Valley Valle Di Mulini (Valle Dei Mulini) in Italy

More than thirty-five thousand years ago in the south of Italy there was a powerful earthquake. The power of the underground element was such that she burned a deep crack in the rock, which was preserved to this day. After the disaster that drove the deep depression on the surface of the rocks, People noticed that they got a comfortable place to build a small village. This place was just ideal for the construction of mills, since at the bottom of this gorge flowed the stream. Rainwater, which flowed on the slopes of the mountains, constantly filled this stream, which did not let him dry.

For the construction of the whole group of mills, two factors influenced the whole group of mills. At first, The southern territories of Italy often suffered from drought, and constantly the current stream never swam, What gave the opportunity to workers mills not to stop working due to weather conditions. Secondly, Near this place was port. And the proximity to the port gave the opportunity to continuously bring the grain to the mills and to take off the grumbling flour for sale.

The first buildings of the mills were built in about the 13th century. All the buildings were stone, that is, people built them qualitatively and for a long time. The strict planning during construction they did not adhere to, but at the same time were forced to build only near the stream of the stream. Thus, all the buildings of the mills were built stretching into line along the whole gorge. These mills constantly brought grain for grinding from all the vicinity of Sorrento. This group of mills processed wheat on flour for several hundred years.

First, when construction at the bottom of the gorge just began, only a few mills were built. But then, with increasing demands on the production of flour, there were other types of buildings near mills. A little apart from the mills, several residential buildings were built for workers, and behind these buildings were built: a small sawmill, laundry and sauna. In addition, there were many warehouse and utility rooms.

However, time went, and population requests began to change. And once there was a moment when these mills became simply not necessary. It happened at the time when near Sorrento began to appear small factories for the production of pasta. To carry the flour so far from the city was not cost-effective, so the chopping of wheat began to do right in these factories.

Valley Valle Di Mulini (Valle Dei Mulini) in Italy

Full stop of the work of mills in the valley occurred at the beginning of the forties of the last century. Initiation and severe humidity in the valley of Melnitz Valle di Moulini led to the fact that Stone buildings began to slowly overgrow shrubs and curly Lians. Closed among almost sheer rocks, stone buildings of the mills hit the perfect environment for brown growth of local flora. When tourists visit these Ruins Covered Ruins, then indian temples abandoned in the jungle immediately remember. Just amazing similarity.

Tourists who have fallen in this gorge (and saw these abandoned collapsing buildings) say it The place looks exactly how our planet will look after the collapse of our civilization. Filled with abandoned buildings, the valley of the mills in the south of Italy provides numerous tourists the opportunity to first see the picture of absolutely deserted, destroying from the time of the world.

Melnitz Valley Valle di Moulini It is best possible to consider the track VIALE ENRICO CARUSO, which begins on the southern outskirts of Sorrento. Then goes to the left of the gorge (this is at the intersection with Via Fuorimura) and then goes to the south of the country. Do not miss your chance to see one of the most visited places near Sorrento in Southern Italy. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world come here to look at this amazing valley in the gorge.

Valley Valle Di Mulini (Valle Dei Mulini) in Italy

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