Festival of Vegetarians on Phuket

In September-October, Phuket Streets will again be filled with smells of roasted noodles with vegetables, tofu with basil and bananas in the test. Thais in white clothes will walk through the streets of the city. In the morning, unusual ceremonies and processions will begin, and in the evening – no less extravagant shows. From 17 to 25 October 2020 On the island of Phuket will be held the annual festival of vegetarian. This spectacle gathers thousands of Thai and foreign tourists every year, everyone wants to see with their own eyes a similar holiday. I definitely recommend visiting the processions and, if there are desires, rituals and ceremonies in temples. Impressions will remain for life!


Ladies and gentlemen, in this article presented photos that can injure your psyche, cause nausea, vomiting, fainting, so please think carefully before watching photos below. I do not recommend reading or attending a holiday to impressionable people. What you see below occurs on Phuket in fact, no productions and butafory.

The history of the vegetarian festival

Celebrate this holiday became still in 1825. At that time, Phuket had many tin mines where workers were worked from China. To entertain their families and earn a little, on the island arrived with the troupe of Chinese artists. It is at this time that the unknown mortal disease was ramped in Phuket, people died one by one. Chinese actors too began to root.

Actors decided that their unworthy behavior and disregard for Taoist traditions, warm the gods. Then they began to stick to a vegetarian diet and spend various rituals to lose the nine imperial gods. The disease has retreated. The inhabitants of the island were surprised by such wonderful healing. Since then, every year in Phuket, during the first nine days of the ninth month in the lunar calendar, ethnic Chinese and Thais of Chinese origin are organized by rituals and ceremonies to cleanse from sins, attract luck and favor the gods next year.

Where is the festival of vegetarians in Thailand?

In Thailand, this holiday is called Thesaca Kin Festiva or Vegetarian Festival. The most colorful ceremonies are held on Phuket Island, where about 35% of the population make up Thais Chinese origin. The festival of vegetarians is considered one of the most spectacular holidays in the world. During this period, thousands of tourists rushed to Phuket to observe the wonders from observing. In recent years, other cities and provinces take part in celebrations: Krabi, Trang, Bangkok, Samui, Pattaya. Even on Phuket more and more temples join the festival. Now Masong can be seen even in the temples in Caron, Surin and Patong. Detailed schedule Look at the end of the article. Prepared you a map and a detailed description, where to see the festival of vegetarians on Phuket.

Rules of the vegetarian festival

For those who want to participate in the festival there are some rules. The main commandments say: do not kill, do not steal, do not lie, do not sprievally, do not suit the fight and quarrel. During the festival, it is necessary to abandon any meat, alcohol, smoking, foaming substances, gambling, sex and wearing leather and metal ornaments. It is recommended to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the body and spirit, wearing white clothes and do not use the dotted probes of people who do not participate in the festival. Pregnant women are strictly forbidden to watch any rituals. There is a share of common sense: some ceremonies are not too suitable for impressionable future mothers. Participate in the festival is not allowed to people who recently lost relatives, and women during menstruation.

How are the processions at the festival?

My friend’s brother Nut has been participating in the festival as warrior of the gods. Early in the morning we are heading to the Chinese temple in Phuket Town. In the first days of the festival there are nine imperial gods that sail to the island. Prayers are held, and the gods are presented by the redemption. Today in the temple there are many people. By, brother Nut, one of the elect, he is told a long colorful apron, which distinguishes from the rest of the holiday. These people B Thailand Called Ma-Songs, alignively translates as a "sadded horse", they provide their body to use the spirits of a servant of nine imperial gods for the benefit of the people, so the sins of society are accompanied by.

A few later days of Phuket temples will be filled with people. Some pray, and religious ecstasy becomes so strong that they fall into trance. It is at this moment that the spirit of one of the warriors of the nine imperial gods is arranged in their body. Ma-Songy is divided into two types: those who feel the approaching death and want to avoid her, and people chosen by the gods for their high moral qualities.

Under the battle of drums and cymbal, the Supreme Monk holds a ritual who preparing warriors of the gods to the monstrous ascetic feats. Subsequent action more resemble medieval torture, rather than religious rituals. Favorites pierce cheeks, lips, ears, languages ​​with sharp objects. Spirits of the gods, united in the body of Ma-Songs, protect against carnal pain, blood and scars.

