Vacation of Portuguese Uncle

Tourists come to Portugal to sprawl in the ocean waves on the Beaches of Algarve, play casinos on the fashionable coast of Casca-Estoril or wander along the embankments of the fishing villages of Costa Azul – south of Lisbon. And besides the usual beach or sightseeing tourism among foreigners who come to the West of Pyreneev, rural tourism enjoys special love – "Tourism de Habitatsio". For the exhausted civilization of residents of large cities in Europe, the beauty of relaxation in the serene Portuguese province is obvious.

So called "Solorez" – Rural estates ready for receiving holidaymakers – scattered throughout Portugal. Especially many of them in the central regions of the country – in the district of Lisbon, in the provinces of Extmomalura and Alentezhu: Lime-made village houses, pastures with fastened lambs, shady oak groves and flowering olives blooming.

In rural hotels, foreigners feel careless, as if old familiar owners. The estates can occupy in large areas, but at the same time more than several guests are rarely taken in them, and each of them will call here by name.

The buffet in the estates does not happen, but they feed a lot and delicious – if you wish, lamb roasts. Fruit vegetables are torn on the nearest Groke and in the garden outside the window, and milk and sheep cheese – from the next farm, the tiled roof of which is visible from your room. On the glazed veranda of the hotel prepare coffee in Turkish, bake the intricate pretzel and treat the young slightly acidic wine of the last harvest, spilled into high rude glasses, which made local glass powder.

In the main building of the estate, there is usually a cozy fireplace room with a subsidiary of worsted oak overlap. And the discos and bars in the rural hotel are not. They are replaced by a wine cellar, where the owner keeps her collection of home wines. Seeing how you caught your eyes, he will dissolve any dusty bottle that I liked you and break it with you. Then every morning he will treat you with a new variety of dry weathered wine. A real porto of five years of exposure, with a plug, filled with a surghombus, and the Dominican cigar in addition – than not replacing the midnight campaign on city bars?

Daytime walks in the village district are vigorous and pacified, and local peasants are always happy to talk. Even if you don’t understand anything in Portuguese, you will nail goat milk or grape vodka – according to circumstances.

In addition to walking, which, of course, is not bad, you can ride horses, which is more exciting. Master horses are raised and will not throw off you, even if you are insecure in the saddle. If you are new, then a couple of riding lessons will give.

Usually, the estate hotels are removed from the Atlantic Ocean for tens of kilometers, but there are exceptions for marine air lovers. For example, the estate of Quinta de Santo Amaro at the coastal village of Attitao, in the vicinity of the city Setubal. All eight estates are reminded by Countda. There is no TV. Not by the poverty of the owner, but from the principle.

There is a swimming pool in a small private park, and an hour can be reached a quick step to the wild beach on the ocean. From there, from the fishing village, the hotel’s dining table is brought to a freshly lined cod, sardine and octopus.

Cod in these parts – duty dish. It is served in all conceivable types: fried, dried, dried. And so it all delicious, which is not bored at all. Frozen Product sold in our stores called "cod", It does not have any relation to Portuguese cod.

Vacation of Portuguese Uncle

Another coastal estate, worthy of attention, – hotel "Quinto Dos Medos" At the city of Sesimbra. One-story building stands straight in pine forest, and guest rooms – just three.

Drinks in the bar – any. But if you ask the whiskey or brandy, the owner of the estate can be offended: after all, only white port wine is twenty. And be in Portugal and do not try Porto – a big mistake. Many local stamps outside the country to buy hard, and they stand outside Portugal every five more expensive.

A ten minute walk from "Quinto Dos Medos" buzzing ocean. It’s impossible to swim in it, listen to the good advice and bathe in the pool, since it is available. The coast of rocky, wild beach, and huge waves with a roar of coastal boulders. Easy other regions are intended for sea bathing in Portugal.

Another attraction – wine making. Participants are a thoroughly wash their legs and pressing grapes along with wine-making neighbors. And then get as a reward "Green" Wine of own manufacture.

Five days of measured rest in the hotel’s estate will help to better figure out the features of the country than a month spent on a steep seaside resort. True, prices for accommodation in the estates are high: $$ 90-170 for a double room per day, including breakfast and lunch. And not including wine: for alcohol will have to pay extra. If only the owner does not care. Wine costs, however, are small. Prices for ordinary wines in rural areas are low, and the brand porto is cheaper than in the capital or resort areas.

Rooms in the village estates are ordered through any Portuguese travel agency. Rural holidays are perfectly combined with the seaside resort, and after rest in the village you can go to the ocean beach, in a modern hotel. That’s just whether the five-star hotel is as great as in the provincial estate, unknown.

Vacation of Portuguese Uncle

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