Valdelinoares It is considered the southern and most compact of all ski resorts, which belong to the territory of Catania Aramon. It is located at an altitude of a little less than 1,700 meters above sea level, in the snowy mountains of Sierra da Gudar. Valdelinress is considered one of the most highly mountainous villages in Spain.

Today in the territory of this resort it is impossible to find noisy discos, crowded gastronomic centers or crowded hotels, against the background of such ski resorts, Valdelineins are developed significantly worse.

However, this settlement still attracts thousands of tourists from around the world, because it is here that the majestic nature has been preserved in its original form. In this place, real silence reigns, peace and pacification, which is given the opportunity to relax from the fuss and noisy cities. This resort has long stormed families with children, newcomers and all those who are looking for a quiet and measured rest in nature.

However, despite this, the ski complex itself is built and equipped with the latest technology, annually employees of the skiing complex update the equipment, they are following the latest innovations, as well as provide for rental newest and most modern equipment and other necessary inventory.

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What is interesting to see Valdelinares?

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Valdelinares skiing complex

Valpolenares: excursions and events

Since there are practically no interesting places on the territory of the resort, the study tours of the village here do not conduct. However, for anyone who wants to diversify a ski rest, there are excursion tours to nearby major cities. The bus leaves from Valdelinares at 5:00 am from hotel Vicenta, where there is a record on the tour.

It is noteworthy that the excursion buses from Valdelinares are sent only if the full group is checked. The cost of such a tour depends entirely on which city is going to a group, but does not exceed 45€. From Valdelinares, excursion groups go to Zaragozu, Teruel and in very rare cases in Barcelona.

The most large-scale events in Valdelinares unfold on the days of the opening of the ski season (November 1-4) and on closing days (March 29, April 2). It was then that Valdelinares organizes a real field kitchen, prizes and gifts are played, the Spanish stars come, they sing and dance on a small stage installed specifically for them. On the very last day of riding, visitors do not violate traditions they get on skis in swimsuits and roll off the track, which ends with a real pool.

History Valdelinares

Climate in Valdelinareza

Climate in Valdelinares refer to moderate continental. A rather characteristic feature of the settlement is a large nebula, both in the morning and daytime. By evening, fog falls. This feature is explained by the fact that the skiing complex itself, and the resort itself with a residential area is pretty high above sea level.

The sun in Valdelinares can be seen every day, but it is almost always hidden behind the clouds. In the tourist season, that lasting from November to the end of March, there is practically no precipitation in Valdelinares, and high humidity is felt. In the summer, the fogs practically do not envelop the resort, however, from May to June there is a practically quarterly rate of precipitation, which is accompanied by sharp gusts of wind and thunderstorms.

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For a more accurate definition of degrees, it is worth looking at the weather in Valdelinares by months.

Valpolenares: Entertainment and Active Leisure

To do sports and spend your time actively on the territory of the ski complex, which is located in Valdelinares. To date, this sports zone has about ten tracks that are intended for people with different levels of training. 3 of them are designed for newbies, 5 – on visitors with a middle level of training and 2 tracks for real professionals.

Also, the sports complex includes a ski school, a small platform for skating, as well as a couple of hills where you can ride on tubing, they are mainly visited by children. In the summer, the flow of tourists to Valdelinares decreases markedly, however, and at this time of year on the territory of the resort and in his challenges can be realized.

For example, to fuse on kayak or canoe on numerous rivers, swim in thermal sources that are located for Valdelinares or to conquer the mountains using alpine equipment. It should be noted that in the summer in the surrounding area of ​​the ski resort there are really many climbers, however, a special inventory and clothes in the village to rent or buy simply impossible, which is why if you decide to diversify your vacation in this way, then do not forget to go to a larger City and purchase everything you need there.

Transport features Valdelinares

Valdelinares is a pretty compact settlement – it is possible to reach one part of the resort to another in half an hour, so public transport does not run on its territory. Most locals have no cars, they prefer to move on bikes or walk. With other cities of Veldelkinares connect taxis and suburban buses.

It is noteworthy that the company is really located on the territory of the village, which provides taxi services. In his park, she has four cars. Each of them is painted in white and has a red stripe. However, taxi drivers do not go on the territory of the village, orders are accepted only at considerable distances.

For example, get from Veldeldinares to Zaragozu. The cost of such a trip will be about 90 €, At the same time, the time spent on the way will be about 2 hours.

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