Some drank their languages ​​with sharp axes, others protest themselves with a sledgehammer with sharp spikes, the third pierce their body in fishing hooks and needles, becoming like dickery. Nut says the brother is lucky. Its extreme piercing is performed by two long spokes. Sometimes Ma-Songy pierce the cheeks sabers, bouquets of flowers, beach umbrellas, bicycle frames, steel pipes, legs of tables or chairs. I would not say that all the scars are not noticeable. Girls cheeks remain pretty smooth, only a smile gives deeper than those of the others. The veterans of the festival who participated in more than a dozen years, the scars are pretty noticeable.

On the parade we see hundreds of people. The festival of vegetarians is now not only religious, but also a commercial holiday. Children dressed in T-shirts with symbols of hotels, mobile phones, banks, carry yellow flags of the Vegetarian Festival. Officials pass on cars with ice cream and distribute wishing cooling balls in waffle cups. Among them, decorated with flowers and flags of the machine, the arriving nine imperial gods.

On some pickles are women immersed in trance, they shout prayers in ancient-Chinese language and sprinkle the surrounding holy water. Mediums, surrounded by assistants, carry their heavy nose. They blesses the inhabitants of Phuket Town, who put special tables near their homes and shops with offerings of Masong. Everyone tries to receive a gift from the elect: charming on hand, blessed candies or small pieces of yellow fabric with Chinese hieroglyphs that protect evil forces.

Complete the procession of men who carry Altari on their shoulders with nine imperial gods. They hang on the figures of the gods long ribbons Petard and blast them. The noise is incredible, smoke envelops the street, the asphalt is covered with scraps of red paper by ankle. Read more about processions and values ​​of different people, read in this article>>>

Evening rituals in temples

The next part of the vegetarian festival begins with the occurrence of darkness. In the temples are made of huge stairs, the steps of which serve sharp blades. Favorites pass on them without a single drop of blood. Compared to this, walking along the hot coals and swimming in a hot oil seems to be funny. If you want to see these rituals, come to small temples, where people will not be so much. For example, Bang Niew Shrine, Sapam Shrine.

Bathing in hot oil is only so called. In fact, Masong dip the towel in Chan with boiling oil and wipe themselves. After the ritual, they rub the pain of the place of all willing by cooled. For donation, you can take a bottle of healing oil. It is believed that it not only helps the joints and muscles, but also protects against burns.

The last day of the festival of vegetarians and the gods

Vegetarian Festival in Phuket - Schedule, Traditions, Rituals, Photos, Video Guide in Phuket

On the last day of the festival of vegetarians, the inhabitants of Phuket have nine imperial gods. Hundreds of men, naked on the belt, carry altari with the figures of the gods. Penets exploded everywhere. The city envelops the thick panel of smoke, and it seems that this is not a happy end of the holiday, but the beginning of an unforeseen invasion of the enemy. The gods with honors are accompanied by heaven, so that in a year they again honored Phuket with their presence.

Detailed Schedule of the Vegetarian Festival

In Chinese temples every day, various ceremonies are held in the morning, dedicated to the nine imperial gods. The most important ritual is called Yiao Keng, when the warriors of the gods are introduced into the trance to instill the gods of the gods. Some of them are pierced cheeks and languages. Then the participants of the festival are taken to the Phuket-Town on the machines, or the procession begins directly from the temple. Below I wrote the schedule of extreme piercing ceremonies.

All processions pass a circle With a clock tower near Metropole, And the majority goes to the Saphankhin Park, where the Kiew Tien Keng Shrine Temple is located. Locals on the streets of Phang NGA, Thalang, Dibuk exhibit tables and ask for blessings from warriors of the gods. The latter can also give candy and sections of fabric with sacral inscriptions. In the procession takes the participation of hotels and large companies. Chinese lions and a huge dragon walk on the streets.

If you want to see the morning ceremony, you need to go to a certain temple. Below is the start time of the procession from the temple. You need to come an hour before the start if you want to view extreme piercing. I noted all the temples on the map and indicated in the schedule, in which area they are (Fat font recommendation from me personally). The most picturesque, in my opinion, temples Kathu Shrine, Jui Tui Shrine, Bang Niew Shrine and Tha Rue Srine.

