Varadero Resort in Cuba

At the very northern point of Cuba on the Ikakos Peninsula, the most popular resort of the Caribbean – Varadero is. The beaches of the resort Varadero recognized UNESCO in 1992 with one of the purest in the world. From the capital of Cuba, it separates 140 kilometers.

The length of the Ikakos Peninsula with landscape sandy oblique is one and a half kilometers. More than 20 km stretches the resort area with white sand, gentle by washing azure waters, with not one dozen hotels, densely "scattered" on the coastline. From the rosy of marine element the coast is protected by a large coral reef.

At night, tourists sitting restaurants, bars, nightclubs. Extremes are waiting for dozens of diving clubs, equipped with the latest technology, tennis courts, professional golf courses, volleyball courts on the beach. Shopaholics are not offended here: going to the city, they can "get lost" in expensive boutiques, shopping centers.

A bit of history

The first mentions of Varadero, as a paradise corner of Cuba, are dated mid-16th century. Employed area for resort recreation began at the end of the 19th century. When in 1926, Villa Irene Dupona appeared here, American billionaire, about Varadero went fame not only in Cuba, but also beyond.

House in 3 floors is built with chic: walls are separated by valuable wood, the floor is posted by Italian marble. Until now, it has a 1928 elevator. The owner of the house loved to read, so you will see the built-in bookshelves with books built into the walls. In the house, the billionaire established a real body. His sounds were broadcast for 9 km in the district.

Near the villa is equipped with a golf course – the only one in Cuba! It can simultaneously play 120 people, and his quality is such that international competitions can be held on it.

After the revolution of the villa with the territory adjacent to it was nationalized. Now it houses the Varadero Museum.

In the middle of the 20th century, the Peninsula "Folds" hotels, beaches. In general, everything is done that this locality attracts tourists not only with its beauty, but also the conditions of stay on it, while bringing considerable income.

How to get to the Cote d’Azur Varadero

Varadero has an international airport, the second largest in Cuba after the airport in Havana. Named the airport in honor of the hero of the liberation movement of Juan Galberto Gomez. Airport in Varadero has passenger traffic of 1.5 million passengers per year. It is located 20 km from the city center. From him in less than 30 minutes you can get to the central part of Varadero by taxi (40-50 cookies), by bus (14-18 cookies).

There are no direct regular flights to Varadero from Russia.

For example. With 2 transfers, using Aeroflot airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, you can make a flight from Sheremetyevo (Moscow) to Riga, and from Riga to London, and already in Havana. On the way you will be 23 hours. The day will leave for a flight to Cuba, and in Riga will have 7 hours to expect the next flight. "Simple" in London will take about 2 hours.

Or another example. From Domodedovo (Moscow) LUFTHANSA flights are carried out flights to Frankfurt am Main, and from there Condor Airlines departs a plane to Varadero. Flight is inconvenient already in the fact that in Frankfurt will have to wait not many more than 15 hours. Total on the way will be almost 30 hours. Tedious and expensive.

To save time and nerves, take advantage of Azur Air airline charter flights. From Moscow DME fly at 00:30. To Varadero Vra Airport arrives at 07:00. Reverse departure at 9:00, in Moscow you will be at 4 am.

But the easiest way to fly to Havana, and from there to Varadero to get a bus or taxi. Domestic Aeroflot offers flight "Moscow SVO – Havana HAV": departure at 7:10, landing – at 12:35. Roadway "Havana HAV 14:25 – Moscow SVO-D 09:00 +1".

Hotels in Varadero – "Mushroom" Polyana

The choice of hotels in Varadero is so huge that it is lost by no wonder. What is offered to tourists?

All hotels have almost the same infrastructure facilities and provide guests with a full-fledged holiday. Each hotel has its own beach. In two-star hotels, and just less than 10, only BB are offered. They are located on the first beach line.

Three-star hotels about 15, part of which are built on the first beach line, part – on the second and third lines. Vacationers are offered AI -Treak food with alcoholic beverages of local production.

Hotels with 4 * on the shore of Varadero more than 40, they are located on 1st and 2nd beach line. 5 * hotels built on the first beach area. In the famous resort of about 40. Residents offered AI and RO (without food).

Choose a place to stay on your taste and budget.

For those who come not just lying on the beach

If your nature is asking outdoor activities, and lying near the sea – it is only part of the pastime during vacation time, this section we wrote to you. Where to go, while in Varadero?

Varadero Resort in Cuba

Look in Varadero Museum, which is located in a mansion Dupont de Nemours, which began the fame of the spa town, which has become a 30th of the 20th century for American millionaires paradise for relaxation.

Visit the church Iglesia de Santa Elvira, built in colonial style, Spanish Fort, dating from 1897, the cave La Cueva de Ambrosio, where "settled" the center of the Cuban Speleology.

A visit to the local dolphinarium will highlight not only for children but also for adults.

Take a ride on the ship "Varasub", in which the transparent bottom, and an unforgettable experience will haunt you for a long time.

From Varadero sent excursion groups in the tropical jungle in the palm groves, the caves Cuevas de Belyamar.

Plan a trip to the historic center of Havana and in Guam, to see with their own eyes the largest crocodile nursery, as well as current and current Cuban Indian settlement.

Diversify your beach vacation trip to Trinidad and Cayo Largo.

In the reserved area Varaikakos marvel at the endemic vegetation, among which the oldest cactus in the world (he is over 500 years old!) – El Patriarca.

In yet another creation of Mother Nature, cave AMROS, see ancient rock paintings of Indian artists and fishermen for the fugitive, he was at one time a haven.

In the province of Pinar del Rio will get acquainted with the production of the best Cuban tobacco.

Travel to the city of Matanzas includes a visit to the stalactite caves of great beauty with crystal formations.

On the island of Kayo-Blanco, no less colorful marine landscapes and snow-white beaches, and you also have the opportunity to see exotic fish, "settled" in special pools.

Driving on jeeps to Saturno cave, you will have the opportunity to swim in the underground lake.

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