Variety of recreation in Slovakia

Traveling through the scope Europe, Many tourists are in vain bypass Slovakia, Mostly visiting other countries &# 8211; France, Italy, Spain… natural beauty of this corner uniquely combine Mountains, thermal sources and ski resorts, cozy cities, castles and parks with crystal lakes. And this is not all sights that you just need to visit connoisseurs of travel.

Sightseeing Slovakia

The republic is famous for many interesting places that can be viewed at quite reasonable prices. What is only the capital – Bratislava. This city attracts with its architecture: Vintage Palaces and Castles, Cathedrals, centuries-old Town Hall. This is a real excursion paradise for true story lovers.

V Slovakia There is just a huge amount of vintage locks – Krasnaya Gorka, Zvolensky, Sveta Anton, Boynitsky and many others. They are capable of impressing absolutely every tourist with their greatness, as well as stories about ghosts that live in them.

Travelers who wish to go even to deepen in the beauty of the ancient architecture, just need to visit Banque Bistrita. Here is famous here House of Turzo – Medieval building in the Gothic style, which today is a city museum.

Lovers of nature, mountainous terrain and reserves should go to High Tatras. This is a national park that is protected by the state and deservedly known as the most picturesque. You should also pay attention to other popular, but no less beautiful parks – Slovak Karst, Muransk Planina. Here you can see Waterfalls, lakes, as well as caves: Yasovskaya, which are the remains of extinct ancient animals, and Dobshinskaya, What is recognized as the biggest ice cave in the whole world.

Health resorts

For those who would like to pay their health and at the same time get real pleasure, it is recommended to visit the famous Bordean Fike. Here are intended 8 mineral sources. In this place is resting not only the body, but also the soul. Among the health resorts aimed at treating the musculoskeletal system are popular Warm Dudinets, Trenchansk Teplice and Raetka Teplice. For the treatment of nervous disorders, diseases of reproductive and cardiovascular systems are recommended Resorts in the Lights, Boynice and Vyshny Ruzbahi.

Variety of recreation in Slovakia

Activities in Slovakia

Interesting fact is that Slovakia – Very suitable country for lovers active rest. Summer, Thanks to the characteristics of the climate, here you can easily organize Having a walk in the mountains, a Winter – perfectly spend time, Skiing. Popular here I Diving on lakes. The only negative is cold water, but at the same time it is very clean, which will allow you to freely appreciate all the beauty of the underwater world.

Traveling with children

If a trip is to stay in Slovakia with children, It is worth paying attention to Water Parks in Liptovsky Mikulasha, Examined and Poprad, where the bastard fun will spend time while riding all sorts of rides. also in Bratislava There are beautiful zoo, Where are the reptiles, different types of birds and predators.
Many travelers in search of new impressions do not even suggest how multifaceted and amazing Slovakia With her incredibly beautiful nature and a unique story. Everyone who visits this country will definitely receive a lot of positive emotions that will remain in memory for life.

Variety of recreation in Slovakia

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