Vaccinations leaving abroad.

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Preparing for a trip to hot countries, start the setting of the necessary vaccinations with vaccination against Yellow fever. And put this injection advise, even if you fly to the country where this disease is not fixed.

Reasons for this somewhat. Firstly, the vaccine from this deadly disease was developed back in 1937 (for which its creator is American virologist Max Tayler – in 1951 he received the Nobel Prize) and over the past seven, more than seven decades, her complete security was revealed. Secondly, every year in the world is chosen by yellow fever about 200 thousand people, of which every sixth dies. The disease is viral and specific preparations for treatment! And, thirdly, a number of countries where this disease is found, to visit their territory require mandatory vaccination against yellow fever. In the vaccination center after the vaccine stage, you will be issued a special international vaccination certificate. Without it, you will not be able to get a visa in a number of countries (for example, in the same Bolivia) and it sometimes requires it to be presented (for example, if you enter from Peru or Bolivia to Brazil, then Brazilian border guards will not stick to the country without confidence in that you are vaccinated).

This is the facial side of the international vaccination certificate.

The most pleasant thing is that the vaccine begins to work after 10 days and the subsequent revaccination you will need not earlier than in 10 years. Unfortunately, items where this vaccination is put in our country is not so much. As a rule, the formulation of this vaccine is possible only in regional or regional centers. List of the Cabinets of the Immunoprophylaxis (vaccination cabinets), having permission from the executive authorities in the field of health protection for vaccination against yellow fever in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation can be found here.

Vaccinations leaving abroad.

The vaccine against the yellow fever in the certificate is assigned a separate page.

The next point of mandatory vaccination I would put vaccinations from hepatitis A and in (if you have no these vaccinations). This is written in detail in the second article of this cycle. Do not forget to make information about the vaccinations made in an international vaccination certificate. Data vaccines are quite expensive and, often, doctors recommend to pass tests on the subject of whether these diseases have not transferred. According to some data, in our country, about 10% of people have already sought these diseases, not knowing about it. To determine the presence of antibodies to hepatitis in need to be handed over to the Anti-HBS test, for hepatitis A – test test for Anti-HAV. Bother it or not – to solve you, but even if you have surpassed this disease and, nevertheless, put the vaccination – nothing terrible will not happen.

In addition to the above vaccinations, it makes sense to vaccinate against meningitis and abdominal typhoid (and, of course, make information about it in an international vaccination certificate). Moreover, it follows from bacterial (so-called purulent) meningitis. In Russia, this infection is practically not found and the fact that meningitis happens from the cold – just another stupid myth. But in tropical Africa and a number of Asian countries, it is easy to get meningitis. Bacterial meningitis – purulent inflammation of cerebral shells and especially when a delay in treatment may cause serious complications: deafness, epilepsy, hydrocephalus and mental development problems. Men and children are more likely. Meningitis has proven himself a well-established vaccine of Mezivaks (it acts against all groups of the disease). The vaccination is valid for three years. Domestic vaccine Wianwak will suit the abdominal typhoid. Also put one injection for three years.

Total: you need to put Five vaccinations Of which two are necessary for traveling through our country – this is a very small fee for keeping your health and not spoil your vacation and life.

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