing!

In danger zones you need to rely only on yourself

Travel insurance does not cover threats, associated with terrorism, riots and emergency. You travel to the dangerous regions at your own risk. You can agree on insurance individually, if it is a business trip, and you do not have another way out. Insurers are becoming increasingly flexible, because the situation in the world, unfortunately, is unpredictable.
If during the vacation, the emergency will cause you surprise, some insurance companies will help you get out of a dangerous region. Ask for all when concluding the contract, carefully read the general conditions of insurance and pay attention to the exceptions.

Alternative to vague times

And if every information about the next explosion of a bomb or a plane crash causes your headache, think if you want to give in fashion for exotic holidays. May be, To calm your family this year it is necessary to explore the pubs of the Luga, ride a bike along the coast or climb a few peaks tatras.

Vacation during a terrorist threat. How to relax safely

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