Vegetarian restaurants on Phuket

Although vegetarianism in Thailand is not common, you can easily find dishes without meat in restaurants. If you correctly ask, many teas are ready to do in a vegetarian version. In Italian restaurants, try pizza Margarita or Spaghetti with pesto, in Japanese Fuji – vegetable rolls, mushrooms or kimchhi, in Russian Spice House – Vinaigrette, dumplings with potatoes, vegetarian Olivier and much more. In Phuket, many specialized restaurants with vegetarian, vegan and raw food dishes. I advise you to download your HAPPY COW app, where I added or edited half the list of institutions on the island. Or study the information below and save on a mobile map.

Vegetarian and vegan canteens and buffets

The most common type of vegetarian cafe works on the buffet or dining room system, when trays and saucepans are exhibited with food, visitors in a plate with rice are imposed by everything they wish. Thai buffets on Phuket Ja Vegan: There are no animal products, onions and garlic in dishes. The only exception is the dining room hospital Mission Hospital, where eggs are present in food. In the buffets Thai, Phuket and Chinese cuisine with mushrooms, vegetables, tofu and soy protein, most acute dishes. As accepted in low-cost cafes, on the tables free water, no waiters, cutlery and glass with ice take themselves. Thais often come to the dining room for eating for removal in bags. Buffets are preparing the same dishes every day, but visitors will quickly disassemble them, so the presence of something specific is not guaranteed. Read brief reviews of each dining room and look for them on the map below. Middle account per person up to 100 baht, each separate dish costs 20-50 baht.

Her San

Address: 207 Ranong Road, Phuket Town
Coordinates: 7.883632, 98.383809
Opening hours: From 7:30 am 16:00.

One of the four tables next to the Chinese Temple Jui Tui. Choosing them is not so big, but in the morning there are buns cooked for a couple, and homemade soy milk. Here you can try delicious volumes, smoked "Pork" Mu Dang and rice porridge jok. Dishes on removal cost 30-50 baht.

Fa Prathan

Address: 82/7 Bangkok Road, Phuket Town
Coordinates: 7.882721, 98.387275
Opening hours: from 6:00 am to 20:00

Cafe Traditional vegan buffet with a large selection of dishes with vegetables. Chinese-Thai kitchen, so part of food is acute. Here you can try the traditional noodles by Khan Jin, which Thais is eating for breakfast.

Ruam Jai

Address: 215 Ranong Road, Phuket Town
Coordinates: 7.883622, 98.383848
Opening hours: from 6:00 am to 13:00

Vegetarian buffet near the Chinese Temple Jui Tui. Selection of dishes. You can take a removal or eating in a cafe. Many dishes are sharp, but you will definitely tell you that take unsatarked. There is always the traditional Phuket noodles Khan Jean, Soup Tom Yam and Yen-Ta-Fo. The only drawback – they work, as they want, so more often closed than open. And their huge plus – shop of vegan products, open near. Here you can find soy protein, sauces and pasta without animal products, vegan freezing, "meat", "fish", "sausages".


Address: 82/7 Bangkok Road, Phuket Town
Coordinates: 7.882721, 98.387275
Opening hours: from 6:00 am to 20:00

Two cafe-buffets next door, near the Chinese temple Jui Tui. Here, in addition to trays and sauces with food, packaged desserts, vegan noodles of fast cooking and other little things that can be taken with you. In LUK TO Usually the choice of dishes are very small, they close after lunch, but in the morning you can buy vegetable rolls with sharp sauce, desserts and sometimes there are salads. In Jey-Chai, there is always a large selection (especially if you arrive until noon): Curry Massan, Pad Tai, Fried Vegetables, Pad Mao, Rice Salad Khaa Yam, Creamy Pumpkin, Som there and some phuket dishes. Portion for removal in bags costs only 20 baht.

