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Val D&# x27; Isior

Val-D’Izers Despite the development of infrastructure, still is an old Savoy city. Here tourist will find the opportunity to visit the first-class ski resort. Locals are always happy to provide a high level of hospitality AI Raduchia.

There is a resort in a picturesque area, in the Espas-Killi Valley, which received its name in honor of the champion of the Olympic Games in Ski Sports.

By the way, Val-D’Isior is included in the top 10 of the most extended trails throughout Europe. Total modernization of the resort infrastructure occurs in the 90s of the last century, immediately after the Olympics.

In this place, we recommend, first of all, to go to tourists more experienced in the development of the mountain slopes. Especially the resort will have to moral freeride.

In addition to skiing, travelers will be able to walk through the cozy, old streets, looping between stone and wooden houses. Similar walks are able to transfer guests to a few hundred years ago. What is only worth the church dating back to the 17th century. There is in Val-D’Isior and several museums who will introduce tourist closer with the history of the area.

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What is interesting to see in Val d’Iser?

Top sights Val d&# x27; isra

Val d’izer: Excursions and events

The main part of the excursion program to tourists is invited to organize independently. Architectural decoration of a small Savoy town can be examined in a matter of hours. There are no little historical monuments, ancient houses, lined with local stone, as well as cathedrals and wooden churches.

The review of the excursion will include, first of all, visiting the farm Andrua, which is located on one of the mountains. It is worth putting comfortable shoes and warm clothes. There, at an altitude, several hundred meters above sea level, tastings of local drinks and traditional delicious meat dishes are tasting every day. Nearby can be purchased fresh products, such as cheese or ham.

Extreme lovers for the soul will have excursion tour on snowshoes. Such a journey will allow the traveler to inspect almost 70 different churches and cathedrals that are scattered along the valley in chaotic order. Most of the guests of the resort prefer to admire the Baroque Church of Val D&# 39; Isior. Attracts the entrance that is located between the columns.

History Val d’izer

Climate in Val d’Iser

A pleasant temperate climate reigns in the resort. Temperatures in the mountains are significantly lower. In the valley itself, where the Savoy village is located much warmer, because almost from all sides the settlement is surrounded by a mountain chain.

For the sake of conquest of ski slopes, it is best to go to this corner of the globe from November to April, when the snow cover is quite dense and smooth. Average January temperatures reach – 3 – 2 degrees. In April, the Sun is already starting to warm the air to the mark of +4 + 6 degrees. In general, during the year, the resort pleases its guests with a pleasant temperature regime.

Val d’izer: Entertainment and Activities

Despite the fact that the size of the resort is not at all great, believe me, the Savoy village there is something to surprise even the most advised tourist. First, on the slopes of the resort on a regular basis, various events and competitions are carried out. For beginners in skiing specially developed lightweight trails.

Among other things, the resort offers cross-country ski tracks. On the slopes of one of the mountains there is a snowpark, where there are both springboard, and figures for Jibbing. In Val-D&# 39; Izere presented several schools for learning, some of them offer organized walks and events. At the resort, there are even children from one and a half years.

Val-D&# 39; Exterior will offer dog sledding, snowman modeling, snowballs, winter games with ball, drawing or dancing. Children can be left in special kindergartens, the staff speaks beautifully in several languages. It is necessary to take a trip to the farm of ADROA, where you can live live to get acquainted with the life of horned livestock, learn more about the production of cheese. Shopping will pleasantly surprise athletes. Most stores sells professional equipment and clothing. In one of the villages, to be more accurate, in a larger, always boils nightlife. There are many bars and restaurants. So the resort offers entertainment for every taste.

Transport features Val d’izer

Despite the development of the tourist infrastructure, transport communication in the resort is developed weakly. The main type of transport is a lift that is able to deliver travelers from the valley in a few minutes to the snow-covered mountain peaks. Among other things, the dog has enjoyed in popularity among tourists.

The closest airports host international flights are located on the large range of distance – about 200 kilometers. Railway station will have to get about 20 minutes, overcoming 30 kilometers away.

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