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Going on vacation with your loved one? It’s fine! Two people who love each other and the sea of ​​free time … Stranger stayed – Tell me to combine vacation with rest.

A month before vacation
He: reports how much money can allocate and what wants to get for them.
She: takes this note and begins to choose a direction.

Commentary of the psychologist: First of all, it is necessary to sit down more comfortable, relax and imagine a place that ideally meets your vacation presentation. Do not think too carefully. It’s like in tests: do not bother over the question of hours, just answer truthfully. What you imagined is the so-called resource zone. This is a place where your body will be able to recover by the program that is intended for nature for him. It remains only to estimate, focusing on the past experience, how much time you need to stay in this zone so that I wanted to work again. In this case, you will have answers to the two most important questions – where and how many days. But now you can spend on travel agencies.

On the eve of departure
He: especially not strained, because everything has already been decided.
She: Much dreams of vacation, which is understandable. However, take care of ..

Commentary of the psychologist:
The surest way to spoil myself a vacation – to impose too much hopes for him and try to do everything and immediately (to look at the sights, reset 15 kilograms, to make rid of cellulite forever, to buy everything you need, and for a penny, tan in 10 days a year ahead And certainly to black). Immediately mark all these thoughts! There is one task in front of you: to rest in your pleasure and, if possible, do not poison your vacation of your beloved. Everything else is from the field of fiction, and therefore it is not worth spending on these challenges nor time nor energy, even mental.

Vacation Twer Survival Rules - Hurghadashar El Sheikh, Egypt Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

He: falls on the bed in the room or on a sun bed on the first beach, and listening does not want anything shopping, SPA procedures and other things that you just need. Note: Besides the fact that your man has the full right not to participate in these plans, it is probably really Zalenor – acclimatization, oddly enough, much tougher acting on a strong floor.
She: Despite the difficulties of acclimatization, it cannot resist neither shopping, nor before wrapping, nor before massage the heated stones. That is, seeks to get everything that was written in an advertising booklet, and, if possible, at the same time.

Commentary of the psychologist:
actually it is wrong. Leaving the habitual habitats with just a couple of weeks, we are forced during this time twice to worry about triple stress – climatic, transport and psychological. At the same time, our body has to be not easy, and will be very correct to give him time to relax, rebuild and recover. So even if you thought out everything in detail and configured decisively, leave the lover to recover, or (which is much more correct) relax next to it. At least day.

After vacation
He: Surely will again suffer from acclimatization and post-block syndrome. He can even get sick, because he painfully wants to be left alone. You can only help him in one way: really leave alone on a couple of days and wait until everything comes to normal.
She: While he will recover, it will be every day to meet with friends and colleagues with one – the sole purpose: to tell how wonderful they rested together.

Commentary of the psychologist:
In fact, the post-disc depression in one form or another overtakes everyone. The following techniques will help to cope with it quickly and painlessly:
1. Do not neglect simple, but effective means like mint or chamomile warm tea and short warm (in no way hot) baths, sleep, moving photos and pleasant memories.
2. The first three or four days do not do anything over the vital.
3. Stress from the change of activity is quite possible to reduce, applying some tricks. Go to work in the middle of the week: knowing that in two days weekend, it is easier to join the familiar routine and take all the usual duties; Start work as well as rest, that is, with adaptation: Enter the course of the case, ask for a few days not to pour on you a new job.

Vacation Twer Survival Rules - Hurghadashar El Sheikh, Egypt Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

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