Nam Heng

Coordinates: 7.879560, 98.393757
Opening hours: from 5:00 am to 15:00

Little cafe with a large selection of dishes on the bofoft system. If you come to 10-11 in the morning, you can take different options with you. Here happens "a fish" with ginger, smoked "pork" Mu Dan, dumpls dim-sama, souffle ho-mock in a banana cup, creamy pumpkin and much more. They also sell desserts in packaging and fast food noodles. Cafe marked prestigious ARIJANG reward.

Typical Buffet near the JUI TUI Temple

Hong Sun

Address: Chao Fah Tawan Tok, Chalong
Coordinates: 7.891730, 98.367862
Opening hours: from 6:00 am to 16:00

Family dining room on the side of the CHAOFA EAST road, not far from the Buddhist temple Chalong. They have a buffet with a small choice and some dishes on the menu.

Mae Orathai

Address: 38/50 Soi Nanai, Patong Beach
Coordinates: 7.891730, 98.367862
Opening hours: from 6:00 am to 16:00

A small cafe on Nanaai Street, which is easy to find on red-yellow flags and signs. Everything is as usual in the buffet: different dishes in saucepans and trays that eat with rice or without. The choice is small.


Address: 4/1 Moo 3 Thepkasatri Road, Tambon Ratsada
Coordinates: 7.906763, 98.390630
Opening hours: from 7:00 am to 20:00

Vegetarian cafe at Misch Hospital. Here is a buffet in Thai dishes, including eggs, onions and garlic. On Tuesdays from 11:00 to 14:00 lunch takes place without restrictions in the style of a buffet. Cost 99 baht per person.

Vegetarian and vegan cafes and restaurants on Phuket map

Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw Forged Restaurants

If vegan buffets are not suitable for any reason, or you want to order on the menu, go to one of the restaurants of Phuket. All below for restaurants are preparing dishes without meat, birds, seafood and related products, like fish and oyster sauce. In Thai cafe Kitchen Ja Vegan, without any animal ingredients, onions and garlic. Middle account in restaurants starts from 200 baht. Additionally, see the description of some restaurants in individual articles, the more accurate check is indicated in them.

Pure Vegan Heaven

Address: 9/127 Moo 5, Soi Ta-Ied, Chalong
Coordinates: 7.851305, 98.349497
Opening hours: From 8:30 am to 23:00

Excellent vegan restaurant on "Boxer street". Here you will find a large selection of European dishes: Falafel, Burito, rawped lasagna, Granola, Nicock with sweet potatoes and much more. All delicious and prices available. There are separate positions without gluten. I recommend to try their pools.

Burger at the Vegan Table

The Vegan Table

Address: 108/1 Ratsada Road, Tambon Talat Yai, Phuket Town
Coordinates: 7.882814, 98.39024
Opening hours: from 8:00 am to 20:00, except Monday.

Excellent restaurant in Phuket Town, which serves European dishes, burgers, pizza, salads, all sorts of breakfasts and desserts. All in the menu without animal products, there are positions without gluten. The owner of the restaurant Simon is very friendly, will definitely ask how you liked. In 2019, the restaurant participated in the competition "Best Burger Phuket" and ranked second in the vegetarian nomination. I like, of course, Burgers, Tom Yam, Sandwichi Rapa.


Address: 99/1 Moo 7, Wicket Road, Rawai
Coordinates: 7.793718, 98.330960
Opening hours: from 9:00 am to 20:30

This restaurant offers living dishes that have not passed the heat treatment above 42 degrees. In the menu both European and Thai dishes. Delicious desserts, smoothies and natural juices. My favorite dishes in Atsumi – Drito and chocolate cake. Read more about ATSUMI RAW CAFE Restaurant>>>

108 Vegetarian Cuisine

Address: Soi Cherngtalay 4, Choeng Thaleng
Coordinates: 7.994901, 98.308102
Opening hours: from 7:00 am to 16:00, except Sunday.

A simple vegan cafe serving Thai cuisine. Here you can try salads, soups, basic dishes and snacks. Additionally there is a buffet with a small choice.

