Vancouver is a city where the incompatible is combined

Canada – Northern calm country With beautiful nature and high level of living. Her eastern part is quite densely populated, there are many large and famous cities: Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and others. On the western coast There is only one megalopolis – but what! For many years, he has not come out of the top three best cities. Multinational, but calm, modern, but at the same time very "green" &# 8211; this is Vancouver.

City center

In the center of Vancouver should not ride the car, but just walk. Unlike most North America cities All conditions have been created in the city, so that pedestrians are comfortable. The main streets of the city center can be called George Street and Robson Street. At the beginning of Robson Street is the area of ​​the same name, on which there are two notable attractions at once. The first one is Local court building, Created by the famous Canadian architect Artur Erickson. A low seven-story building contrasts sharply with local skyscrapers, but still occupies a central place on the square. On the square you can also see the building in the neoclassical style. it Vancouver art gallery, Where can I get acquainted with the works of famous North American artists.

From the area on the pedestrian Grenville Mall Street, Using shops, you can go to the highest building of the city – Tower Harbor Center. This is a skyscraper, on the top of which the observation deck is located, resembling the form of a flying plate. It offers stunning views of the city.

Also in the city center is located Center Science World. It has a ball shape decorated at the top of a dinosaur skeleton. Inside there is a modern interactive scientific museum, which will appeal to both adults and children.

Multicultural Vancouver

Many Cities in Canada Multinational, But nowhere is this not expressed so bright as in Vancouver. For half of the inhabitants of the city, English is not native! In the city you can meet people from all over the globe. At the same time in the city Never emern emernational roses, And the crime rate in the city is so low that we can assume that it is not in principle. In the center of the city, almost every corner can be stumbled upon a restaurant of some kind of kitchen of the world, as well as in Vancouver constantly pass a variety of festivals.

The most numerous in Vancouver Is Chinese diaspora. Because of this, Vancouver is often called the most Asian city outside Asia. Chinese community lives in Chinatown. It is worth visiting the local market where you can buy fresh seafood, taste the real Chinese food and purchase goods from the real silk and bamboo that China is so famous so famous.

On West Gastings Street There is a center A, where you can deeply plunge into Asian culture. Here is an exhibition of painting, costumes and photos from all over Asia.

Vancouver is a city where the incompatible is combined


Vancouver can rightly be considered the capital of world environmental movement, because it was here that was Founded by the organization Greenpeace. Local residents relate to nature insanely preferably. There are no major high-speed in the city, there are parks and gardens throughout. Here is the list of the main ones:

  • Park Stanley – The main park of the city, 10% more than the famous Central Park in New York.
  • Park Capillaan – Here among the ancient forests there is a canyon, which can be moved and a stater suspended bridge.
  • Garden Sun Yatrena – Here you can enjoy the art of Chinese gardening and feel true peace.
  • Memorial garden Nitobe – Excellent sample of Japanese gardening and landscape design
  • Park Venir – You can visit two interesting museums: Vancouver Museum and Maritime Museum

Also Vancouver attracts tourists its unusual geographical position. At the very shore, you can sunbathe on the beach, and already taking off a little east of it, you can meet Snow-covered mountain peaks, on which there are excellent ski resorts.

With the word "megapolis", many seem to be huge, mad, noisy and dirty city, constantly located in the hurry. So here, Vancouver is not at all. He is quiet, calm, but at the same time modern. There are always clean air and streets. Here you can see people from all over the world living in harmony and adopting each other’s culture. Sounds like a fairy tale, but this is a reality, it is Vancouver.

Vancouver is a city where the incompatible is combined

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