Valdis Pelsh: 12 reasons to visit Altai

On the territory comparable to 169 million people with a population of Bangladesh with a population, 786 times less people – 215,000 people, or two and a half people per 1 km 2 ! And at the same time, Altai is the only subject of Russia, where five UNESCO World Heritage sites are located: Telette Lake, Beluha Mountain, Ryrich Places, Katun and Altai Reserves, Plateau Ukok, where the Ukok Princess (the story of the famous princess, guesses, how lived and Why died, – in the material "My Planet" "Princess of docking: diagnosis after 2500 years").

About some attractions for which it is worth going to Altai, we will tell in this material.

Tract accumulating

The most rare mushrooms in the light – truffles? No, stone. Process physics is very simple. Solid rocks lie on soft. Under the action of wind and rain soft thinning, forming a leg, and solid form a hat. It is clear that over time, part of the fungi falls, but the charm of the process is that he is eternal and in the place of fallen fighters get their comrades.

Petroglyphs (Kalbak-Tash)

On the square of several thousand meters there are several thousand crews, so-called petroglyphs. Their age – from 3,000 to 8000 years, and the themes of the drawings are different: unfortunate animals, predators, hunters armed with bows.

The earliest drawings are large static deer, marals. It is believed that they relate to the stone century, that is, they are about 6,000-8,000 thousand years. Large mushroom male, bulls, warriors with cloths or tails – this is the era of bronze, most likely the X-VIII century to N. NS. Very large layer of deer with elongated legs, with huge fling on the back of the horns – Rainlykif, VII – the beginning of the VI century BC. NS. Giant reservoir are drawings of the Scythian era, the VI-II century BC. NS. Next chronological reservoir – Gun era, end of the I millennium BC. NS. – I millennium. NS.

Blue eyes Katuni

Rapid and full-flowing spring and summer, Katun River for autumn loses its strength, the water level in it drops sharply. Then two lakes are formed in the river;. They are called blue eyes river Katun. The most interesting thing is that the water in these lakes does not freeze in winter, even in the most severe frost. For he commanded Khan Altai, in order to protect the eyes of the daughter Katun from bright sunlight, watch her world only in autumn and winter. And the spring water level rises and the lakes disappear. You can not get here on the car, you can walk only on foot – and go far enough.

Both stone bricklayers

In 1651, the old shirts of Isaac Bochkarev somewhere near the Nizhny Novgorod heard about the lands between Beluga and Katuni, where it was possible to preserve faith, without exposing it to persecutions. How much he walked here – it is unknown, and having soldered next to Altaitz Uymon, took a girl from the genus of Atamanov, and so slowly the village of Upper Uymon. You will be here, be sure to ask Raisa Pavlovna, she will tell about how old workers live still live in Altai. The Altai Mountains became Old Believers who did not want to accept the reforms of the Patriarch Nikon, the incarnation of Belovodia, where to believe, work and live could be at their own discretion. Hardworking, strong people quickly equipped life, were competent and read a lot. Expressed proverbs, promscar. Willing country Belovodye Many tried to find. One of the most interesting stories – about the adventures of the Cossacks-Plees in the material "My Planet" "How Cossacks Belovodye was looking for".

Teletskoy lake

Altyankol, better known as Teleto Lake, – Long acute blade, cutting mountains. From here north – 78 km. Maximum depth – 324 m, it turns out the Eiffel Tower entirely, the only thing, it will be a little bit of flagpole. The most interesting thing is that the microclimate and weather in the northern and southern shores of the lake are very different. The southern part almost never freeze, here is always much warmer, so when you are going to rest here, do not be surprised if you are asked: what part of the lake, warm or cold? Lake’s name is obliged to Russian pioneers, another 400 years ago, they called him named by the name of Altaians and Tuvintsev – Telebov, who inhabited these lands for a long time.


Beluha – the highest point of Siberia. Mountain has two vertices: Eastern and Western. Eastern – 4509 m, Western – a little lower. The most interesting thing is that the Altaians call her Uch-Sommer – "Three-headed Sacred Mountain". Where is the third top? Look for, solve themselves.

