Vacation taking into account temperament

The long-awaited vacation is approaching. How and where to spend it, To return, feel the tide of the new forces, and the memories were long and pleasant? How to deal with the mass of events that offer advertising prospectuses, travel agencies, recommend friends? Still there are several factors, on which it is worth Repeat when choosing a topic or place for recreation.

The first is, of course, The size of your wallet, It causes the range and time of vacation. Second – company of friends or their absence. Third – Your habits. What kind of recreation you are accustomed? How often do you relax? If clear priorities are not yet placed, then I recommend to understand myself, In its congenital temperament and on the basis of this, draw conclusions: where and how to relax in the near future.

What is a congenital temperament? In two words it Mental and physical reactions of man on all life events. During the hypocratic times, these reactions were given names that distinguished people from each other by certain signs: Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric, Melancholic. Only physiological reactions of the body were understood. Psychologists of today’s time agree that a person cannot have a pure type of behavior or character. Because of what our behavioral habits change? The role is played here Life experience, work on yourself, environment. However, inherited innate characteristics remain at the heart of our worldview.

Melancholic – a person attentive and observant, sensitive and wounded, shy and timid. I do not know how to restrain my experiences. Does not like new acquaintances. All new is bad! Therefore, we conclude: such people need The familiar, calm atmosphere. Worked rhythm of life with regular food, favorite cuisine. If the company is not noisy and placing to quiet sincere conversations about high matters. You can take yourself short excursions and pleasant photo shoots, watch a bunch of films that have lacking time, read or reread books. Best of all carry out in some kind of sanatorium. Everyone will be preparing for you, clean, wash – this is 2-3 weeks of calm bliss and enjoy your favorite things.

Sanguinik – This is an optimist. If the dinosaurs were sanguines, they would not be extinct! This type of temperament involves curiosity, Many diverse interests, the desire to communicate with new people. Loves all unusual, instantly learns, but quickly cool down to comprehended science. He is busy all the time, and it does not matter whether it brings the results in the usual understanding of all people. If something does not work, not sad. His inherent in him Frequent change of mood.

Such a type of person is always needed New sensations, To be in a tone. There will be a foreign trip, diving, mountaineering, alloy on the river in rubber boats, jumping with parachute, flying on Deltaplane. The more sensations More satisfaction And the most full speed of Sanguinika.

Vacation taking into account temperament

Phlegmatic person. Little says. Persistent, stubborn, uncompromising, moderately initiative. Always knows what and why he does. Consistent in the decisions. Try not to show emotions. Any started thing brings to the end. Not subject to depression, because it can evenly distribute its forces. Well, right shrek! And if shrek, then … Privacy, lake, fishing, river, nature, pension with measured mode and well-trained personnel. And if it is abroad, then for a long time. Quiet restaurants in which delicious food. Phlegmaticoms in general Treating for a long time. And if it is a long rest, and even close to the spirit of the spirit, then beautiful sensations are guaranteed.

Noise, gams, tarars – it choleric! Hyperactive child. Even becoming an adult, he always remains a kid. Such a person is impulsive and unreasonable, emotions are excavated, there is no possibility to restrain the feelings. He doesn’t know how to sit still. Mood changes very quickly. Feeds fractionally and often. Loves spiritual food, astral sciences are close to him. Easy to converge with new acquaintances, because it does not endure loneliness. And also easily dismissed!

In this case, boiling irresistible energy should be spent somewhere. Holerich is perfectly suitable for horses, lifting in the mountains, singing karaoke in a noisy company. You can visit mysterious gloomy places, and you can disneyland in Paris. And even better combine several different types of rest. Switching attention to completely different things in this case is the best rest!

Observe yourself, feel what I would like the most. Write down everything on paper, rate, Analyze. Take a course and unforgettable, full of pleasant impressions. Vacation is guaranteed.

Vacation taking into account temperament

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