Resorts "velvet" coast

South part of the beautiful Neapolitan Bay, "velvet" The coast of the resort Sorrento, the beautiful and romantic islands of the artist and Capri – all this Riviera Neapolitan.

The coast is conveniently located hundreds of comfortable hotels with magnificent subtropical gardens, offering the majestic sea view. Few resorts of Italy enjoy so stable popularity over the past hundred years, like the resorts of Napletite Riviera. Recreation here is distinguished by a special flavor, it is characteristic of unhappiness and solidity. Of course, the main charm of these places is nature itself, her landscapes, the sea, healing air, amazing vegetable world. Sea walks, excursions around the archaeological places diverse your vacation and make it more exciting.

The guest of Sorrento will find in this pearl of Italy, the world and coolness of lemon and citrus groves, picturesque landscapes, will receive true pleasure when looking at the panorama of the Neapolitan Bay. Since the time of the Roman Empire, Sorrento was known as a prestigious and popular holiday destination. In the XIX century, he was an attractive place for many Russians. Odessa made regular flights steamats. Members of the royal family, famous Russian writers, poets, musicians, artists lived and rested in Sorrento.

Today, the city has 18 thousand inhabitants and is located on the shore with rocky protrusions suitable to the sea. Well-equipped hotels, high level of service, the mass of various kinds of entertainment, cultural and sporting events attract tourists here.

Most hotels are located on the mountain terraces, their class largely determines the sea view. Unlike the Venetian or Adriatic Riviera in Sorrento there are no crowded and noisy places. This is a resort for those who want to relax in relative solitude. The main feature of Sorrento – the absence of a sandy beach area. To the sea descend either by stairs or on elevators.

This small block of land with an area of ​​10 square kilometers at the southern entrance to the Napletarian Bay in ancient times was called the island of mermaids. Now he is known as Capri. Since the time of the Roman Empire, Capri is considered an ideal place for a beautiful and harmonious rest due to its particularly pleasant and healthy climate, fresh summer and soft in winter, natural beauty. Nowadays, this is one of the well-known and high popularity of international resort and tourist centers. Here is the mass of expensive stores-boutiques, restaurants, bars.

But the most beautiful in Capri is the sea! Crystal-transparent, piercing blue and very clean, so the bottom is viewed at a depth of 8-10 meters. It is no coincidence that hundreds of thousands of vacationers from all over the world arrive every year. Rains are very rare here, because of what Capri is popular among those who suffer from lung diseases.

This is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean. This is the largest island of the Naples Bay (46 kV. km). It is approximately 30 kilometers from Capri and Naples.

Specta Sperats – a unique place at least in Italy. On the island of about 300 sources and about 300 hotels have thermal pools. Thermal sources – the main treasure schi. Their active use began in the XVI century. Today is the island of youth and beauty. It is rightly called one of the most famous thermal resorts in the world.

Velvet coast resorts

Ischoe is the world of dreams, where carefree holidays, fresh sea air walks or in pine and citrus groves, among the vineyards, swimming in the warm sea will calm the nerves. The dream to visit the case is easy to implement: Eight months a year, the island with joy takes tourists, and even the most demanding of them will remain pleased with his rest. And for many it is not only a delightful rest, but also a place where they can improve their health and get rid of many diseases. The unsurpassed therapeutic effect of climate and water is clarified by many forms of rheumatism and arthritis, neuralgia, gynecological diseases, metabolic disorders, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, skin diseases, including psoriasis.

Iskie Porto is located "Thermal center of Ischia" – Modern, well-equipped care. There is a small and very pretty thermal garden – "Garden Eden", Located on the seafront behind the castle of Aragonse. Noteworthy Bay Cartaromana Caffero. In this place, thermal keys drowning directly to the sea, create natural thermal baths along the shore.

Amalfi and Salerno

Located at the Sorrentin Peninsula between Sorrento and Salerno – the most popular resort of Italy. Thanks to its unique beauty, azure sea, perfectly developed tourist infrastructure, first-class hotels Amalfi steadily entails here. In the city We have a lot of beautiful restaurants, pizzerias, trato, cafe, where you will dismiss the magnificent traditional Italian cuisine.

When it comes to Salerno and his bay, the epithet is unwittingly from the mouth "solar". Today, Salerno is a major tourist center where thousands of tourists come to not only enjoy the rest on beautiful beaches, but also admire the famous embankment and a magnificent city garden, take a look at the architectural and historical monuments that resemble the Norman dominion and times when the city was Capital Langobard.

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