Where and when to see the most interesting?

  • To see the processions, come early in the morning to the hotel Metropole or just to the city center: Streets of Phang Nga, Talang. Locals, putting tables for Masong, will prompt when the procession will pass on their street. The most numerous processions are held in the last 5-6 days.
  • If you want to see the ritual of extreme piercing itself, come to the temple an hour before the beginning of the procession. Below I highlighted the bold the best temples to visit.
  • In the evenings in the temples will be the ceremonies of coal walking, swimming in boiling oil and climbing the stairs from blades. Location and time are looking below.
  • October 18 – at 7:30 pm in the temple of Jor Soo Kong Naka Shrine (in the Vikend Market area).
  • October 19 – at 8:00 in the temple of Sapam Shrine (Sapam district).
  • October 19 – at 7:00 in the Temple Sheng Leng Tong Shrine (Talang, in the area of ​​Myang May).
  • October 20 – at 7:09 in the temple of SAMKONG SHRINE (near Chillva Market).
  • October 20 – at 7:45 PM in the Tai Houd Tong Shrine temple (in the area of ​​Surin Beach).
  • October 21 – at 7:00 in the temple Tha Rua Shrine (near the monument to heroines).
  • October 21 – at 7:15 in the Tae Gun Tai Tae Shrine Temple (in the Bangtao region).
  • October 21 – at 6:45 in the Temple Sheng Leng Tong Shrine (Talang, in the area of ​​Myang May).
  • October 21 – at 16:45 in the Jor Soo Kong Naka Shrine temple (in the Vikend Market area).
  • October 21 – at 18:45 in the Sapam Shrine Temple (Sapam District).
  • October 22 – at 7:00 in the Church of Cherng Talay Shrine (in the Bangtao region).
  • October 22 – at 7:00 in the temple Bang Niew Shrine (near Robinson).
  • October 23 – at 8:09 in the temple Jui Tui Shrine (on Ranong Street).
  • October 24 – at 6:45 in the temple Kathu Shrine (in the area of ​​Katu).
  • October 24 – at 9:00 in the temple Yok Ke Keng Shrine (near Chillva Market).
  • October 25 – at 7:00 in the SUI Boon Tong Shrine Temple (Loronon Alley.
  • October 22 – at 20:00 in the temple Jui Tui Shrine (on Ranong Street).
  • October 22 – at 20:09 in the Temple of Cheng Ong Shrine (opposite Vacuir’s hospital).
  • October 22 – at 20:30 in the temple THA RUE SHRINE (near the monument to heroines).
  • October 22 – at 20:00 in the Yok Ke Keng Shrine Temple (near Chillva Market).
  • October 22 – at 20:45 in the Sapam Shrine Temple (Sapam District).
  • October 22 – at 21:00 in Sui Boon Tong Shrine (in the courtyards Lorong’s alley).
  • October 23 – at 20:45 in the Tai Houd Tong Shrine temple (near Surin Beach).
  • October 24 – at 20:00 in the Tae Gun Tai Tae Shrine temple (in the Bangtao region).
  • October 24 – at 20:00 in Samkong shrine (near Chillva Market).
  • October 24 – at 20:30 in the Church of Cherng Talay Shrine (in the District of Bangtao).
  • October 24 – at 20:00 in the temple Bang Niew Shrine (near Robinson).
  • October 24 – at 20:00 in the Tae Gun Tai Tae Shrine temple (in the Bangtao region).
  • October 25 – at 15:00 in Kathu Shrine (district Katu).

On the last day of the festival on October 25, nine imperial gods will be conducted in all temples, to conduct a bridge transition ceremony and blow up the pen. Better to come to see the Temple of Bang Niew Shrine at 20:00. The procession will be held through the streets of the Old Town and will head to the Temple of the Kiew Tien Keng Shrine in Saphan Hin Park.

To watch all rituals and ceremonies with the knowledge of the case, read my article, telling and showing all the secrets of the festival.

All days of the festival on Rongong Street passes a vegetarian food fair. Subscribe to VKontakte and Facebook groups to learn the latest news and announcements of events, and in Instagram I spend direct ethers and show the festival in Storsith. See the map of Chinese temples where ceremonies and processions will be held.

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