Vaitan Embankment (Bund) in Shanghai –
– Free tourist attraction

Vaitan Embankment is near the "Old Town" Shanghai. This attraction is considered mandatory for visiting tourists in the city. She has its own characteristics about which we will tell in this article.

How to get

Directly near the Vaitan embankment there are no stations of the Shanghai Metro, so it will have to go to it. The closest is the East Nanjing Road station (East Nanjing Street), which is at the intersection of the 2nd and 10th lines of the Shanghai Metro.

After exiting the metro station, you will find yourself on the Nanjing Street, which in itself is a landmark. You will find yourself at the intersection of two streets, and many tourists are lost at that moment, because they do not know where to go. You need to go towards the building with a clock, it is just on the waterfront Vaitan.

Important Warning! The metro in Shanghai works until 22:30, after this time you can take a train, but this is not guaranteed. If you hold back, you will have to go back to a taxi.

Another option is to get to People`s Square Metro Station (Square of the People) and go on the same Nanjing Street. It is longer – about 30 minutes walk, but you definitely do not get lost, as Nanzinskaya Street begins on the square, but ends on the embankment. In addition, you look at the Nanjing Street (Shanghai Arbat) completely.

What to look on the waterfront Vaitan – Illumination of the skyscrapers of the Pudong district

This is why tourists come here. But it is worth remembering that the illumination of skyscrapers works at full capacity only a few days a week. In 2013, the schedule was: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, and on other days she was faded. We had a chance to see both options, and let’s say authoritatively that the difference is indescribable.

On Saturday, Shanghai includes highlighting Highweev, and it is perhaps an even more impressive spectacle. What will be the schedule at the time of your visit to China, it’s hard to say, since we did not find it on any official website.

Gallery photo highlighting below.

The most remarkable buildings

– Tenerbashnya Pearl of the East. This building consists of several spheres, it’s nothing to confuse. The pearl of the East is the brightest lighting of different colors. Of all the ultra-low buildings of the Pudong district, it was built first, and there was a time when the Watan’s waterfront looked only her.

– The inscription on one of the skyscrapers "I love Shanghai" is broadcast in English and Chinese.

– The global financial center of Shanghai, or as it is called a joke – "Opener" (rear building in the photo on the left). He recognizes due to the unusual form of his roof. With full power backlight, the roof is visible excellent.

– Tower Jin Mao (Tower of Gold Prosperity) recognizable also due to the roof of a triangular form. Is located right next to the building of the financial center, which we said just. You will not confuse it with anything. By the way, contrary to the opinion of the majority of tourists, its name has nothing to do with Mao Zedun. This is anterior building in the photo on the left.

– The highest building is the Shanghai Tower. It opened in 2015, and its backlight is not fully functional. We hope that Soon the Shanghai Tower will be a bright part of the radiance of Pudong skyscrapers, which tourists look on the waterfront Vaitan.

Historical buildings of the 20s

On them tourists do not pay attention so often. They are located along the embankment and were built by European companies, when in the 1920s Shanghai was a gate for Europe to China.

– Customs building, or "Big Jin", recognizable thanks to the big clock.

– HSBC Bank Building, you do not miss it.

These are only the two most famous, the rest you can see, just walking along the embankment. Small gallery photo below.

These buildings are also highlighted every night.

Important warnings for tourists – begging

Vaitan Embankment (Bund) in Shanghai - Free Tourist Attraction

On the waterfront Vaitan you can meet many beggars, asking alms. Never give them even a coin in one Chinese yuan. As soon as you give one bench with a coin, you will immediately surround several dozen beggars, and they will pursue you for a long time.

We had the negligence so to do and regretted. For about five minutes, we were beneficial from them until we saved one Chinese, who was able to drive them only with the help of several expressions using an untransight game of words with the use of local folklore.

We do not know what his name is, but, taking this opportunity, let’s say this man "Thank you!".

Important warnings for tourists – cheating with coffee

Also on the waterfront Vaitan often meets the following situation. The Chinese woman is suitable for you and offers drinking coffee and meet. And they are suitable not only for lonely men, but also to pairs. Sometimes a Chinese couple can come to you, to meet and ask for coffee with them.

Not "crowd" is the most common "divorce" Tourists in China. We ourselves did not fall into such a negative situation, but in the stories of people you drink coffee with them and pay the bill, from numbers in which you can earn a heart attack. And in the account will have to pay, nothing can be done.

Also near the embankment of the Watan walks many representatives of the oldest profession, and you can get into a negative situation if you go with them. This case in China is generally risky, we wrote about it in the article about what you can not do in China to tourists.

New Year Tragedy 2015

Every new year on the waterfront Vaitan is arranged light show. In 2015, it became special. There was a crush in which 36 people died. If you see the memorial items on the embankment, then do not be surprised.

Museum and Park

Are in the northern part of the embankment. The museum is dedicated to the history of Waitan and tells a lot about the 20s and early 30s, when Shanghai was called "Eastern Paris" or "Western New York". Museum is small but interesting.

Successful to you walks in Shanghai, and read our articles about China (Links below)

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