Vacation in Andorra taxes are not subject to

There are lovers of expensive ski resorts. So that the hotel from five stars and ahead, so that everything starting from the subscription to the lifts and ending the instructor’s lessons, it cost as much as possible so that the country is spinner, like Switzerland. And there are those who chase not so much for the high cost, how much for exotic. Although it would seem what exotic on the ski resort? All the same – snow and mountains. But there is, it turns out, on Earth the place for these second. And not for seven seas. And right in Europe. More precisely – in Andorra.

Andorra Russian tourists discovered only two years ago. Since then, the demand for rest in this small principality is constantly growing. The essential part of tourists who have already rested here, again and again ride skiing in Andorra.

And indeed, it can be more exotic standing in the midst of Europe (between Spain and France) of a mountain dwarf state, where with a population of 65 thousand so many lifts that they can deliver 72 thousand people for an hour?

All settlements are scattered by three gorges. Even the capital of Andorra is not quite a city, but a few streets in the mountains between the slopes of Pyreneev. Not to mention others "cities". Due to the horizontality there is no airport. However, if we consider the size of the state, it becomes clear that the special needs in it never experienced here. Therefore, from the nearest international airport Barcelona to Andorra get on buses and cars.

But there is a helicopter platform – for HELY-SKI lovers, who are raised by helicopter to the highest peaks, where there are no labeled tracks, and solid "Nopehan" Tickle.

No industry. Even farms are not. But the solid Duty Free: Andorra is a duty-free zone, so the first floors of the houses of the few streets of the state of the state – Andorra La Vieha and other settlements consist mainly from the stores. Space free from shops, occupied by hotels and ski slopes.

Ski stations – five. Exactly so much so that they, on the one hand, could accept everyone, and on the other, so that these wishes do not interfere with each other testing with nothing with any comparable feeling of free flight, familiar to every skier on the high-speed descent.

And so that tourists can not only enjoy riding, but also to relax from civilization, the stations are located away from hotels, and get to them on special buses. Since the country of size is very small (467 square kilometers), the concept of remoteness here is not comparable to the usual European: ride "on nature" occupies a maximum of 15-20 minutes.

For those who want silence, in mini-villages consisting of ten-fifteen houses and located near the stations, there are small hotels. Living in them are not deprived of the benefits of civilization like televisions, refrigerators and all amenities in the room, but fenced from such frills like luxury restaurants, shops, discos and nightclubs.

Trails in Andorra are designed for different levels of training riding. Naturally, all of them are marked: a black pointer (the total length of the tracks is 19 km) – special complexity, red (51 km) – for experienced skiers, blue (31 km) – medium complexity, green (37 km) – for beginners. For those who, stand on skis, feels like "Cow on ice", There are special schools, allowing you to feel like a more noble representative of the earthly fauna.

There are highways for a flat ride, night highlighted highways for night-skating lovers, high-speed trails and slalom. If you want to change the mountain skiing to another sport, you can move on the track for snowboarders or on a huge rink.

Snow lies from November to the end of April. Premature thaws here have not yet been observed. But just in case it relies on a good ski resort, there are guns shooting with artificial snow. Their power allows "scab" Snow cover on a forty-fisculcher track.

All the conditions are here and for those who go to relax with children. While parents storm the heights of the pyrenees, educators of kindergartens are engaged in children. For children – their slides, their heights. And the wonderful opportunity to improve in foreign languages, communicating with the difference peers.

Active rest, as you know, contributes to a good appetite. It was taken into account when building a resort. Not to mention restaurants in a variety of hotels, in Andorra full-full of mountain restaurants and cafes. Kitchen mostly Spanish, French and local. The price of a chic lunch in an expensive hotel – dollars 50 per person, lunch is quite decent worth $ 15-20. But you can dine local dishes and for $ 10.

Vacation in Andorra taxes are not subject to

Andorra is a country, very contributing health. First, the freshest mountain air is already healthy. And if you are still constantly in motion, you definitely provide yourself with a charge of cheerfulness until the next winter. Those who and this are not enough can be demolished in sports centers with covered courts and gym. But the healthier will be healthy, to choose the surface of the nearest mountains, go swimming. There is no of the sea in Andorra. But the healing groundwater beat the fountain. So that they will not be afraid, Andorranians built the Caldea Water Center – the largest in the mountains of Europe. For $ 15, you can use all the rifles of the first floor of a huge glass building for three hours.

Including: one Turkish and two Finnish baths. Four pools. Including open so that in warm water it was possible to swim under the falling snow. And jacuzzi in the fresh air: take a hot bath, and around – snow.

Jacuzzi in the center generally a great set. And different – where for the massage of the whole body, where only for the legs, where for the neck, and where for the legs and for the neck is one, but with different pressure. And thermal, and sulfur, and flavored. There are arranged in the form of a labyrinth. Musical hall with waterfalls, singing fountains and even underwater music. Here is solarium. Of course, bars and shops.

And if you did not regret $ 45 and bought a VIP card, you can climb the second floor where Roman baths are located (accurate copy of the ancients) and the hall with citrus. Citrus presented not only in the form of trees growing around the pool, and in the form of grapefruit fruits floating in water.

The center works until eleven in the evening. After the session, bothering among the grapefruits, you can go to one of the many Andorran institutions, where it is possible to spend the night. Namely – in the disco, in the billiard, in a restaurant or bar – depending on taste and mood.

As for the combination of economic and recreational interests, the Russian tourists do not miss the opportunity to maximize the benefits of duty-free paradise. Purchases made in the stores of expensive firms are especially beneficial. And what is nice, at customs when leaving the country of our tourists, unlike European, practically do not inspect. The fact is that our things are taken out of Andorra, and Europeans alcohol and tobacco, which is the main interest for customs: the norms of duty-free leave of these products abroad in the country are strictly regulated.

Since Andorra is bordered by Spain and France, you can go to one of the nearby cities. For example, in Toulouse. On the excursion bus or by car. You can see Barcelona. It is such a combined route – 2 days in Barcelona Plus Week in Andorra – offers tourist firm VKO Travel. In Barcelona, ​​after an excursion around the city, everyone can participate in the satisfaction of personal interests. For example, go for a walk on the old streets (in Barcelona now the right time for this is the day plus 16), go to the Picasso Museum or go shopping. So that later, by moving in Andorra, devoting all the forces exceptionally to rest.

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