Val Gardena – the largest Italian resort

Val Gardena – Valley in Dolomite Alps, which is part of the world’s largest ski region Dolomiti SuperSki. The SKIPISS of the same name unites 12 large riding zones and gives access to 1200 km of trails – but, of course, not all of them are linked directly. Specifically, from Val Gardena on Skiing, you can get another three valleys – Val di Fassa, Alta Badia and Arabba / Marmolad. It is used for this famous 40-kilometer route Sella Ronda, ring covering Mountain Array of Sella. Each valley also adjoins its own zone of skiing. Together they are four of the four lifts and 570 km of tracks.

Resorts in Val Gardena Three – Ortizi, Selva and Santa Cristina. Ortiza of them are the largest, but also the least tourist is the administrative center of the valley, and most of the locals live there. Santa Cristina is small and calm, but Selva attracts maximum attention of guests the valley. It is believed that Val Gardena is focused on families, so the emphasis here is not done on a cheerful aprey-ski, but on special offers for children. Let’s say, those who have not turned 8 years old, ride all season for free. And in the second half of March, according to the proposal of Dolomitisuperkids, – also live! For those who are from 8 to 12 years old, will have to pay only half of the cost of living.


The main magnet for guests of all four valleys is of course, Sella Ronda. You can go through it in both directions – clockwise and against her. Those who love to ride quickly will erupt Sella Ronda for half a day, but much more pleasant to devote it a whole day – with lunch breaks and a cup of Mulled wine somewhere on the track.

By making this traditional ritual, you can move to acquaintance with riding zones adjacent to the valleys. In Val Garden, it consists of several interconnected areas. Alpe di Siusi leads a lift from Ortiz. Wide and sunny plateau with abundance of blue tracks, it is not better suitable for beginners and those who are not quite confident in their abilities. In addition, from ortisa you can get to the area of ​​Seceda & COL Raiser. This is another plateau, where, after the snowfall, lovers of virgin and roll over the entire SCEDA slope, admiring the main top of Val Gardena – Sassolungo. Of all the tracks, it is worth allocating 10-kilometer La Longia, descending from Seceda in Ortiz. This is perhaps the best completion of the active day of skiing.

From Santa Cristina and Selva lifts lead to the area of ​​Ciampinoi. This is the Val Garden Val Card. Located on the slopes of the vertex of the same name, it is similar to the intersection, from which red and black tracks are diverged in different directions. The most famous among them are two – Saslong (on black Saslong A annually at the beginning of the season, the stage of the World Cup is held on a giant slalom and high-speed descent; there is still a red Saslong B) and a black track leading from the top of the Ciampinoi to the lower station of the lift of the same name. Climb here only experienced skiers and (especially) Snowboarders.

Plan de Gralba district, where you deliver a few lifts from Selva, on the contrary, it is unlikely to scare someone. There is even a large gentle fooling for beginners. In addition, through Plan de Gralba, the path in the neighboring Val valley di Fassa. And the Dantercepies district, also associated with the Selva Lifts, is adjacent to Alta Badia Valley. The tracks are small here, but they are all very long and beautiful. And at the bottom on a huge field with special lifts put on skis and boards of the smallest.

Schiechen – Perhaps the best ski area of ​​the Italian valley Val Gardenin in the Dolomites Alps. Lifts from Ortiz (two queues) and Santa Cristina. Wide well-kept tracks overlooking the main vertex of Val Gardena Sassolungo, "Queen Dolomit" Marmolad and other majestic mountains run on something endless solar plateau. In order to evaluate the seven in dignity, there is enough average riding level, although "Black" the tracks here too. Total routes in the area 10, and especially should be noted "red" 10-kilometer La Longia, descending right in orties. In Santa Cristina also leads quite long (6 km) "blue" Traam Fermeda, along which there are a lot of cozy mining restaurants.

There is no official enveling riding in Val Gardena, you need to go to the neighboring Val di Fassa. Sass Pordoi peak located there is suitable for several freeride routes, but it’s a risky, and you need to pay my strength well before going to the mountain.


Agre-ski in Val Gardena and in general in Italy and Dolomites are not the most reliable occupation. Unrestrained fun Italians prefer a detailed dinner. Then – a unhurried conversation, for example, for playing cards. "Austrian" option when right from the slides you go to the nearest bar and drink there before dinner, and then instead of him, they almost won’t meet here. The only option is Luis Keller Bar in Selle. Hours from four days there in search of entertainment rushes a public, and a rather impressive mountain of boards and skis is formed to seven in front of the entrance. But it is impossible to say that every day is guaranteed unrestrained fun, although the music plays the appropriate, and drinks are sold. It all depends rather from whether the successful company will take. In any case, nowhere she can not get together – there are no other such places. At 23.00 The institution closes, and those who still have the strength are sent across the road to Dali Disco. This is the largest local disco, consisting of a bar with music and a dance floor.

Val Gardena - the largest Italian resort

La Bulla Bar has a similar format – there is music there, but there is no dance floor, and you can dance only between the tables. Local – young people and an instructor who come for the season are going to this bar. More local love Yellow Bar – Fashionable establishment with glamor elements. This is something like a club for yours, although tourists are also allowed. In sportswear there is not accepted there – it is necessary to choose something, conventionally speaking, "Evening". At two o’clock in the morning, the party ends – after that time in Italy is forbidden to sell alcohol.

The standard Alcoholic Menu Val Gardena includes a schnapps, beer and mulled wine – this valley went to the inheritance from Austria, part of which she was less than a hundred years ago. Italian regulation added in the menu grappa, sparkling wine Cleacco and hot drink from egg liquor with cream, which is called "Bombardino".


Hotel Nives 4 * Super built in rural only a few years ago. It is very popular among Russians – in the past New Year holidays of representatives of other nations (with the exception of Ukrainians) there simply was not. Resistant "Alpine" style, this hotel at the same time vintage (circle tree!) and modern – in particular, magnificent wellness zone. The staff is friendly and caring and every guest knows almost by name. Located Nives on Central Selva Street. Before the Ciampinoi lift from it 400 m. Right opposite – stopping ski bess. The price with a double placement begins from 131 euros per night per person.

A restaurant

Antica Osteria Traube in Ortise – the oldest restaurant Val Gardena. He opened his doors in 1779. Here were often met after riding ski celebrities, and repeat their route at least once – let even for two dinner with wine it will cost 100-150 euros.

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