Raw Cafe Sourished Restaurant

Dok Bua or Lotus

Coordinates: 7.901332, 98.377576
Opening hours: from 10:00 am to 20:00

Restaurant with interior in white colors is located at the intersection of two streets – Ratchaphruek and Hongyok Utis, near Bangkok Hospital. Menu in English, there are tables on the street and indoors with air conditioning. The cafe is offered both ordinary Thai dishes and unusual fusion, fruit smoothies and drinks with herbs. This restaurant from those spoken by local gourmets in their TV shows. If you want to get acquainted with Thai vegetarian food at reasonable prices, welcome here. My favorites – Pelmers for a couple, Salad Laab, COMs there from corn.

Vegan Booty Burger

Address: 2/3 Tambon Cherngtalay
Coordinates: 7.984763, 98.301549
Opening hours: from 12:00 am to 21:00 pm

The restaurant offers American fast food: vegan burgers with vegan cheese and the same bacon. There are options without gluten. The menu also salads, smoothies and cocktails.

Govinda’s Restaurant

Address: 451 Patak Road, Karon Beach
Coordinates: 7.844391, 98.300041
Opening hours: from 12:00 am to 22:00 pm

Indian Vegetarian Restaurant is located on Karon Beach. 100% of vegetarian and vegan dishes are offered here. In the restaurant Govinda, except Indian dishes, you will find Thai cuisine, European dishes, pizza.

Natural Efe Macrobiotic WORLD

Natural Efe Macrobiotic WORLD

Address: 14/93-94 Moo1, Nai Harn Beach
Coordinates: 7.78163, 98.31397
Opening hours: from 9:00 am to 20:00

The restaurant offers a macrobiotic kitchen based on a harmonious combination of products and cooking methods. Menu in English. Here you will find Thai and European dishes, breakfast, natural juices, vegan and live dishes. Read more about Restaurant

Santosa Wellness Center

Address: 16/4-5 Patak KM 2 Road, Kata Hill, Karon
Coordinates: 7.818576, 98.310685
Opening hours: From 11:30 am to 20:30

Restaurant with menu in English offers European dishes and Asian fusion, natural juices, teas. All dishes are suitable for vegetarians, there is also a choice of vegan and raw food dishes. Coffee prepare to choose from cow and soy milk. Some desserts use honey. I liked all the dishes that I tried. Read more about Restaurant>>>

Shree Gangour

Address: 80/14 Soi Wattana, Thawewong Road, Patong Beach
Coordinates: 7.890105, 98.294274
Opening hours: from 12:00 am to 23:00

Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Patong Beach Alley. In the menu many vegan options. You can order roasted rice, gave, Panir, Tandor and Other Dishes.

One of the dishes in the restaurant Santosa Wellness Center

Nong Jey

Address: 102/12 Soi Nopphakhun, Patiphat Road, Phuket Town
Coordinates: 7.886470, 98.382435
Opening hours: from 10:00 to 21:00, except Sunday

Vegetarian restaurants on Phuket - description, menu, map in Russian, how to get a guide

A small restaurant is more reminiscent of hangar with a very simple interior and plastic chairs. Menu in English, where there are only Thai cuisine. I recommend trying salad som there, noodles pad ta. There is a small store with vegan products and desserts. The only minus – the owners make a small markup of 10-15 baht for reading only in English. If you know Thai, order on Thai menu.

Nian Yuen

Address: Phuket Road, Phuket Town
Coordinates: 7.880086, 98.392101
Opening hours: from 10:00 am to 21:00

Family cafes next to the clock tower. The interior is very simple, the hostess itself is preparing, and at the table you can see her little daughter. In the menu in English with several pictures, only Thai cuisine dishes are presented. Som salad there is presented in two options: traditional with papaya and carrot. Here are very tasty fried vegetables – Pad Pak Ruha Mit. I also advise you to try frying mushrooms, Laub salad with mushrooms. Last time the hostess showed me a novelty – vegan salad with algae "Marine grapes". This is a Phuket dish, which in other places served with fish sauce or dried shrimp.

Cats there from carrot in cafe nian yuen

Kon Cook

Address: 64 177 Wichit, Mueang Phuket
Coordinates: 7.854122, 98.356436
Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday from 10:00 am to 19:30, Friday from 10:00 to 14:00, day off on Saturday.

