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A rich heir to the history and culture of the island of Cyprus is it to them can be largely obliged by the fact that he has long been hearing the favorite of tourists. Take at least one of its attractions, the town of Paphos, striking the abundance of ancient monuments, rich heritage and flawless purity beaches. Inhabited part of the Mediterranean coast in the southwestern part of the island, Paphos is just thirty miles of the most large Cypriot port of Limassol. Someone calls his new pathos, wanting to separate the pathos actually from his twigracy from time immemorial to the town of Doll, numbering no less than centuries. Pedants can be understood: after all it is here, more precisely, in total in sixteen kilometers from here, Peter TU Romiou (rocks of Aphrodites) was born from the foam Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty Aphrodite.

Traveling through Paphos We are starting with a visit to his medieval castle. Initially served as a fortress, which was built by the builders of the Byzantine Empire, during the times of Ottoman dominion (OK.1500 g. N.NS.) he was rebuilt and in this form reached this day. Excursions on the castle are held every day, and numerous cultural performances are arranged in front of it. And so all year round. Those who are thinking to come here in September, will be lucky to see the annual festival in honor of Aphrodite, when the stars of the world opera speak here.

Next, we go to the Archaeological Park of Kato Paphos. Here, of course, you should take a camera or camcorder to capture artifacts, ascending some to prehistoric times, while others to Middle Ages. All beauties do not count. In particular, here are those who amazing the grave of the kings, the fortress of forty columns and the ruins of Christian Basilica.

Lovers plunge into centuries and cultures also advise you to visit the ancient amphitheater. Built about the fourth century before the Nativity of Christ, it strikes the similarity of the forms with modern stage, as we know them: all the same semicircle scenes, all the same amphitheater rises, only carved in the rock.

But those who prefer the sun and the sea, Paphos will give pleasure no less, because in his "storerooms" the whole fifty kilometers of the coast with twenty-seven beaches, on twelve of which flies "Honorary" blue flag. Hands the prestigious award. Independent environmental impact assessment, confirming that the coast complies with water and security requirements and can be considered one of the best in the world. Among such beaches with a blue flag we will call Corel Bay and Faros Beach (in the western part of the city) with their sandy volleyball courts, as well as the city beach. Fifty coastal hotels facing the sea guarantee its customers a virtually the perfect private atmosphere of their own beaches.

Vacation with Paphos history, beaches, mountains - Paphos, Cyprus Blogs and travel notes for tourists by Paphos on

Paphos is also a source of a wide variety of outdoor activities. If we talk about the marine environment, here in the first place, of course, boats. In the mountains, these are very popular descents on special bikes and stops in numerous villages who have retained their original appearance. Tourists and horseback transitions are chosen on Akamas Peninsula. If there was a "free" day or you have other preferences, we can offer four Golf Club of the highest category, usually "tied" to the hotels located next door somewhere on the approaches to the city.

A few words about the venom. Him Paphos offers a tour of its distilts. It is possible that you will want to taste "***********", which is called so many since 1100. But here is a busy day coming to an end. Do not rush to complete it until you rest in one of the many city taverns to enjoy the sophisticated Greek cuisine and drinks for every taste. Restaurants also serve international cuisine, so order, do not hesitate.

As you probably already understood, Paphos does not need advertising. But we will still make it a compliment: it’s hard to find a place on the planet equal to beauty and opportunities for those who want to get rich new knowledge, relax and have fun than historical pathos, soaked by Greek history and culture.

Vacation with Paphos history, beaches, mountains - Paphos, Cyprus Blogs and travel notes for tourists by Paphos on

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