Vacation in Bulgaria &# 8211; What attracts a sunny country?

Warm marine climate, hundreds of kilometers of snow-white, sandy beaches, Slavs and deep historical roots that bind our two countries, all attracts our tourists to Sunny Bulgaria. Bulgaria &# 8211; This is a country that is perfect for holidays on the beaches. Tourists go here because of attractive prices, good service and high security. And even here it is easy to get there, there are no problems with the understanding of the Russian language, and the sights are very interesting.

Beach holiday in Bulgaria

Still go to Bulgaria is better behind the beach holiday &# 8211; Swim into the sea, sunbathe in the sun, soak on the coast with a cocktail and juicy fruits. Among the most popular resorts of Bulgaria for beach holidays:

  1. Primorsko &# 8211; These beaches will enjoy lovers of a quiet, romantic and secluded rest;
  2. Golden Sands &# 8211; Bulgarian classic with an abundance of entertainment for children, beaches with a blue flag, mineral sources;
  3. Albena &# 8211; The resort is famous for wide beaches, interesting excursions and healing mud. From here it is convenient to get to the residence of the Romanian kings of Edinburgh;
  4. Dunes &# 8211; There are many hotels ; all inclusive ;, healing coniferous air, beautiful views;
  5. Cocoa Beach &# 8211; These edges are good for club lovers, parties, surfing and party dawn. However, and with the children here, too, come to relax.

I really liked the Bulgarian resort Shkorpilovtsi. Here not to find fashionable discos, but quiet, calm, measured. Many wild beaches, but the service does not suffer from this &# 8211; I counted several dozen good hotels where you can stay.

Bulgaria &# 8211; Season for rest

The officially beach season in Bulgaria lasts from June to mid-October, when you can comfortably swim in the sea and enjoy the sun. However, I know people who went to this country even in May and were satisfied, although traveling with children in spring &# 8211; Risky lesson.

In Bulgaria, a large number of sunny days a year, the average monthly air temperature is 28 degrees, and the coast of the coast is +25. Wonderful European service, almost similar languages ​​- Bulgarian and Russian, will make your holiday in Bulgaria comfortable and memorable.

Vacation in Bulgaria; What attracts a sunny country

But Bulgaria &# 8211; These are not only sandy beaches and five star hotels. For lovers of history here, too, it will also be found that seeing the vintage temples and the fortresses will deliver the true pleasure of excursions in ancient places in Bulgaria.

Hotels Sunny Beach in Bulgaria

Sunny Beach Resort in Bulgaria is rightfully considered the most popular &# 8211; It is no secret that thousands of our compatriots arrive here every year. I also did not refuse the idea to soak on snow-white beaches, and I will say &# 8211; Holiday here liked. Where I advise you to stay in hotels in Sunny Beach?

  • Planeta Hotel & Aquapark 5 * &# 8211; from 52 thousand. per week, out of advantages &# 8211; Gorgeous food, excellent service and spacious rooms, children’s table;
  • Dit Majestic Beach Resort 4 * &# 8211; This is the 1st line, from 45 thousand. per room and pretty tasty food with a variety of breakfasts and dinners;
  • Helena Park 5 * &# 8211; Tour for 7 nights will cost 90 thousand. USD, The hotel is included in the top 100 most popular world establishments;
  • Trakia Garden 3 * &# 8211; from 28 thousand. per room, but the second line, but here you can go not only with children, but also with friends;
  • Calypso 3 * &# 8211; This is a golden middle on the 1st line, a week of rest in the hotel will have to give about 40 thousand. rub to high season.

Where to stay in Bulgaria? Planning a trip, be sure to read the reviews of other tourists about hotels. Evaluate the location, food, service, infrastructure on the territory and nearby. Then rest in Bulgaria guaranteed will not disappoint.

Bulgaria in winter &# 8211; Recreation for active tourists

A significant territory of the country is occupied by the Rhodopian Mountains, where all the conditions for lovers of ski sports are also created, the snow in these mountains stays to six months, so until April you can enjoy the magnificent nature of the mountain Bulgaria, while improving our ski skills at the same time,.

The best and most advanced from a technical point of view and equipment is the Bansko ski resort, located in the Pirin Mountains. Also for lovers of medical tourism in Bulgaria there are mineral and mud resorts, open in antiquity and with great success in demand and now.

The best resorts of Bulgaria

I will say frankly &# 8211; allocate in Bulgaria such resorts, where everything is perfect and all tourists like it is quite difficult. This country is multifaceted, so I recommend carefully to study information about places of recreation and directions, so as not to guess with the choice. Among my favorite Bulgarian resorts:

  • Velingrada &# 8211; This is a very young city with less than a century. He loved for the beauty of nature, incredible mountains and excursions to the fortresses and caves. Immediately you can gladly go skiing during the winter months;
  • Devin &# 8211; resort where it is worth come for strong health. There are unique healing programs, thanks to which it is possible to get rid of high pressure, intestinal pathologies, joint pain. Audience appropriate &# 8211; mostly calm people in age;
  • Kranevo &# 8211; This is a family resort, all the conditions for children are created here, the rest of the rest is working, the reserve is located. Among the advantages &# 8211; Strong entrance to the sea and the absence of underwater flows.

There is also a fairly interesting feature: having visas and tickets to Bulgaria, you can visit her neighbor Turkey, ferries there and back, walking daily.

You can purchase plane tickets to Bulgaria on the Internet, as it will be cheaper, it will help to avoid the extra cost of time, and all kinds of payment methods and delivery to the doors of the house or apartment will make the acquisition of tickets to Bulgaria, even more enjoyable. Enjoy your travel and relax in Bulgaria!

Vacation in Bulgaria; What attracts a sunny country

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