Vatican kitchen

On the territory of the Vatican publicly available Italian dishes, although for pilgrims and officially invited persons in the specialty restaurants are preparing special "church" menu.

The Italian cuisine is known throughout the world. The basis of almost all "National" products – dough, a large amount of cheese, herbs and vegetables (especially garlic), as well as olive oil. At the same time, a strong tradition of popular cuisine, many restaurants prepare dishes according to the recipes, known since the era of the Punic Wars, and very proud of it.

Business Card Italy – "paste", which is not the number of species. Under this concept includes all "pasta", Including with a variety of filling, in which the mass of delicious fillers. Long stands out "spaghetti", Middle "Mackeroni", Short "Bukatini", thin "Vermicelli", The finest "Capellini", painted with various natural dyes in a variety of colors. Dominant place occupies a sauce (the shorter and thicker "paste", that’s ground sauce) and grated cheese ("Grana", "Parmesan", "Gorgondzola", "fontina", "Pekorino" and etc).

Numerous variety of noodles – "TagliaThelle", "Fettachini", "Talolini", "Trenlette", "Pizzocier", "Linguine" or "Pallen-e-fin" – Green and yellow egg noodles. From the same row "ravioli", "Anolotti", "Panchuta", "OPELLE", "Tortellini", "cappeletti", "Pastichcho di Lazagany" (peculiar casserole) or "cannelloni" – Pasta with Liver, Spinach, Eggs and Cheese. Seafood is a big place, especially good baked sword fish or mussels of the most unthinkable ways to prepare. Even in pizza there are shrimps and mussels, and "paste" Torn ink Karakatitsy.

Vatican kitchen

Italian meal is unthinkable without salad of fresh vegetables, coated with vinegar and olive oil, with pieces of cheese or bread chopsticks "Grissini". With vegetables, it is customary to serve assorted sausages or salami, "Abakhcho" – lamb in white wine with rosemary, gentle calf tail "Osto-Buko", Fried beef fillet "tournedos", as well as Parm ham with "Garnish" Melon baked melted. The most popular snack is considered "Carpaccio" – Raw marinated meat. Another one "business card" Italian cuisine – cheese "Mozzarella" and its varieties (for example "Kapres" – the same cheese, but with tomatoes) or legendary vegetable soup "Munestron". Desserts deserve separate attention – such a number of excellent ice cream varieties ("gelato") not to find, perhaps, nowhere in the world. You should buy it only in the shops "Gelateria", where it is manually spread to waffle cups and add any syrup at the request of the client. Excellent cheese cake "Tiramisu", Candied nuts and fruits of all kinds, the most diverse varieties of chocolate and air cookies.

Coffee here drink a lot and often, therefore, the varieties of coffee making are also a unquietial amount, Espresso and Capuccino will not surprise anyone – it is prepared mainly for tourists. Popular "Corretto" (coffee with grappa) or in Turkish coffee, as well "South", Very strong coffee from tiny cups, richly sprinkled with sugar. And these are only the main differences, in practice in each institution, your recipe for making coffee and its traditions.

Magnificent Italian wines, without which one cannot submit a local table. All over the world, the incomparable taste properties of Italian "Chianti", Vermouth "Martini" and aperitif "Campari", Sparkling Wine "Asti", Beautiful Italian Lickers "Amaretto" and "Sambuk", Popular and National Vodka – "grappa" (By the way, it is not made from the grape itself, but from "Waste" – bones and mezgi). Especially for the Vatican, many famous Italian winemakers make special types of Cagors and others "church" Wine.

Vatican kitchen

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