By the way, this place can be called the center of the Universe, because hence approximately an equal distance to all four oceans: the Northern Iceit, Atlantic, Pacific and Indian. At the top of Mount Belukha, the border with Kazakhstan passes, so when you conquer, do not forget to take a passport with you. In 1914, Georgy Grebenshchikov wrote in the book "Altai Rus": "Belukha, like the crown of the mighty king of Altai, is located in the country the transcendental and very rarely discarding the fluffy fata of fogs. On her top never had a man’s leg ". It was the last year when the approval was approved by reality. At about the same time, on July 26, 1914, climbers came to the top of Beluhi – Mikhail brothers and Boris Tronov. They laid the beginning of mountaineering in Altai.

Castle of mountains

Damn fingers, spirits Castle – this place has several names, one more beautiful. In fact, everything is very simple: the wind blowing here constantly, gradually blows all the soft rocks, leaving only hard – granite and basalt. And if the wind blows in a certain direction, then sounds are born inside these rocks, similar to the moan. It seems the name of the spirit of the spirits them more corresponds.

Cave here-kush

The famous cave you will never find without an experienced conductor. Even if you are armed with a map, you will simply pass by, because the entrance to it is very not impressed. By the way, the length of this cave is more than 1700 m, the depth is more than 200 m. Here-kush translated means "bird trap". Birds flying there will never find roads back. The same applies to bears, a roe, Zaitsev – their bones found inside the cave, but bats use the cave here-Kush as a winter.

For followers of burbanism, the Kush is very important in the fact that Erlick lives here, the Supreme Divine of the underworld, the Spirit of Horror and Evil. It must be said that Erlick in all his ferocity is very favorably refers to speleologists, which descend into the cave, provided that they do not grow and do not climb stalactites, and everything allows you to go back.

Stalactites here around the perimeter of the cave. Meet icicles or needles, stalagmites of various sizes and forms, as well as staples (what is obtained as a result of the formation of stalactites and stalagmites). One of the most famous stalactites – "Santa Claus", here is the "body", "jellyfish" and "wedding cake" – all because of the external similarity. Your inner type of cave preserves forever, stalactitis grows at a speed of 1 cm in 100 years.

Valdis Pelsh 12 reasons to visit Altai

Chulchish waterfall

Another record holder is a large Chulchin Falls, he got into the top 5 of the most hard-to-reach attractions of Russia. It would seem anti-advertising. But true tourism lovers are just such places and attract.

To get to the waterfall you need to go by car, cross the lake on the boat, go again on the travelers, cross it over the river and several hours on foot. Or remove it from the helicopter. The height of this cascade is more than 160 m! This is the largest waterfall in Altai. And, undoubtedly, the most loud natural object! Raging, quiet, any: water is the main treasure for any altay.

Karakol lakes

Karakol lakes is a whole system of seven mountain lakes, each of which is slightly higher than the previous one. The lowest is at an altitude of 1800 m above sea level, and the top, first, is almost 2100 m. Water in each lake has its own color and chemical composition. So, the second lake is rich in silver, and the fifth – iron.

If the wonderful poet Petr Ershov wrote his fairy tale about Skate-Gorbunk in Altai, she would have received an alternative junction. When the king was needed to dive into three different boilers, so that it would be raised, plunged into the Karakol lakes – and the thing is in the hat. In the summer, getting to them is the most convenient for the horse – there are no highways.

Ust-Cana Cave

Ust-Cana Cave – Parking Man Epoching Early Paleolithic. Noteworthy in that it was here that the first traces of the most ancient fast food were found. Scientists have discovered the remains of the vintage antelope here. She ran quickly and "ended" quickly. That is, the vintage antilope extinct earlier woolly rhino and mammoth. Not funny? Right. Because this is a joke of the epoch of the early Paleolithic. And everything else found in this cave is stored in the Hermitage.

Tarkhatinsky megalitic complex

Bronze Century. Naturally, local guides call it Altai Stonehenge. The most interesting thing is that these multi-torque boulders consist of a breed that does not occur in the surrounding mountains. Modern scientists looked and determined that all stones are oriented on the sides of the world with an accuracy of one degree. Hence the conclusion: This is an ancient observatory. Part of the stones collapsed over time, but they are successfully replaced by numerous tourists who are found here in abundance. Therefore, it can be said that the observatory is still functions.

Among the stone block megaliths, one, with its form resembling the traditional Altai cradle, for which the local call her "Sartakaya cradle". Bogatyr here in a special honor. Currently, special wonderful properties are attributed to this stone. On the stone bed, you can find coins, beads, jewelry, and the branches of the growing small bushes are bound by white ribbons. All this offerings of women who want to become mothers.

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