Vegetarian restaurant Santosa

Remain hungry on the island of Phuket is impossible. Thais love to eat and do it always and everywhere. Phuket boasts abundance of restaurants and cafes, ranging from Makashnitz and ending with Panasian, European and Russian cuisine. Gastronomical Map Phuket would not be complete without vegetarian restaurants. On the island are places where we will find Thai vegetarian dishes without animals, garlic and onions, as well as vegan and raw food cafes. I will tell you about the restaurant Santosa, offering dishes for vegetarians, vegan and raw food.

How to find a vegetarian restaurant Santos?

There is a restaurant Santosa in a picturesque location on the pass between Kata Beach and Chalong District. The guide will serve as the Kata Ocean View Condominium Hotel. It will not be lost impossible, there are signs everywhere.

In fact, Santosa is not only a vegetarian restaurant, but also a wellness center. A multi-day detox-programs are offered here to improve the metabolism and weight loss, yoga lessons, pilates, zoombs and meditation are held. Santosa is a spa center combining Western and Oriental Healing Methods.

Menu Restaurant Santosa

Santosa’s restaurant presents both European and Asian dishes. The menu is a real specimen of good vegetarian cuisine: no meat dishes must be delicious and diverse. Even if you ordered just coffee, you will be given a choice – soy milk or cow.

In the menu Syroedic and Vegan dishes. Soups for 200 baht: boiled – pumpkin and lentil, raw – tomato and gaspacho. The latter I recommend that you try, among the ingredients there is pineapple and cucumber – the taste is great. Panini with vegetarian ham, mushrooms or eggplants are represented from snacks. Several salads are quite diverse, in their composition there are vegetables, greens, nuts, as well as vegetarian sausages, mayonnaise and raw food cheese.

Dishes with fully fresh ingredients are highlighted on a separate page. Try raw nazanium from zucchini or pasta with cheese sauce. Interesting taste Rolls with Bulgarian pepper, coconut pulp and pickled cucumbers, cooked in Nori.

Continuing the theme of Italian cuisine, move to the vegan menu. Here is a classic risotto, lemon risotto, as well as risotto with coarse and walnuts – choose your risotto. Very tasty lasagna with "Meat" Sauce, linguini with pesto and penne sauce with vegan sauce bolognese. And do not forget about ravioli with pumpkin. Thai cuisine in the menu is represented by the Vegan Noodle Pat Thai.

Drinks in a restaurant

The choice of drinks is also extremely diverse. Fresh fruit cocktails 150 baht, smoothie with fresh almond milk for 160 baht, sports drinks with coconut milk 160 baht, fresh fruit and vegetable juices for 120 baht. Selection of tea for 60 baht can not but rejoice: chamomile, with lemongrass, mint and even "blue" Motive peas tea.

Vegetarian Restaurant Santosa on Phuket - Menu, description, photo of Phuket guide

Vegan and raw food desserts

For dessert, take Tiramisu or Browni, they are cooked without eggs and cheese. And raw food chocolate just not distinguish from the present. Although no, it is not as solid and more like a very chocolate iris or thick chocolate caramel.

Great view of the sunset

Restaurant premises reminds of a leisurely life on the island: soft background music, traditional straw roof and an abundance of greenery around. Separately, it is worth noting the view from the restaurant Santosa. The hill offers a delightful panorama of Kata Beach. It is worth come here to meet the sunset.

In the restaurant Santosa, you can clearly make sure that meat dishes are not only tasty, but also varied. Ham without meat, pasta or lasagna from Zucchini – what you order? Middle account per person 400-500 baht. Go to a vegetarian buffet that arrange every Wednesday and Saturday from 18:30 to 21:30. Bon Appetit.

Address: 16/4-5 Patak KM 2 Road, Kata Hill, Karon, Phuket
Coordinates: 7.817920, 98.312986
Opening hours: From 11:30 am to 9:30 pm

Vegetarian Restaurant Santosa on Phuket - Menu, description, photo of Phuket guide

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