Vegetarian restaurants in Pattaya

Among Thais, vegetarian food is not very popular. But in many places you can find food without meat. In the menu of some tourist cafes there are pages with positions suitable for vegetarians. And throughout Pattaya, specialized restaurants are scattered. Lion share of such places – Indian cafe. For me it was unexpected, comparing with Thai-Chinese food on Phuket and international in Bangkok. Below I will describe the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Pattaya. How to order the right dishes in the usual cafe, read in a separate article.

A Pot Shabu

This restaurant needs to write in the forefront. Never met in Thailand a vegetarian buffet in style shab-shab. Each table is the pans in which you boil different ingredients. The principle is similar to the restaurant MK or Sharabushi only absolutely without meat, fish sauce or dried shrimp. In addition to raw ingredients, the restaurant serves menu. Cost Buffet 259 baht for adults, 180 baht for children. Time is limited to 90 minutes.

Opening hours: from 11:00 to 20:00.
Coordinates: 12.921169, 100.887358

"Cook yourself" A Pot Shabu


Under the fun name hidden themed Indian restaurant. "3 idiot" – Popular comedy about three friends. The film is included in the list of the most cash tapes of Boliva. The interior of the restaurant is also unusual: posters on the walls, mathematical formulas on the ceiling. In addition to Indian cuisine, you will find Chinese dishes and pizza in the menu.

Opening hours: Every day from 11:00 to 23:00.
Coordinates: 12.907420, 100.869059

Yes Vegan

Vegan cafe in Pratamnak. Here is served Thai and European cuisine. If that yam and som cook there in many restaurants, some Thai snacks are difficult to find in Pattaya in the vegan version. In the cafe is served "Chicken" nuggets, omelet, Gordon-Blu cutlets, SATE kebabs with peanut sauce, let you not bother you that they "From pork". Large selection of snacks, soups, main dishes and desserts.

Opening hours: Every day from 10:00 to 22:00.
Coordinates: 12.909649, 100.865860

Vegan Tom Soup

Rasayana Raw Food Cafe

Source Cafe with SPA. All dishes do not contain animal products and are not exposed to heat treatment above 42 degrees. In the menu you will find pasta, pizza, sandwiches, burgers, salads, sushi. Prices are not budget, which is typical for the raw food restaurant.

Opening hours: from 9:00 to 19:00, except Monday.
Coordinates: 12.950933, 100.889581

Five Star J Restaurant

One of the best vegetarian cafes is located on south street, close to the Friendship supermarket. Menu Popular Thai, Indian and Mexican Cuisine, Pizza, Pasta. Start lunch with acute salad or Spring Rolls in Vietnamese. From soup Take Khao Soy, Tom Yam or Tom Kha. On the second – Curry Massan, "Chicken" with cashew nuts, lasagna or noodles with "pork" B-B-Q. Some dishes in the menu are marked by the Vegan icon – they can be prepared by vegan.

Opening hours: Every day from 11:00 to 23:00.
Coordinates: 12.923716, 100.882329

Salad som there with green papaya

Thummachart Vegetarian Food

Two vegan cafes in different parts of Pattaya. There is a buffet here, and the ability to order several Thai dishes. No signage in English, you need to focus on yellow flags and yellow banners with the inscription Vegetarian Food. In the buffet 10-20 positions, depending on the time of day. The plate is put on the plate and 2-4 additives. There is such a dish of 40-60 baht. It is worth trying a glass noodle salad Poam Vunsen, "Meat" Laab salad, som there. Menu – this photo dishes on the wall. It is worth trying rice with red pork (Khao Mu Dang), red noodle soup (Kuai Tastau Jentafo) or Tom Yam. If you came in the morning, take SATE kebabs, Salapao buns.

Opening hours: from 6:30 to 15:00, except Sunday.
Coordinates of the cafe 1: 12.972248, 100.906048
Coordinates of the cafe 2: 12.943198, 100.901095

Additives to Painting Buffet

T&I Vegetarian Food

Little vegan cafe. Thai cuisine: sharp salads, noodles, dishes with rice and several positions in the buffet. Try salads: Laab with Tofu, Som there with green papaya, us "pork", Soup Tom Yam.

Opening hours: every day from 8:00 to 16:00.
Coordinates: 12.887098, 100.880254

Kiosk on Food Cortier Terminal 21

On the 3rd floor of the TERMINAL 21 shopping center there is a good food court with a vegetarian kiosk. First you need to put money on the card and pay it. Here you can take rice with additives from a buffet or individual dishes. Cost of serving with three additives – 40 baht. Among the dishes of the buffet you will find "Meat" Laab salad, fried vegetables, several types of curry, noodles. All dishes are cooked without meat and fish, some have an egg. On Food Court there is still a kiosk with delicious vegan ice cream 15 baht.

Opening hours: Every day from 11:00 to 23:00.
Coordinates: 12.949778, 100.890270

Suan Eakaparp Vegetarian

Vegetarian and Vegan Cafe Pattaya - what to eat vegan, places on the map Pattaya Guide

Cozy place suitable for Vegan. In the Thai cuisine with vegetable meat and fish. Here is the garden, where they grow some ingredients and organic greens. Try classic or unusual dishes, for example, a sharp banana salad.

Opening hours: from 9:00 to 19:00, except Sunday.
Coordinates: 12.891203, 100.898556

Red soup with noodle kui tariu yent-pho

Indian restaurants in Pattaya

Over the city are open more than a hundred Indian restaurants. Each of them has vegetarian options. I collected for you more than a dozen 100% of vegetarian institutions. In them you will find dishes for Lacto Vegetarians and Vegans. In the nuances of Indian cuisine, I do not care as well as in Thai. I recommend a few cafes below, the rest of the institutions are looking for on the map. Prices in all Indian restaurants in Thailand above average check. Indian food is much more expensive than Thai.

Jai Jinendra

One of the best Pattaya restaurants in Thali. The menu presents 7 versions of Thali – trays where there are plates with snacks, curry, sauces and side dishes. There are separate dishes of Indian, Chinese cuisine and pizza. And, of course, Lassi.

Opening hours: every day from 10:00 to 23:00.
Coordinates: 12.936406, 100.886864

Saras Veg Food

The Pattaya branch of the Bangkok restaurant is located on the 1st floor of the Royal Garden Plaza shopping center. The menu includes dishes from all regions of India, Chinese and Thai cuisine. To try everything and immediately, take Thali in Rajastanski with different plates or South Indian SET. And do not forget about home desserts.

Opening hours: Every day from 8:30 to 22:30.
Coordinates: 12.929715, 100.877807

Haldiram Indian Restaurant

The vegetarian restaurant is located on the second street, opposite the Central Trade Center Festival. In the menu dishes from the south and north of India, there are options for Vegan.

Opening hours: every day from 10:00 to 24:00.
Coordinates: 12.933951, 100.884948

Map of vegetarian restaurants Pattaya

Noted for you on the map additionally Indian cafes not described above. Download it to your mobile and use on vacation. Bon Appetit!

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