Pleasant conditioned cafe. Only vegan dishes: pizza, Thai and European salads, burgers, fresh rolls. Cafe specializes in cooking pace – fermented soybeans. You can try them in dishes or buy already packaged. On Sundays, a buffet is arranged in a cafe.

Yo Vegan Vegetarian Food

Address: Fudcourt Central Patong in Central Food Hall
Coordinates: 7.892700, 98.297668
Opening hours: from 11:00 am to 22:00

Pleasant Vegetarian Kiosk in Central Patong. Kitchen here Thai. Let you do not bother in the menu "hen", "seafood" or "a fish". The restaurant does not use animal products like meat, seafood or fish sauce. I recommend trying SATE kebabs with peanut sauce, noodles pad ta and curry with mushrooms. Prices for dishes 130-150 baht.

Yo Vegetarian

Address: Fudcourt Central Floresta
Coordinates: 7.890153, 98.366543
Opening hours: From 10:30 am to 22:00

Kiosk is located on Fudcourt in the new Corps Central Floresta. Menu in English, prices from 90 baht. Here serves delicious SATE kebabs with peanut sauce and noodles soup.

Eat Greens

Address: 4009, Tambon Rawai
Coordinates: 7.791678, 98.318897
Opening hours: from 7:00 am to 20:00

With yoga-studio Yoga by Niti, a cafe for vegans, vegetarians and true fans of natural food. In the cafe prepare without sugar, eggs, gluten, soybean and dairy products. In the menu Bowl with delicious sauces, salads, gluten-free pastries, raw food desserts and a large selection of drinks.

Chue Hung

Address: 399/35 Yaowarat Road, Phuket Town
Coordinates: 7.906969, 98.375323
Opening hours: from 11:00 to 20:00.

The restaurant serves popular Thai cuisine, there is a buffet with a small choice, while the wall has a coffee shop BA BE LON. In my opinion, Tam Sang serves the best vegan soup Toms and salad from papaya som there. Still worth trying La Bufu salad.

Coffee Ba ​​Be Lon & Healthy Food

Address: 399/36 Yaowarat Road, Phuket Town
Coordinates: 7.906944, 98.375231
Opening hours: from 11:00 to 20:00.

In the coffee shop, a babon is served not only drinks, but also a delicious vegan food: Thai soups and salads, fresh spring rolls, spaghetti and much more. Visitors bring Coffee Shop menu and Cafe Chue Hung. It is better to sit right here in a pleasant atmosphere, since both establishments have some owners. Unobtrusive service, perhaps the cook will have to look for somewhere in.

Vegan cafe dok Bua or Lotus

Detox Juice Bar

Address: 310/131 Moo 1 Thepkrasattree Road, Thalang
Coordinates: eight.02669, 98.33111
Opening hours: from 8 am to 6 pm.

Bar with a large selection of fruit and vegetable juices. You can call here after the beach or purposefully come every day for the detox designed for you.

Sai Than Boon

Address: 143/7 Patak RD, Kata Beach
Coordinates: 7.823090, 98.303083
Opening hours: from 10:00 am to 20:00 pm.

While the only restaurant on Kata Beach. It is located on Patak Street, not far from Alpina Phuket Nalina and Fruit Market. Here you can order popular Thai cuisine: Tom Yam, Khao Pat, various noodles and much more at very affordable prices.

Dilite Restaurant

Address: 120/1 Moo 7 Thepkasattri Road, Thalang
Coordinates: eight.049282, 98.353200
Opening hours: on weekdays from 12:00 am until 15:00

The restaurant is located in Tanyapur sports complex and offers lunch in the style of the Vegan buffet. The choice of dishes is very large: salads, vegan cheeses, snacks, desserts and 6 hot. Delicious smoothie fruits and vegetables. Buffet price for lunch – 390 baht.

More vegetarian restaurants and dining rooms not described in the text you will find on the map above. Look for the establishment closest to your hotel, follow upgrades, the continuation should be. Bon Appetit!

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